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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hi peeps,

I’m having a funny feeling.

Seriously. You see, we’ve just launched our deTerra gallery (fanfare) and now, for the first time, there are pictures of my kitchen babies online for everyone to see. My beautiful Clotted Cream set (a vision of cream and European walnut); my beloved Forest (yummy minty Mizzle and earth American walnut); slinky Modern (all slick black and stainless steel accents), and more.

They look pretty damn good! And my golly, do I feel proud. Okay, I know they aren’t mine, strictly speaking, but I’ve been there right from the beginning, helping pick colours, dress sets, lovingly cleaning the worktops… they are almost like children to me!

Oh my goodness. Is this what it feels like to be my mother?

Ahem, anyway, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that the gallery is now up, with wonderful images for you lovely deTerra visitors to peruse and dissect (and maybe even drool over – these kitchens are pretty scrummy). The gallery gives a little bit of insight into the vision behind a deTerra kitchen: what our products look like all together, what those Farrow & Ball colours really look like (short answer: ace) and what bits and bobs we recommend pairing. More to come on that front when we launch our ‘Create the Look’ section; this is just to whet your appetite.

So have a gander and let us know what you think – be kind to our babies, please…

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

Greetings and salutations!

deTerra diarist here, checking in with a mid-week report (just in case you were too used to me blogging on a Friday – I like to keep you on your toes).

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for it to be the weekend – not that I don’t absolutely love my job (especially looking at all our luscious deTerra goodies), of course, but being as creative and brilliant as me just gets so tiring. Good job it’s a bank holiday, I hear you cry! Well, quite; though deTerra HQ is always a little hive of activity over these festive periods, y’know. No rest for the wicked…

So if you fancied getting your kitchen groove on this weekend, click on to the website, get down to our showroom or pick up that blower! We won’t be delivering on Bank Holiday Monday (our drivers will be taking a well-earned rest) but our delivery service is functioning at optimum levels apart from that, and our sales lines and showroom will be open from 10am-2pm on the 25th and 27th May.

Just don’t drop by here on a Sunday – we love visitors, but even the keenest shoppers need a day of rest.

Have a good ‘un!

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hey hey hey,

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for a bit of a catch up. This week we’ve been feeling rather unseasonal thanks to all the rain, sleet and other chillsome delights; but this unexpected turn has also got our creative juices flowing, compelling us to think about ways to bring summer indoors – and specifically into the kitchen. After all, if the weather outside is a bit gloomy, who’s to say that you can’t make up for it inside?

And when the weather is forcing you indoors, where do you head, particularly if your thoughts are turning design-wards? The deTerra website is always good food for thought – in any weather – but this week there was also plenty of inspiration to be found at one of our favourite events, Grand Designs Live.

In case you didn’t make it along, here’s a run-down of the exhibition’s top treats, so you can feel you were there in spirit – don’t say we never do anything for you…

Eco-Tech House: this was just too cool. Proving that it’s possible to be environmentally-minded and fashionable all at once, this section incorporated nifty gadgets like a hand-print recognition coffee machine and a fridge that uses power according to how much is inside. Super groovy.

Grand Village: calling all telly addicts (hey, why are you looking at me?) The 2013 Grand Village showcased the best bits of Kevin McCloud and George Clarke’s recent tv shows, so you could see a ‘Zero Bills’ house and learn how to make a ‘Man Made Home’ first hand. Not too shabby.

Grand Interiors: okay, we’ll admit it, this isn’t a ‘2013’ special – the interiors section is always good. If you’re thinking of revamping any part of your house, wandering through this part of the exhibition hall fills you with ideas. The top draw this year was the three room sets by expert stylists Jo Bailey, Lizzie Chambers and Katie Monckton. We particularly liked Lizzie Chambers’ retro-inspired set complete with touches of rustic wood – proving that, as always, solid timber is bang on trend!

If Grand Designs teaches us anything, it’s that obstacles simply cannot hinder design progress – especially not atmospheric conditions! So if the rain drives you inside this summer, use the time to do some research, get creative, and brighten up your interiors. The whole team at deTerra are here to help if you need any design tips or suggestions; and we’ve plenty of advice on how to incorporate our fabulous products into your kitchen, or build a new one from scratch.

Get the kitchen of your dreams, come rain or shine!

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


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Yo diddle oh!

Your favourite diarist here, just checking in with the weekly round-up. The top news in deTerra land right now concerns the brand-spanking addition to our website: new day, new webpage – pretty nifty, eh?

That’s right, our ‘samples’ page is now live! Head over there and check it out if you are in a sample-y kind of mood; but first let me give you a quick run-down:

The first thing to say – now it’s official – is: deTerra can offer a full sample service! Did you know that? Didya didya didya? We know that shopping online can be a bit of an uncertain experience and we’ve got nothing to hide – quite the opposite, in fact: we think our products are pretty fantastico and we’re keen to share them with you!

On our samples page you can learn more about our door, unit and worktop samples, and select which products you’d like to purchase. Each sample gives great insight into the quality and appearance of the full-sized product and best of all there are options for getting your money back if you go on to place an order (though they’re pretty darn cheap in the first place).

So happy browsing, my deTerrafic readers – let me know how you get on!

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

It’s May! Spring has finally sprung! Lambs are frolicking, blossom is blossoming, and we get a long weekend – yipppeeee!

But May Day isn’t just about time off, y’know. Did you realise that May Day is actually a sort of amalgamation of the Germanic festival Walpurgis Night and the Gaelic celebration of Beltane? No? Didn’t think so. Or how about its relevance to the festival of the Roman goddess Flora?

See. I know stuff.

Well, actually, I looked it up on t’internet, but same diff. The upshot is that May Day is pretty cool. Most of us don’t know much about the holiday’s antiquated roots but we still enjoy a bit of Morris dancing and shimmying around the Maypole. Plus we get a much-needed bank holiday…

Which brings me to the other important part of this message: deTerra opening hours over the Bank Holiday. The first thing to say is don’t panic. We’re not deserting you. Our showroom and sales lines will be opening from 10am-2pm as normal on Saturday 4th May and again on Bank Holiday Monday (i.e. 10am-2pm on the 6th May). Deliveries will be happening as normal from the 7th May. So if you happen to have a kitchen-buying-emergency, don’t sweat it: we’re here to help.

Well, the sun is still shining so I’m off to do a bit of frolicking of my own now. Catch you crazy kids next week.

Ta ta for now,
the deTerra Diarist


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