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blum blumotion hinges - soft close

Was there ever a more necessary but unsung hero of solid wood kitchens than the humble hinge? At deTerra we believe kitchens should work without a sweat, and that's why we choose to only equip our cabinets with Blum's BLUMOTION hinges.

Featuring a soft-close mechanism, these sturdy hinges give kitchen cabinets a smooth opening and close action and are designed with Austrian efficiency to out-last anything else in your kitchen.

If you would like to replace a hinge in your kitchen, or are planning on fitting new frontals to an existing kitchen, we sell two different forms of Blum's hinges.

The standard 110° BLUMOTION hinge allows cabinet doors to open wide enough for most situations, but if you have a cabinet which includes internal doors or wirework, we recommend choosing Blum's 155° Clip Top BLUMOTION hinges to allow the door to open even further.

Each type of hinge is available in twin packs to suit doors up to 900mm, or triple packs to suit full-height and larder doors above 900mm.

To make fitting of Blum's hinges super-simple, we suggest using the BLUM ECODRILL hinge drilling machine, which makes light work of cutting the recesses required in the cabinet door. ECODRILL can be either hired or purchased outright; both options include everything other than a drill (which powers the machine).

Please note: Hinges are supplied as standard with all kitchen units bought along with matching oak frontals from our site. On this page you can purchase additional hinges or replacement hinges as required.

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