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Chocolate Easter bunny
In your lovely choccie nest,
I’ll save you ‘til last
Because I love you best.

…or maybe I’ll just eat you right now. Nom nom nom.

Yes, that’s right, my deTerralicious readers – I have eaten all my Easter eggs already, and it’s not even Good Friday. I feel stuffed… and kind of cross with myself for ruining the surprise.

(it was totally worth it)

Oh well. Chocolate eggs or no chocolate eggs, the Easter break is cause for contemplation and celebration – and that might even extend to your kitchen. Who knows, as you’re whipping up some simnel cakes and hot cross buns, you may lapse into a daydream, picturing a brand new look for your culinary space: maybe a lush new cabinet or two or a gorgeous worktop will do the trick?

No sweat. If the Easter cravings for a bit of kitchen retail therapy get too much, the deTerra troops will be active and reporting for duty throughout the break. Sir yes sir!

On the 29th and 30th March, plus bank holiday Monday (1st April), our sales line and showroom will be operational between 10am and 2pm – so go on, pick up that phone or whizz over in your car. We’d love to see you; we can’t promise Easter eggs, but we’ve got loads of yummy kitchen products to chat about!

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


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Hey hey hey,

I’m thinking about foreign shores this month. Can you guess where?

France? A little further. Asia? Too far.

I’m thinking of somewhere warm, yet temperate; somewhere awash with national pride, but oh so cosmopolitan; somewhere laidback but fantastically fashionable…

That’s right. I’m thinking of Milan.

Now, I know you’re going to be assuming that it’s all about fashion for me – okay, I admit it, I like to shop – but this month’s metropolitan meandering is much more relevant to my diary. One could say it’s deTerrably relevant, in fact (waa waa waa). Yup, this post is all about the Milan Furniture Fair, which kicks off in less than a fortnight. I’m giddy. And not just because I’m hoping the boss is going to send me along to report back in person…

The fair is arguably the most important week in the design calendar, so it needs little introduction. But 2013’s offerings are looking particularly excellent for those who commit to the deTerra ethos, because this year the fair will celebrate Mother Nature. Hurrah! If previews are anything to go by, designers are set to focus on local, handcrafted products and natural materials. Wood will be a key material, with an emphasis on fluidity, geometrics, and innovation: for example the famous Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair (a classic, hugely popular design) is back – but this time in wood!

Well, we don’t like to say ‘we told you so’ but we’ve known for ages that sustainable wood is the bees knees. It’s great to see the rest of the world catching up! And the best news of all is that if you can’t make it to Milan to sample the wooden delights of the Furniture Fair, you can get a taste of fantastic natural kitchen furniture right here at deTerra – and you’ll feel fabulously trendy at the same time. Pretty groovy, eh?

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist


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Hi peeps,

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it! Our worktop page is nearly ready for launch, and gee whiz, that bad boy looks sharp. We’ve got these cute little surprises that appear when you hover over each worktop option (I won’t say any more for fear of ruining the big unveiling, but needless to say you will be both charmed and educated – pretty nifty, eh?)

And don’t get me started on the worktops themselves – these solid wood sensations really are something special. We’ve got 40mm stave, deluxe (90mm staves of varying lengths) and full stave (90mm staves that run the entire length of the worktop) options in loads of dreamy timbers. My personal fave is zebrano – so gorgeous you can’t help sit up and take notice – but within the deTerra collection there is a timber for every mood; you can get that olde-worlde charm with natural beech or go super sleek with American walnut. Whatever floats your boat.

So what are you still reading this blog for? Keep refreshing that worktop page and let us know what you think of our new addition! Have your kitchen measurements to hand because you might well be tempted to order straight away – deTerra worktops look good enough to eat! (please note: our worktops are not for human consumption…)

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist


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Hi-diddly-hi, readers!

I’m feeling pretty chipper today, and it’s all thanks to the internet. Man, don’t you just love shopping online? Just now I was enjoying my mid-morning coffee break and before I knew it I was clicking and browsing and typing away, drawn by the retail gods (I do love to have a squiz at the latest e-sales). The bargains you can find are amazing! Plus most online sellers seem to really know what they are talking about – there’s something deeply satisfying about buying from the experts.

Of course, I only shop for essentials. I totally needed that vintage clock for my kitchen wall – true, I’ve already got one, but it’s so last season, and at 50% off how could I resist?

Ahem. Anyway, if you’re an e-tail devotee like me – or even if you just like the occasional online spending spree – you’ll be pleased to hear that deTerra will soon be a fully functioning ecommerce site. Wow, we’re all grown-up (well, nearly).

Soon you’ll be able to browse our full catalogue and start building your kitchen from scratch with us, purchasing in a quick and easy, no-muss-no-fuss format. We’ve got lots of ace delivery options to offer too, so you can be sure your chosen items will arrive on time. Trust me, it’s going to be a blast.

Be sure to keep an eye on the site and let us know what you think of the changes! I’m quite looking forward to testing it all out myself, actually. Naturally the deTerra Tech Heads have asked me to be Chief Guinea Pig, so I’ll keep you posted – I am the expert after all (what they actually said was ‘shopaholic’, which is a name I like less, FYI).

Ta ta for now, the deTerra Diarist


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