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entry one hundred and forty six


Howdy ho, campers!

Our colour report continues this week with a very ‘zen’ palette indeed: perfect after a busy week and indeed a busy month – January, we wish we could say it’s been the best, but you had a hard act to follow after Crimbo! Still, it’s been a pretty good month for wooden kitchens, so we’re a happy bunch here at deTerra.

If you were in the mood for some colour-induced cosmic healing, however, we’ve got a treat in store for you: the fourth in our discussions of Pantone’s home colour picks for 2015. This year’s collection – and our palette for this week in particular – reflect the idea of the home as a ‘sanctuary’. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, comments that ‘there is a growing movement to step out and create “quiet zones” to disconnect from technology and unwind, giving ourselves time to stop and be still. Soft, cool hues blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.’

Pale Gold



Surf the web

Azure Blue

Blue Coral


Sea Spray

Zensations from Pantone: The Facts

Blues and blue-green shades bring with them a meditative ambience, whilst strong reds and greens are perfect for creating a more intense atmosphere alongside splashes of silver and gold. There’s plenty of perfect paints to consider in our Farrow & Ball collections, with Lulworth Blue, Blazer and Vert De Terre all being worthy candidates for your little slice of zen-infused personal space.

Contemplate coordinating these fab shades with light, bright wooden surfaces, such as our maple or bamboo worktops to enhance the feeling of serenity. Keep your accessories simplistic and geometric to further the calm atmosphere – too much busyness might clutter your mind and distract you from an enlightened state.

Looking for a calm space to think about your new kitchen? Come along to the deTerra showroom, where our friendly staff will sooth your worries and inspire your creativity – and make you a good cup of tea, too!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


entry one hundred and forty six


Blum ECODRILL hole drilling machine

Howdy kitchen fans!

I’m sure you can all agree that deTerra wood kitchens look simply fandabbydozy– thanks to sumptuous solid wood worktops, complementary oak cabinetry and a tremendous choice of accessories.

Creating the perfect oak kitchen, however, doesn’t stop with the aesthetic details; our kitchens products are all provided with awesome Blum fittings so that your cupboards and drawers all open and close with a superior soft-close style.

If you’re installing new wooden kitchen doors yourself, we offer a handy piece of equipment that makes fitting them a breeze: the Blum ECODRILL hole drilling machine, which is perfect for accurately fitting Blum hinges in a straightforward and precise way.

The ECODRILL easily clamps to any cabinet up to 40mm thick, and only needs a hand drill to drive it. The torx bits included drive two 8mm drills and a 35mm drill, to make perfect holes to attach the Blum hinges to.

This helping hand is provided for a month-long hire for only £75, with a deposit of £225 which will be refunded if the drill is returned on time and in good, reusable condition. We deliver it to most parts of the UK mainland in a sturdy flight case for just £10, and will send a courier to pick it up once you’re done drilling. If you’re doing a lot of kitchen work, or happen to be a kitchen fitter, then you can purchase a Blum ECODRILL for just £200. For more info, to order it for yourself, or to see it in action, head over to our dedicated Blum ECODRILL page.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


entry one hundred and forty five



Friday is upon us, which means it’s time for another round-up of happening hues for oak kitchens in 2015! This week our spotlight turns to the next in the Pantone Colour Institute’s collection of colours: the Urban Jungle palette.




Orange Rust




Bright White

 pantone’s urban jungle palette

Urban Jungle from Pantone: The Facts

Described by Pantone as ‘rustic chaos’ that has been developed into ‘something “civilized” and sylvan – speaking more of big city living than that of a wild terrain’, the Urban Jungle palette is not for the faint-hearted. That said, there is something refreshingly inviting about this collection, which combines warm ‘skin’ tones (orange, yellow and brown) with pops of contemporary colour – vibrant greens, turquoises, and monochrome tones. Try contrasting the cool cappuccino of ‘Biscotti’ with accents of ‘Hydro’ (an appealing blue-green), all topped off with Prime Oak worktops or, for a hint of dark luxury, black American walnut worktops. Accessorise with glossy green houseplants, olive wood implements, and ultra-modern stainless steels splashbacks and appliances.

Feeling a bit stuck when it comes to picking a funky shade for your kitchen? Don’t hesitate to contact us or pop down to one of our showrooms; we’re always happy to have a natter about anything kitchen-related, and there’s plenty of inspiring stuff to look at, too!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry one hundred and forty four


Bristol’s tree art

Timberrific greetings to tree lovers everywhere!

I’ve taken a trip to the south downs of the ‘shire to bring you an update from one of Bristol’s newest artistic attractions: one of many events that have been set up to celebrate the Avonmouth city becoming the ‘European Green Capital 2015’. Taking the reins from Copenhagen in Demark, the city has gone back to its roots and introduced all sorts of green initiatives, including the planting of a tree for every primary school pupil in Bristol by 2017.

After immersing myself in a world of beautiful colour for natural kitchens in last week’s blog post about Pantone’s ‘Botanicum’ palette, I was feeling rather inspired; and what better way to continue on my natural design journey than to enjoy the arboretum-inspired art on show at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. The works on display include sculptures, prints and paintings inspired by man’s relationship with trees. There’s also reference to the recent dieback of ash and other diseases affecting trees in Great Britain, bringing a slightly more sobering air to the show than you might have expected.

Still, the works taking pride of place at the exhibition are incredibly varied, and thanks to curation by Tim Craven (the founding member of tree appreciating artists the ‘Arborealists’) they hope to carry on spreading the love for trees throughout the UK this year after the show ends at the RWA in on the 8th of March.

Need a bit of colour in your life, or to help you decide on your new kitchen’s colour scheme? Our range of hand-finished cabinet door kitchen samples are available in any of Farrow & Ball’s sublime tones and are a bit of a bargain at only £20.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


entry one hundred and forty three


Hear ye, hear ye:

Here be the next edition of our 2015 colour report! If you didn’t catch last week’s blog on the Abstractions palette for wood kitchens (check it out if not!), you’ll be interested to know that your friendly deTerra diarist is cutting out the legwork for you with regard to colour fashion trends this year. We’ll be running through each palette that has been dreamed up by the experts at the Pantone Colour Institute week-by-week, so that you can peruse all the essential facts at your leisure. Groovy solid wood kitchens couldn’t simpler – oh, snap!

Antique Moss

Dusty Blue

Grape Nectar

Café au Lait

Orchid Mist

Vintage Violet

Orchid Smoke

Rock Ridge

Botanicum from Pantone: The Facts

Now we’re all about nature here at deTerra, so this palette is right up our alley – but it should be approached sensitively when thinking of a new kitchen design. Though the colour scheme is ostensibly dedicated to flora and fauna, green does not dominate: purple does. There are varying shades of purple, from orchid right through to a royal, deep shade called ‘Vintage Violet’. This darker shade might work well as a dresser or island within a kitchen, though we’re more tempted by the neutral shades: ‘Café au Lait’ is a dreamy brown that would pair beautifully with hints of grey and oak worktops, while ‘Rock Ridge’ is a wonderful, subtle grey (set to be the dominant ‘neutral’ for 2015), which would look stunning on oak cabinets with dark and luxurious wenge worktops. Introduce bold metallic accents where you can, in sparing quantities; warm golds and cool silvers would make a fantastic contrast alongside a more muted, natural theme.

Got an itch to try out a new colour combo in 2015? Don’t hesitate to share with us over Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus; we’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist

stylish shades for solid wood kitchens


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