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Hey y’all,

Hope you’re enjoying this total lack of summer more than we are at rainy deTerra HQ! I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of sending Mr Sun a serious letter of complaint…

Anywho, if we can’t look at pretty things outside, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on over t’internet. We’ve been slowly building up our own Pinterest collection as well as busily repinning, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you here!

Funky interior designers Room Fu set our hearts on fire with their quirky, bold designs; their ‘Room Fu Portfolio’ is a great board to check out for some general design tips. For a modern twist, we admire 361 Architecture: their ‘Color’ board is oh-so-pretty. Caitlin Cawley’s ‘Future Home Inspiration’ board is a treat; she has collated a real mix of dreamy, aspirational images with plenty of natural touches. In fact, we like this designer so much that she gets two mentions – you’ve got to give her ‘My Art & Doodles’ board a look, too. Super cute!

Our final pick is a little closer to home (ahem): our own deTerra ‘Exotic Wooden Worktops’ board. Packed full of gorgeous timbers that look ideal in natural kitchens, our diverse collection of pins is pure eye candy. Check it out – and if you feel inspired, head on over the wood worktops page or order a sample or two.

Ta ta for now
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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Good day to you all, the earth says hello!

After a glorious bank holiday weekend (if not necessarily the sunniest), we’re now well in to London Tree Week 2014, and what better way to celebrate the source of our wonderful wood than by picking out some of Britain’s most tree-tastic specimens.

The Biggest

blighty’s most brilliant trees - The Biggest

courtesy of monumentaltrees

An oak tree growing in the shadows of Croft Castle, Herefordshire may not be the tallest tree around – but in terms of sheer volume it tips the scales. Some 315 years old, and measured at 115ft tall and with a 9ft trunk, its volume is estimated at a whopping 3,800³ feet: wowzers!

The Tallest

blighty’s most brilliant trees - The Tallest

courtesy of geograph

Reelig Glen near Inverness, Scotland, feels like a place where time has well and truly stood still. For Loch Ness – some absolutely monstrous trees survive in areas of undisturbed woodland. The tallest of these Douglas firs, known locally as Dughall Mor (or ‘Big Stranger’) stands at 218ft tall and was recently passed the crown as the tallest amongst a stand of trees well over 100 years old.

The Thickest

blighty’s most brilliant trees - The Thickest

courtesy of monumentaltrees

The previously mentioned pine might be the tallest, but the award for the fattest tree in the land goes to an oak in Fredville Park, near Dover, known as ‘Majesty’. This lumbering giant has a trunk that measures 13ft across, and a whopping 40ft in circumference. It’s estimated to be around 500 years old, though some claim it to be even older than that. Either way, there’s life in this old beauty yet, as it continues to grow to this very day.

The Oldest

blighty’s most brilliant trees - The Oldest

courtesy of sirpetespics

We featured this welsh wonder in an earlier blog post, but this outstanding ancient yew tree in a churchyard near Llangernyw, North Wales clearly deserves another mention as the oldest living tree anywhere in the British Isles. Thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, this old beauty is older than the pyramids of Egypt!

The Rarest

blighty’s most brilliant trees - The Rarest

courtesy of Audley End

At the English Heritage site of Audley End you will find the ‘Audley End Oak’, which is the only specimen of its kind that still exists in Britain, and one of only two left in the world. Planted in 1772, there have been many recent attempts to graft new saplings from it, but alas all have been unsuccessful.

And there you have it – a list of the trees that have a special place in Britain’s countryside. You’ll notice that oak features pretty heavily, as it does within in our sumptuous range of wood kitchens. Whether you’re looking for oak worktops, cabinetry or plenty of accessories, we do love this wonderful wood and think you will too!

Want to see the quality of our oak first hand? Why not try a sample of our oak worktops, cabinets or kitchen doors. You’ll love the superiority of our timber, and – as if any more generosity was required – we’ll even refund the price of the sample should you go on to make an order with us.

Ta ta for now

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

top 3 Farrow & Ball shades for summer oak kitchensWhat’s shaking, party people?

I don’t know about you but I am in a mood of giddy goodness. It’s been a great week here at deTerra. It’s Friday. And it’s so-nearly-almost bank holiday weekend time that I can taste it! Three-day weekend, yes please. I don’t even mind that it’s meant to rain all the time. Much.

Anyway, who cares about the weather (she says, having written about barbeques just last week…!) When you’ve got a home that looks great, you don’t even need to step outside. And everyone knows that to truly embrace a sense of summer – whatever the temperature – colour counts.

Which is why we put together our ‘Top Picks’ for SS14 in the first place: a whole host of colours that are pretty darn nifty. But everyone needs a little reminder of what’s particularly trendy at this time of year, so, as we edge into summer, I’ve whittled it down to just three recommendations for truly bangin’ – and seasonal – oak kitchens:

deterra kitchens - Farrow & Ball Blue Ground

1. Blue Ground.

The sky might be grey but who cares because your oak kitchen cabinets are like the clear blue waters of a tropical sea. This blue is vibrant with a capital V; perfect as a statement island or when paired with cream and pale pops of pink or yellow.

deterra kitchens - Farrow & Ball yellowcake

2. Yellowcake.

Speaking of yellow, if you want a more punchy shade with plenty of pizzazz, this is the one to pick. Citrus shades are set to be big this summer, so you could accent a Yellowcake kitchen with accessories in lime and pale orange; or, tone it down with clean whites and stainless steel elements.

deterra kitchens - Farrow & Ball Calluna

3. Calluna.

A more mellow shade, this dreamy lilac doesn’t scream ‘turn up the heat’; instead, it gives you the chance to escape to the cool. Create an oasis of calm with other pale ‘chalky’ pastels, or enrich the palette by injecting deep purple and chocolate brown tones.

Feeling inspired? Feel free to send us some snaps of your interiors – we’d love to see how your kitchen looks in any weather, rain or shine!

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hey good lookin’, what’cha got cooking?

A dreamy deTerra kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some top-drawer appliances; as such, we’ve partnered with some of the most stylish and exciting brands around to offer a selection of appliances that look cosy alongside our super-duper solid wood kitchens.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens
perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

Looking for the ideal range cooker with a modern design, build quality and performance? This Mercury 1082 is perfect for that up-to-the-minute kitchen look with its hi-fi style controls and chunky details.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

Lashings of retro styling make this Falcon 1092 Continental double-oven range cooker perfect for more traditional kitchens, or for those of you who simply must get cooking on gas.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

As much as we’d all love a full size range oven, some of us just don’t have the room needed. No matter though, as there’s some truly luxurious built-in ovens available, such as this Neff Series 2 double oven.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

Sometimes dishwashers are just too darn big and uneconomical, as well as being rather ugly machines. This Double DishDrawer™ model from Fisher & Paykel features a novel two-drawer design, which allows you to separate different kitchen utensils and ceramics, or put on smaller loads to avoid wastage.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

Everyone has dreams of a spacious American-style fridge freezer, and this Three door freestanding model from Fisher & Paykel is just about as amazing as they get. Just add food.

perfect appliances for solid wood kitchens

Although the smells of a gently simmering dish can be well enjoyed when you’re preparing a meal, you don’t want your kitchen to permanently smell of a variety of fried dishes. A cooker hood like this unique FTU3807 Tube Hood from Franke combines function with slick modern styling.

These are just a taster of the kind of awesome appliances that suit our stunning solid wood kitchens, but we can order from a huge range of appliances from the brands listed above – your wish is our command!

If you’d like to see appliances up-close and personal then come on over to our sensational showroom. It’s home to a variety of different kitchen themes and layouts, with our favourite oak cabinetry and a whole host of beautiful wooden worktops.

Ta ta for now,

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Hello, chumbelinos,

loving wooden kitchensSo, the UK is set for a heatwave this weekend – didja know? I’m all set for an early summer: sun cream in my bag, sunglasses at the ready, feet ready for flip flops…

A kitchen can be an oasis of calm during humid days, especially if you aren’t lucky enough to own a barbeque (like me… sad face). As such, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your kitchen is cool, clean, and crazily gorgeous – even if you think you won’t be spending too much time inside! How else are you going to prepare nibbles for all those outrageous summer parties?

Call me old-fashioned, but I favour wooden kitchens when the weather turns balmy. There’s something about beautiful oak worktops and matching cabinetry – all gleaming with lacquered perfection – that soothes me, and the rustic tones of these kitchens are perfect when the weather is outdoorsy. Mix and match cabinets, worktops and plinths for a fresh forest look, or streamline it all by sticking with good ol’ oak. We’ve got cornices and pelmets, upstands, and chopping boards galore, all constructed from super-duper solid timber. Wood, wood, wood galore: it’ll make you feel like there’s no gap between your house and the garden itself…

The earthy backdrop of an all-natural look is also perfect for accessorising, so you can inject hints of colour into the design as the seasons change, all without breaking a sweat. I’m loving turquoise blue and bright yellow accents at the moment – just like the sky on a perfect day. Dreamy.

Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest with a picture of your summer kitchen: we’d be keen as beans to see what you’ve come up with!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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