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entry one hundred and thirty


Hear ye, hear ye,

new harlow showroom

If you go down to Harlow today, you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to Harlow today, you’ll find a kitchen feast for your eyes!

That’s right, our brand new showroom is officially open to kitchen lovers in the east and south east of England. Based in Harlow’s West Point Business Park, our shiny new showroom is on hand to serve lovers of solid wood kitchens in Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

There are 5 full wooden kitchens on display, along with plenty of examples of our sublime worktops, and plenty more kitchen accessories and matching appliances to get your interior design inspirational juices flowing. Whether you’re just looking for an addition to your existing kitchen, or a whole new kitchen, our friendly showroom manager is on hand to give you oodles of information, and a cup of tea too – if you’re lucky!

It’s not all for show, though. There are also samples of our sumptuous solid oak kitchen cabinets, wooden worktops and cabinet frontals, available to take away the very same day.

We don’t ask that you make an appointment if you’d like to come say hello, just make sure you visit us between 9am and 5pm on Saturday and weekdays (excluding Wednesday). If however you are travelling a little while to see us, we’d recommend giving us a call to book a suitable time to allow us to give our undivided attention. We’re so excited, we simply can’t wait to see some of our lovely natural kitchen fans.

Looking for more info on the showroom? Visit Harlow’s dedicated showroom page here.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry one hundred and twenty nine


Bristol's Solar Tree

Season’s green greetings,

There’s a type of tree I’m very keen to tell you about this week, but it’s not your normal leafy lumber – this one’s rather unique.

Usually news of a tree being planted in one of Bristol’s many squares wouldn’t be awfully newsworthy. If the tree in question is made of steel and capable of catching solar energy with its multidirectional ‘leaves’, however, it’s something to shout about!

The tree in question is the centrepiece of a partnership between the Demand Energy Equality initiative, and Bristol Drugs Project, intended to coincide with the 2015 Bristol European Green Capital year, and was a fantastic opportunity to expand the reach of both projects through rehabilitation and educational workshops.

Designed and constructed by local artist John Packer, the steel trunk supports 36 photovoltaic panels that were manufactured by participants in a local rehabilitation project for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, intending to equip them with new skills and providing a worthy goal to work towards.

Due to be located in Millennium Square, near the ‘At-Bristol’ and Bristol Aquarium attractions, it is intended for the tree to power a free wi-fi access point and also provide phone-charging opportunities (a plethora of charging stations will be dotted about the base); as such the tree will simultaneously deliver free power and free access to the world wide web – groovy, huh?

Here at deTerra kitchens we’re fans of anything that anything with green credentials in its roots; after all, we’re awfully proud of our ecological wood kitchens, and have made every effort to ensure that our oak cabinets and wooden worktops are from only the most sustainable sources.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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entry one hundred and twenty eight



Hey-diddle-ey, party people!

What’s better than a discount this side of Crimbo? One that lasts until the end of November, that’s what – like deTerra’s Nifty November sale!

In case you haven’t already heard, we’re offering a super-duper 10% off our ENTIRE range – everything except for samples (because at £5 each including delivery and VAT, these babies are already a steal!) for the rest of the month. That means that you can enjoy a fabulous discount across everything necessary to create Crimbo-tastic natural kitchens: from solid oak cabinets with Farrow & Ball painted oak doors to awesome accessories, and more! Simply enter the code NOV10 at checkout or mention this when ordering by phone and prepare for your purse to give you a big hug.

But you’ve only got ten days left to order, so don’t delay – snap up those bargains today! And do remember to check out our seasonal order cut-off points on the delivery details page, if you’re hoping to receive your goods before the Yuletide kick-off. You’ve got plenty of time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, I always say…

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


entry one hundred and twenty seven


Attention kitchen lovers,

2 man delivery all day

It is I, your friendly deTerra spokesperson! And I’m chuffed to be able to deliver some super-duper news: news on a development that we’ve been working toward for quite some time. After investing in some shiny new vans last month, we now have the capacity to deliver our wooden kitchens in even speedier time periods!

Our 2 man delivery team now operates every single weekday in the majority of England and Wales, meaning they’re able to whisk your new kitchen components to you quicker than ever before. Whether you’re ordering worktops in Warrington or cabinets to Canterbury, our super-duper 2 man teams can get to you Monday to Friday (provided you order by 11am the previous day).

Have a gander at the following table to see all the areas that our tremendous team can deliver to…

2 man delivery table

Impressed? Well we hope so! The expansion of our in-house delivery fleet means less reliance on third party couriers for delivery of your gorgeous natural kitchen products – and as such we can take full from control from initial order right through to the buzz of your doorbell.

Don’t forget we also have 10% off orders between now and November 30th, making the prospect of ordering from deTerra even sweeter! Just enter the code NOV10 and let the good times roll.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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entry one hundred and twenty six


how to pick a Christmas tree – some tip-top tips!

Bonjour, mes amis, bonjour…and a Joyeux Noël to you all!

Or should that be ‘Almost-But-Not-Quite-Noël’…? Because though it’s not yet December (!) the tellybox is full of Crimble adverts, the shops are full of gifts and treats, and some peeps are already buying their trees!

And if there’s one thing we love at deTerra (perhaps even more than our gorgeous oak kitchens), it’s a good ol’ festive tree. But what do you need to know before you get all tree-happy? And how can you make sure that you’re getting the best timber for your tenner? (note: be prepared to spend more than that if you want a towering tree!) The deTerra Diarist has some tips to share, so please read on…

1. Choose the perfect spot
Before you can work out what size or shape of tree you want, figure out where to put it. A corner with plenty of light within a busy room is a good option, or alternatively in the hall/by a front window – what a way to welcome guests to your abode! Be sure to pick a spot that isn’t a hazard if you have kiddies or pets playing nearby. Have a tape measure handy and do a quick measure-up while you’re there.

2. What species?
Now you know the size and shape that you’re after, it’s time to think about what species you fancy.

Traditionally the Norway Spruce was the Christmas pick for most households in the UK, but in recent years it’s been overtaken by others, largely because of its tendency to drop needles all over the bloomin’ floor.

The Nordmann fir is a popular alternative, as is the blue spruce: both are ‘non-drop’ and look attractively festive.

Norway Spruce Tree

norway spruce tree

Blue Spruce Tree

blue spruce tree

Nordmann Fir Tree

nordmann fir tree

3. Choosing your tree
It’s best to get the freshest tree possible, so do call ahead before you head off to your shop/farm of choice, and make sure that they are receiving regular deliveries throughout the lead up to Christmas (rather than just at the end of November/beginning December).

If you decide to pick your tree from a farm, make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting scruffy, as well as taking some gloves (needles can be prickly – ouch). Bring a tree-lugging companion, too – your tree might be too hefty to carry on your lonesome (unless your tree is on the small side or you happen to be built like Mr Incredible. It could happen…)

Once you’re there, check the trees for brown needles – you want one without. If you’d like to test how ‘non-droppy’ your tree is, let it fall on its stump from a couple of inches above floor-height. If it sheds more than a few needles, steer clear.

4. Caring for your tree – before and after
Looking after your tree throughout the festive period is pretty simple: be sure to dunk it in water as soon as it’s up, keep it hydrated throughout, and make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

Your tree is precious even after Crimbo is over, though, so do take care to dispose of it carefully. Most councils run a recycling service, but if not, check out the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (christmastree.org.uk) – they’ll recycle your tree for free.

Well, we hope these tips have got you feeling gleeful in anticipation of your treeful: so get those baubles out, and have fun!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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