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Hola a todos,

How’s it hanging, deTerra fans? We hope that you are all making exciting plans for the weekend, a spot of kitchen-buying, perhaps, or a design trip or two…

To help you on your way to a great weekend, we’ve done another super duper Friday update! That’s right, deTerra kitchen doors are now GO. For the first time ever you can browse our full range of fabulous solid oak frontals and place orders online.

These affordable yet awesome doors are available in Shaker or Traditional styles and three choices of finish: sanded, lacquered or painted. If you’re colour crazy, you’ll be pleased to know that deTerra painted doors are handfinished in your choice of colour from top-notch paint experts Farrow & Ball – though we’re keen to make recommendations, too! Our standard colour range incorporates Subtle Shades, Soft Pastels and Feature Colours to give a well-rounded overview of the Farrow & Ball collection; we encourage you to check out our ‘Top Picks’, too, which reflect upcoming trends and are essential for a bit of seasonal flair.

If you prefer a natural look, you can finish the doors to your preference by picking our sanded door, or go for a bit of sheen with the lacquered option. Our doors are made from fan-flipping-tastic solid oak – and nothing else – so they are perfectly gorge as is.

So there you have it: solid oak cabinets, matching doors and timber worktops can now be chosen at your leisure. Put that together with an easy online ordering system a swift delivery service and you’re laughing!


Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist

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Heylo, guys and gals!

It’s a sunny September day and we’re determined to enjoy it while we can. We’ve tried this cold Autumn weather and don’t fancy keeping it, thanks. If only it was a sample that we could return…

Fortunately that’s no problem when it comes to deTerra products (though our range is so gorge once you’ve got your mitts on it you won’t want to let it go!). Our fantastic sample service allows you to try before you buy for a small cost – and best of all, that cost is refundable if you go on to order!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our services, so recently we have expanded our worktop sample range to include 27mm thicknesses in selected timbers (as well as 40mm thicknesses which are available in every timber that we stock). So please, take a looksy at our wood worktop samples – give it a whirl, you know you want to!

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist


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Compliments to you, cool colour cats of the world!

As you might have guessed by my greeting, today we’re thinking in rainbow-bright technicolour… or, more specifically, those heavenly hues provided by colour angels, Farrow & Ball. If painted kitchens are your thing, you won’t want to miss this.

The year’s seasons play a major part in determining the colours that hit catwalks and interiors alike, and deTerra – being the helpful souls that we are – will aim to keep you and your kitchen bang up to date! You may have already enjoyed our last batch of ‘Top Picks’ for Spring/Summer 2013; sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to those shadealicious nuggets, and usher in our new favourites.

So, without further ado, please say hello to deTerra Top Picks of Autumn/Winter 2013:

Cooking Apple Green
Rectory Red
French Gray

Red is a classic autumnal shade, and this vibrant paint colour will inject a fiery warmth into any kitchen. For freshness, our zesty Cooking Apple Green (a nod to our natural tastes) is just the ticket; and if you come over all elegant – I say, darling – French Gray should certainly tickle your fancy.

There you have it! We’d be chuffed if you would keep an eye on the deTerra kitchens page over the next month and give our new colours – coming soon – a warm welcome.

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist


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Yo yo!

September is here already – gee whizz, how the year has flown.

Good job we’re starting this third of 2013 with a bang: deTerra kitchen units are now live!

deTerra customers can now enjoy solid oak galore, in many shapes and handy sizes. We’ve got over seventy cabinets in stock, in base, wall, full height, corner and specialist options; all of which can be purchased by you through our easy online checkout, for affordable prices and with speedy delivery options. Dosh garn, that’s almost mindblowing – give me the link now, I hear you cry!

Fear not, my friends: clickety click to view our kitchen units in all their glory. I might just have to head on over now and have a drool – I mean have a look – myself.

Wishing you a well-oaked weekend!

Ta ta for now,
The deTerra Diarist


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