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Ho diddly ho,

Thirty entries already! Gosh, I feel pressured to make this great – lucky for me I’ve got some interesting stuff to chat about today… (but then, don’t I always? Don’t answer that.)

We are proud to announce – fanfare, if you please – that we will shortly be posting our first deTerra case study! That’s right, someone has ordered and installed a kitchen from us wood-lovin’ loons. And it looks pretty darn scrummy if we do say so ourselves…

Check out the pictures below for a sneak preview! Revel in the Farrow’s Cream Shaker doors (a deTerra top pick – check out our kitchens page for some more colour inspiration)! Glory in the daring mix of painted and lacquered frontals, certain to create an eye-catching finish! Drool over our groovy full stave natural oak worktops! Be dazzled by the expert craftsmanship of our fabrication team, who have customised said worktops to include radius corners galore! Coo over the cute cat!

Err… actually, scratch that last part. Sorry. Cats are not currently available for online purchase.

Anyway, furball or no furball, we’re excited to learn more about the finished product – stay tuned for the full case study, which will be posted soon.

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist

Case Study #1.1
Case Study #1.2
Case Study #1.3


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Hallo peeps,

Last bank holiday of the summer ahead – sob! And Christmas feels like an awfully, awfully long time away…

So I guess we better all make the most of this break! The good news is that deTerra will remain open and kitchen keen over the bank holiday period – at least, for most of the time (we have to give our little deTerra deputies some rest…)

Therefore, should a bit of kitchen inspiration strike, you’re welcome to pop by to see us or give us a call between 10am-2pm on Saturday 24th and Monday 26th August. We will be shutting up shop entirely on Sunday, though… sorry, but, our cabinets and worktops need their beauty sleep. They didn’t get to that level of impossible gorgeousness by being party animals, y’know.

As for delivery, Bank Holiday Monday is a no-go zone, but you can get your goods pretty soon after – just click on to the website or contact us if you’d like any more delivery deets.

Happy shopping and have a fabby dabby bank hol!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Privet, guys and gals!

(that’s ‘hallo’ in Russian, in case you didn’t know).

Kizhi Church

Kizhi Church image
courtesy of Matthias Kabel

Our thoughts are a little Muscovite in flavour this week, what with all the broadcasts of this year’s World Championship Athletics on the tellybox.

But actually, as it turns out, a propensity for hosting sports isn’t our fave thing about Russia – it turns out these guys are big wood fans, too.

In fact, wood plays a major role in Russia’s architectural heritage. For hundreds of years everything was made of wood – and we mean everything: not just implements and carts but buildings, too. As well as building houses and palaces out of wood, loads of gorgeous churches were constructed solely from timber.

If you take a look at the churches of northern Russia, in particular, you’ll find plenty of awesome specimens; however, we think there’s one that stands out.

Kizhi Pogost, located on an island of Lake Onega in Karelia, is widely believed to be the world’s tallest wooden structure. Measuring an impressive 37.5m tall, the entire structure – from the nuts and bolts to the decorative elements – is made from timber. The beautiful design incorporates a 22-domed Transfiguration Church and an octagonal bell tower… without using a single metal nail.

If that’s not nifty, we don’t know what is. It almost saddens us to admit that we can’t harness wood in quite the same way; but while we can’t promise to build you an igloo out of iroko, we can make your kitchen a place of monumental greatness with our beautiful range of solid wood worktops. Talk about the power of Mother Nature!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Greetings, my timberrific trifles!

European Tree of the Year

Today I’m in the sharing mood – which may not sound that exciting, but trust me, it should fill you with gladness. Because it just so happens that I discovered something ultra cool today.

So, okay, I happen to love trees – no big surprise, right? In fact, here at deTerra we share a collective passion for timber; after all, our whole range of eco-friendly products (utilising sustainably sourced wood) is designed so that we can all enjoy a bit of nature in our very own home.

However it turns out that there are people even crazier about wood than us… so crazy that they decided to set up a competition in celebration of it: The European Tree of the Year Award.

But get this, this competition isn’t about the obvious stuff – y’know, how impressive a tree looks, or how wide its branches are, etc. This competition is emotional. They say it best in their own words:

‘We are not searching for the oldest, the tallest, the biggest, the most beautiful or the rarest of trees. We are searching for the most lovable tree, a tree with a story that can bring the community together.

Trees that tell a story. Because nature tells a story. I cannot tell you how much we dig that (after all, that’s why we wrote the deTerra story – click here to view).

And there are some truly wonderful stories behind the trees that have been honoured in this competition. Take Ireland’s 2013 entry, for example: the ‘King Oak’. This magnificent example of the quercus robar is hundreds of years old and has touched generations of Tullamore residents; as one report notes:

‘Most Tullamore inhabitants have interacted with the King Oak at some time in their lives. To climb its majestic lower branches – that now touch the ground and stretch to an amazing 50 meters – was a sign of great courage. Teenage romances started and ended at this mysterious giant tree.’

Such a tale is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts and encourage anyone to take an interest in nature – and most particularly trees. So what are you waiting for? Votes have closed for this year but that’s no reason not to get out in the forest now: climb a tree, make some leaf drawings, rub your hands over the bark… and find the next European Tree of the Year – wouldn’t it be fab if it came from good ol’ Blighty?

Race you to the nearest beech…!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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What’s the haps, people of planet Earth?

I’ll tell you what’s happening: deTerra kitchens! Yep, you heard me right: our kitchen pages have been tested, tweaked and tamed within an inch of their snazzy existence and are now LIVE!

Check them out here by clicking on each handily-named category. Once through to your chosen page you can go wild:

Peruse to your heart’s content!
Mix and match like a fiend!
Learn all there is to know about kitchens shaker, traditional, wooden and painted!

Basically, kitchen glory awaits…

These handy pages allow you to order your entire kitchen online, just the way you want it – frontals painted or unpainted, worktops exotic or classic, cabinets specialist or regular. We’ve also divided our kitchen collections into these categories to try and make sure that everything you need is in one place – but if you want to pick and choose between categories, knock yourself out (not literally. That would hurt.)

kitchens page live


Ta ta for now,

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