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How do kitchen crew?

Stoves from Anevay are a great way to get cooking outdoors - and I thought I could only dream of a kitchen in the forest!


I don’t know about you, but as the nights draw closer and greens turn to warm golds and reds I am always trying to think of ways to make things cosier. Cooking outdoors may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the word ‘cosy’ but I have found a way to make it so. A crackling fire is a fan-dabby-dozy way to warm even the frostiest of peeps, but open fires are kinda dangerous. That’s where Anevay step in! They have created a DEFRA exempt stove that can be used for cooking in the great outdoors – they even have options suitable for inside tents!

Now, before you are all up in arms about the number of trees wasted, Anevay plant a tree for every stove sold – AND one for every tree donated to charity. That’s right folks, not only are they striving to be sustainable, but they also donate stoves so that they can make a difference for the 50% of the world’s population that still cook on open fires, causing respiratory diseases. These fantastic little fellas are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit all manner of settings.

My love for kitchens and solid wood products knows no bounds – and cooking outdoors is a fantastic way to combine the two – I am only shocked nobody thought of it sooner! I can think of plenty of campfire recipes I’m keen to try too – they just do not taste the same when you make them inside, and nobody likes a BBQ in October! Of course, you don’t need a fancy stove to get your grub on outside – I know I’ll be putting one on my Christmas list!

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Howdy deTerra devotees!

FSC Friday for Environmentally Friendly Forests!

It is the end of summer – whilst I am sad about the end of the luscious greenery, the warm autumnal shades are a sight to behold. Another fabulous thing about autumn is FSC Friday, which is celebrated every September, on the last Friday of the month. What is FSC Friday, I hear you ask? Well, it is organised by the Forest Stewardship Council who work hard to ensure that timbers used in a number of different industries are responsibly and sustainably sourced, and that recycled materials are used. The FSC logo is a great way to check that the products you are using are as environmentally friendly as possible. Raising awareness for their causes is the main aim of FSC Friday and there are plenty of fun ways to get involved:

  1. Dress Up!
    Now I’m not suggesting that you head to work in a tree costume, but arranging for your friends, colleagues, students or peers to wear green is an awesome awareness raising act – if you can get away with a more forest centric outfit, all the better to instigate conversations!
  2. Quiz!
    The FSC actually provide a quiz for the very occasion of FSC Friday and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon at the end of the week.
  3. Cakes and Bakes!
    Green cake is often an indicator that something is amiss, but on this occasion it is a fun FSC Friday themed treat! Get everyone involved and see how many people from your organisation you can get in the kitchen for this worthy cause.

The FSC has some pictures of previous years showing what other people have done to raise awareness – my personal favourite is a tree planting. Cabineto and I will be spreading the word further this Friday by donning green and telling anybody who will listen about this noble cause. As you deTerrarinos know, our green credentials are very important to us – so we encourage you to get involved!

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Howdy kitchen comrades!

I am forever appreciating trees and all things timber but this got me a-thinkin’ – now, I’ve talked about faces in trees before – but what about our furry friends?! I have never seen a little critter staring back at me from one of our solid wood kitchens, but after a quick search I was able to find plenty of animal apparitions in wood – which I have, of course, shared below for you all to see!

Cheeky MeerkatsImage Credit: The Daily Mail

Cheeky Meerkats

These three cheeky meerkats reside on a fence panel in Kent and were spotted by pensioner Pamela Warriner. The friendly fellows look exactly like some cheerful meerkats keeping look-out.

Friendly LionImage Credit: BabbleWorld

Friendly Lion

This lion profile was spotted in a wooden dresser. Is it just me or does this have a celebrity doppelganger in Simba? Cabineto seems to think so!

Grizzly BearImage Credit: Pinterest

Grizzly Bear

I see absolutely nothing grizzly about this bear – it looks more startled than anything else. I suppose I’d be shocked if I was immortalised in timber too! The mossy snout only enhances the look – I can picture a furry nose.

Timber TerrierImage Credit: Pinterest

Timber Terrier

I have seen many dogs in bits of timber but the knots on this piece of wood look just like a small terrier and is the most fantabulous one I have seen – I just had to share it with you! This canine looks slightly concerned but I am stumped about what the issue could be!

Smiling SlothImage Credit: Pinterest

Smiling Sloth

This friendly fellow looks incredibly pleased to be here. Sloths are so slow moving that there is a special kind of moss that grows in their fur – this creature looks so sleek and shiny I don’t think that’s a concern!

So there you have – my favourite animal faces in wood. What’s your favourite?

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How do kitchen crew?

Pictured: Not George Iona! This anonymous coconut tree climber is harvesting the tasty treats at the top of the tree!

Now, you all know just how much I love trees and anything tree-related – I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was today when I learned about a new timber-centric sport which is just absolutely fantabulous! A gentleman from the beautiful Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, has been crowned the first winner of the world championships in coconut tree climbing. You read that correctly, my fun-lovin’ friends – coconut tree climbing has a new champion and his name is George Iona.

Coconut trees are a view to behold and whilst I have never clambered to the top of one myself, I suspect the sights to be seen from the top are quite spectacular; the competition was held in French Polynesia which looks incredible enough from the ground.

Coconut tree climbing is traditionally done to harvest the delectable coconuts at the top, and the competition is a celebration of the skills handed down over many generations. Now, these guys make it look incredibly easy – George Iona won the race in just 5.62 seconds – but climbing a coconut tree is trickier than it looks. It seems many pros use rope or cotton tied between their feet to act as a hold on the tree trunk as they go, holding with their arms then moving their legs, then holding with their feet and ties to move their arms up – the rope stops them sliding back down the tree. Some crazy climbers just do it with bare hands and feet, but with some trees reaching 60 feet tall I think I’ll just leave it to the professionals!

If you don’t plan on climbing coconut trees any time soon there are a multitude of things that you can do with a coconut. The delicious fleshy inside has a mellow flavour which can be used for sweet or savoury dishes, with coconut milk and cream being particularly popular in curries in its native lands. The tough outer hussk has been historically used to make armour but is now used in a range of products from compost to furniture construction. No wonder those guys want to get to the top of the trees so quickly! What is your favourite use for coconuts? Let us know!

Ta ta for now,

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greetings nature appreciators!

As an avid fan of the outdoors AND kitchens, it will probably come as no surprise to you all that I am a big picnic lover. I recently stumbled upon some incredible new eco-friendly picnic ware that I could not wait to share with you today!

We have known for a long time that disposable food containers are no good for mother Earth, and there are already a variety of biodegradable options available – so what makes these so special? I am glad you asked, my kitchen companions!

German company, Leaf Republic, are taking the disposable wooden picnic ware and are making plates from leaves instead of the timber itself.

These fantabulous plates take just 28 days to biodegrade – 28 days I tell you! For a little context, a biodegradable plastic plate takes from 3 – 6 months and a paper plate can take anything up to 5 whole years! Wowzers! Leaf Republic make the plates with leaves covering water-proof leaf-made paper and they do not use any glue, colourings or synthetic additives at all. How do they hold the plate together? I hear you cry – good question, culinary crew! They are, of course, stitched together using fibres from the very palm leaves from which they are created.

I personally think the best thing about this picnic ware is that not one single, solitary tree has been cut down to make the products, as they are made from leaves which are collected from the forest floor. Cool, huh? They deliver worldwide – if you want to learn more or buy some for yourself, check out their website.

Ta ta for now,

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