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It's no surprise that our iroko worktops are incredibly popular - it's a distinctive African timber that looks fantastic in a variety of kitchen themes. If you've made this your worktop of choice, we highly recommending considering a matching iroko cutlery drawer insert. These inserts are CNC-machined and hand-finished to a very high standard, and the natural properties of iroko make them very hygienic, too.

Our iroko cutlery drawer inserts are available in a range of sizes, starting at 310mm (for a 400mm drawer), and going all the way up to 910mm (for a 1000mm drawer), with four other sizes between. With profiled edges, they slot straight into Blum drawerboxes for a snug fit, but will fit in most other well-built drawers, too.

At least five handy compartments provide plenty of space for a single cutlery set, whilst the larger inserts have further space for larger utensils and a number of cutlery sets. These wooden inserts are provided in a fully sanded and pre-oiled finish for your convenience, although we recommend regular application of our 1L Rustins Danish Oil to maintain the natural timber.

Cutlery drawer storage insert sizes

  • 310mm wide drawer storage insert diagram310mmfor 400mm wide cabinet
  • 410mm wide drawer storage insert diagram410mmfor 500mm wide cabinet
  • 510mm wide drawer storage insert diagram510mmfor 600mm wide cabinet
  • 710mm wide drawer storage insert diagram710mmfor 800mm wide cabinet
  • 810mm wide drawer storage insert diagram810mmfor 900mm wide cabinet
  • 910mm wide drawer storage insert diagram910mmfor 1000mm wide cabinet


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iroko - w310mm x 420mm x 40mm - £55.00

iroko - w410mm x 420mm x 40mm - £70.00

iroko - w510mm x 420mm x 40mm - £100.00

iroko - w710mm x 420mm x 40mm - £110.00

iroko - w810mm x 420mm x 40mm - £115.00

iroko - w910mm x 420mm x 40mm - £120.00

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