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Luxury Solid Wood Insect HotelHowdy-doody deTerra-inos!

Spring is in full swing, and it’s that time of year where those with the outside space are beavering away in the garden, to get it looking good for summer’s gatherings and BBQs.

Have you spared a thought for the busy bees, awakening aphids and important insects that are emerging? They’re super significant in any healthy garden – delivering pollen, killing other pests and generally keeping the mini biosphere in your back yard healthy.

Of course, all industrious insects need a place to call their home, and we found the perfect project for you in Andy Colley’s ‘Luxury Insect Hotel’. Andy’s taken the time to put together a great little guide on constructing this inn for insects from recycled scraps of wood on his blog ‘The Green Lever’.

Not only will this five star ‘bug house’ do fabby dabby things for the health of your garden ecosystem, but it looks pretty charming too! Just remember to position it somewhere the insects can get cosy without interruption. Once populated, it’ll provide hours of mesmerising miniature activity to watch.

We love any projects that help the environment, and make such creative use of wood and other materials that would otherwise go to waste. Here at deTerra we take great pride in minimising waste – indeed any leftover waste from cutting your bespoke wooden worktops is either cut in to worktop samples, or used to heat the warehouse in our biomass burner.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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skinny sampling natural kitchens

Yo yo yo!

It’s our seventy-first entry, and today we’re shouting about our super sample service.

Are you intrigued about iroko, wondering about walnut or bamboozled by bamboo? Our world of wooden worktops and compilation of cabinet doors can sometimes seem like too much to choose from when you’re planning out dream natural kitchens.

Goodness gracious me, what a conundrum (though if conundrums are to be had, this is a pretty cool one, we’re sure you agree)! Here at deTerra we feel your pain, but have just the solution – snazzy samples. There’s not many products online that you can try before you buy, but with our sample service you can do just that!

solid oak cabinet door samplesSegments of our full range of solid wood worktops are cut down to 200 x 150 x 40mm or 200 x 150 x 27mm sections that are fully oiled on one side to give you a clear representation of what our worktops will look like once fitted and finished. Each one is only £5 including VAT and delivery – can you say ‘steal’?

solid oak cabinet door samplesWe also offer pint-sized cabinet panels that are constructed from solid oak in exactly the same method as their full-sized siblings. The panels are expertly-finished 160 x 80 x 18mm sections that really show off the excellent quality of the timber our cabinets are made from. They’re also just £5 including VAT and next-day delivery – can you say ‘bargain’?

solid oak cabinet door samplesFinally, this diarist’s personal favourite: you can also nab eensy-weensy cabinet door samples. So cute. They’re hand-made replicas of our full sized door panels, measuring 350 x 296mm (H x W) and can be finished to whichever of our styles sparks your interest – be it sanded, lacquered or finished with one of our finest shades of Farrow & Ball paint. At only £20 including delivery, you’d be mad not to try some for size .Can you say – okay, we think you get the point…

All that, and we haven’t even gotten to the sweetener yet! If you order any of our samples, the cost will be refunded to you if you decide to go ahead and place an order with us. Like, could we be any more generous?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Some people believe all living things have a soul, and whilst Cabineto would argue that you don’t even have to be living to have a soul, these rather bizarre creations by New York artist Tim Rollins are here to prove that you can give character to even the most bizarre of subjects, by simply adding a pair of eyes.

‘Pinocchio’ was created between 1992 and 1993, and are made from a combination of real wooden logs from a variety of trees, with glass eyes inset in to wood in a way that gives them an air of rather eerie realism – there almost could be someone trapped inside some of them.

More recently, pictures of the sculptures have been used on the covers of a new translation of Carlo Collodi’s original story of Pinocchio, and though the sculpture isn’t quite as charming as Disney’s reimagining of the classic fictional tale, it’s just about weird enough to get noticed on book shop shelves.

What do you think of these peculiar sculptures? Should we be selling googly eyes for our kitchen units or have they got enough character already? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

Creepy or Cute: Tim Rollins’ Log Sculpture


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Greetings and salutations, timbertastic trifles!

Awesome April Sale

Where does the year go? We’re already almost a third of the way through it – that’s simply crazy. Or, as the youth of the world would say: ‘cray cray’.

(see, we’re still down with the kids).

Whether 2014 has been good to you or not so far, you might well be looking for a bargain – summer holidays are on the horizon after all, and you’ll need a bit of pocket money! As such we thought a wee reminder about our AWESOME April sale was probably a good idea. For the rest of this glorious month customers can enjoy a 10% discount on everything except samples (though don’t forget you can get a refund on those bad boys on a one-for-one basis anyway).

Gorgeous wood kitchens don’t grow on trees… but at deTerra they might as well be free for the picking, because there are some mega savings on offer! You can treat yourself to wood worktops and nifty solid wood kitchen cabinets galore. And if you’re stuck about what to pick – there’s so much choice – don’t forget to consult our handy Useful Information section: there are plenty of tip-filled guides (like our ‘Explained’ pages) to help you figure out which of our products is best for your needs

Have a happy Easter!

Ta ta for now,

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Wooden kitchens: Easter Opening Hours

We’re not entirely sure there’s a limit on how much chocolate we can ingest over the Easter weekend, but to give us plenty of time to make ourselves truly unwell, we’ve decided to reduce our opening times over the Bank Holiday weekend.

However, if you’re not prepared to stop obsessing over wooden kitchens this weekend, our showroom and friendly customer service telephone lines will be open between 10am and 2pm on Friday the 18th of April, Saturday the 19th of April and Monday the 21st of April. In keeping with our standard opening hours, all departments will be closed on Sunday the 20th of April.

Normal kitchen infatuation returns on Tuesday the 22nd of April.


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