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Shiver me staves, it’s the end of March! In like a lion, out like a lamb, and all that…

lambs, lapsang, leaves…and lush wood kitchens

Well, the Spring Equinox has been and gone, but it’s still pretty sogsome here in Gloucestershire at the mo. However we’re hopeful that the weather won’t leave us feeling sheepish this weekend (geddit – because of the aforementioned ‘out like a lamb’? Ahem…)

If the soaring temperatures arrive as predicted, we’d say that it’s time to get down ‘n’ dirty with nature (herbaceously speaking, of course). And don’t forget to apply some elbow grease indoors, too: spring-clean those cupboards, wipe down those doors and apply a fresh dollop of our Rustin’s Danish Oil to worktops in your wood kitchens whilst you’re at it.

And remember, a new season spells new style, so there’s no better time to start planning your natty new kitchen! If you’re after a little motivation, then why not head over to our showroom where, if you’re really lucky, you’ll get spoilt with scones and lavished with luxurious Lapsang Souchong (the tea leaves are withered over pine fires, didn’t you know). Or maybe just tea and biscuits – but don’t let that ‘deTerra’ you!

If you didn’t get that one, I’m eating all the biccies before you get here. Fact.

Anyway, whenever you do rock up at deTerra Towers, you’ll find some fantastic inspiration from one of our friendly staff, along with all the info you’d ever need on wood, Cabineto, and much more. Unsure how to find us? Just visit our showroom page and you’ll soon see. We canny wait to meet you!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

How-do, lumber lovers?

the oldest tree in the British isles
courtesy of wyrd england gazetteer

I’d like to start off today’s blog with a phrase coined by an unspecified wise man:

“Trees know nothing of old age or death: they grow on and on until accidental carpentry finishes them off.”

The UK was once home to mile-upon-mile of unbroken forest, but in the industrious years of old Queen Vic we managed to plunder most of our own woodland without thought for replanting, thanks to the ever-expanding desire for wood’s natural beauty.

Fortunately for those of us who appreciate wood for both its environmental and cultural impact, there’s still some incredibly old timber standing in parts of the UK; indeed, there is none more ancient than a particular yew tree that stands at the local churchyard of St. Dygain, in the village of Llangernyw, North Wales, known locally as simply the Llangernyw Yew.

This particular ancient yew is estimated at between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, making it older than Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza – wowzers! Despite now having the appearance of two trees cosying up together, it was once a single, massive tree with a girth of 10.75m.

Here at deterra-kitchens.co.uk, we can’t promise that our natural kitchens will last quite as long as Llangernyw’s ancient inhabitant, but yew never know… for now, we’re happy to guarantee all carcasses from our wooden kitchen units collection for a full 5 years.

Simply ‘tree’-mendous, eh?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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colourful wooden kitchens this springMellow greetings, dudes and dudettes!

Fact one of the day: there is cherry blossom outside. Apart from being all pink and pretty, this means that Mother Nature has returned to this barren land… and winter is definitely gone! Hurrah.

Fact two of the day: seasonal colours aren’t just popping up outside your door – we’re bringing them inside, too. We’ve now updated our ‘Top Picks’ in time for Spring/Summer 2014, and boy, are we excited.

As you’ll see when you visit the wood kitchen doors page, our three Farrow & Ball choices for this period – ‘Calluna’ ‘Yellowcake’ and ‘Blue Ground’ – are seriously dreamy. Better still, they offer something for everyone: Calluna is a pale, perfect lilac with that ‘chalky’ feel that is so hip right now; Blue Ground is a vibrant blue reminiscent of a crisp Springtime sky; and Yellowcake is a stunning pop of sunshine. All three are uplifting without being strident, whilst paying homage to that traditional seasonal tendency for outdoorsy, pastel shades.

Pick any one from the trio for your wooden kitchen and you’ll be bang on trend: you can’t go wrong!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry fifty nine


Ladies and gents,

lonely Tree

courtesy of shropshirestar

Take a moment please to remember those who didn’t make it through last month’s hurricane-strength storms. In our humble view, a special mention should be given to a local landmark of the small Welsh town of Llanfyllin known simply as the ‘Lonely Tree’. This super Scots pine reigned supreme for centuries but was recently – and tragically – felled by a storm.*wipes away tear*

Known on the British Tree register modestly as “Tree 133160”, this pine stood alone on a ridge overlooking the town in East Wales for at least 200 years and was adopted by the locals as somewhat of a mascot, having had the names of many-a-local person inscribed in to its trunk.

Fortunately for this particular fallen pine, no one is ready to call time on the timber just yet, and efforts are underway by the local council and Britain’s ancient tree specialists to try and resurrect this particular phoenix from the ashes. What a timbertastic effort!

Of course not all wood gets such special treatment… unless it’s privileged enough to wind up in one of our wood kitchens, that is! All of our timber – even the more exotic items used to create our wooden worktops – is sustainably-sourced, reasonably-priced, and carefully handled: honestly, at deTerra our products are given nothing less than the royal treatment from start to finish! See for yourself with our sublime sample service – you won’t be disappointed.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry fifty eight


how to order oak kitchens


The deTerra doodlers have been busy updating the website this week and the new addition – in case you haven’t seen it – is a doozy.

Yeppers, we’re confident that ordering oak kitchens has never been simpler, thanks to our wholesome new ’how to order’ page.

Now, you know us: we’re not really ‘prescriptive’ as such. We don’t like to curb your individual fancies. Do what you want to do. Like, if you want to cover your body in peanut butter and jam and run down the street, we say power to you (maybe not down our street, though, kay?). We’re easy-going souls.

But we also appreciate that ordering online can be a confuzzling process, particularly if you are ordering on a new site, and especially if you’re ordering something as marvellously mega as a kitchen! As such, we’ve condensed the process into one handy step-by-step document for your perusal. The terrific tips packed therein should make ordering a snap.

That said, though we aim for perfection first time, we might not always reach it: so if you feel we’ve missed something on this page, please let us know. We always love to hear from y’all! Simply contact us via this useful form or give the deTerra phone lines a ringle.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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