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entry one hundred and fifty four


Farewell to Feb!

My, my: 2015 is whizzing along at quite a lick, eh? A new month is just around the corner and, to herald its arrival, we’ve picked a fun and fresh Pantone palette that is sure to get your natural kitchens buzzing. Forget the joys of spring; today, we’re celebrating the joys of being living for the moment, with the Pantone Colour Institute’s aptly named colour scheme. Read on for tips regarding how to plan for spontaneity. Erm…


Sunkist Coral

Misty Jade




Violet Quartz

Kelly Green

pantone’s ‘spontaneity’ palette

Spontaneity from Pantone: The Facts

Whimsy abounds in this delightful palette, which encourages ‘irrepressible fun’ according to Pantone’s colour gurus. Whilst at first the scheme may look confused, the soft shades of ‘Winsome Orchid’ and ‘Misty Jade’ are gorgeous, frosty complements to bold stripes of colour offered by rosy ‘Sunkist Coral’ and the bright amber of ‘Marigold’. You know how we love a statement island here at deTerra: for a dazzling yet clean aesthetic, why not make a feature of Spontaneity’s ‘Kelly Green’, a gorgeous deep emerald, and pair with walnut worktops and stainless steel accessories (with the odd hint of ‘spontaneous’ violet or lilac)?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


entry one hundred and fifty three




That was the sound of an imaginary cash register, in case you didn’t realise: signifying that there’s precious little time remaining in which to save money in our ‘Fab Feb’ solid wood kitchens sale.

We have been offering super-duper savings of 10% across our entire range of kitchen components all month. Discounts apply to almost everything from our fabulous collection, including oak kitchen cabinets, kitchen unit doors and solid wood worktops.

This week is the last chance to grab an unbeatably-priced solid wood kitchen in time for spring to roll in. Our discount code – FEB10 – will expire at 23:59 on Saturday February 28th, so get your order in quickly to get a fantastic deal!

To take advantage of this great saving and our deTerrafic generosity, simply enter the above code at our online checkout, or sneakily slip it into conversation with one of our customer advisers if you contact us via email or telephone.

Of course, there’s always something that feels a little left out in these super kitchen sales, and that’s our solid wood kitchen samples. Starting at just £5, they are already so keenly priced, we simply can’t shave another penny off them. However, if you go on to purchase one of our kitchens, we’ll refund the cost of your samples on a one-for-one basis.

So what are you waiting for? Create that wonderful wooden kitchen you have always dreamed of with deTerra!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


entry one hundred and fifty two


Hi-diddle-ey, homepeeps,

We’re always so busy thinking about our next step that we forget to look back; and sometimes there are some groovy memories waiting for us. This week’s ‘Pantone Pick’ – as taken from the 2015 forecast created by those colour trend gurus at the Pantone Colour Institute – is all about times gone by: in fact, it’s even called ‘Past Traces’. Read on to find out why you should be delving into history to bring your wooden kitchens bang up to date!


Peach Beige

Cameo Green

Faded Denim


Marine Blue

Dusty Cedar

Cedar Green

Past Traces from Pantone

Past Traces from Pantone: The Facts

In line with Pantone’s approach to home interiors for this year, ‘Past Traces’ is all about creating a sense of harmony – and for many, that means incorporating a touch of nifty nostalgia. The overriding theme is one of warmth and brightness: the wonderful blues of Faded Denim and Marine Blue would work particularly well throughout a kitchen (we recommend pairing with maple worktops for a light, inviting feel), as would the off-white Pastel Parchment. If you are looking for something with a brighter feel, though, the rosy pink of Dusty Cedar or the minty tones of Cameo Green would create a fabby contrast on wall units or an island within an otherwise neutral scheme.

So there you have it: have a trip down memory lane with this gorgeously nostalgic palette – maybe dig out some old home movies or pictures for inspiration! We’d love to see what you dream up, so don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus with your ideas.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


entry one hundred and fifty one


Honk honk, coming through!

Think your car is the coolest in town? Think again. I’ve just stumbled across the most amazing supercar in all of the world, or at least China, or maybe just the Jiangxi province. Okay, so it’s an acquired taste for sure, but if you love wood as much as I do, then this car is the stuff wooden dreams are made of.

26-year-old supercar fan Yu Jietao, who is a farmer and carpenter by trade, stripped the body off a not-so-sporty electric car and built his own shell out of rosewood and a variety of other hardwoods. Jietao claims he wanted to build something that resembled a Lamborghini, but with that comparison made, I can feel the rumblings of Ferruccio Lamborghini turning in his grave all the way from Italy.

Despite the unusual design, the designer claims he has already been offered “a small fortune” for the car, but decided he did not want to sell it as it attracts so much attention, and both he and his wife have “fallen in love with it”.

Unfortunately, Jietao is now being challenged by Chinese police about the legality of using his car on public roads, because it was not created by an approved manufacturer. He plans to fight the decision, as apart from the unusual solid wood shell the underpinnings from a production car are still being used.

tree-mendous wooden supercartree-mendous wooden supercar

The vehicle, which measures just under 4m in length and 1.5m wide features beetle-wing doors and is styled like a convertible – though Jietao hasn’t yet created a matching wooden roof for his creation.

Whilst this chap might seem a bit crazy creating his own dream wooden automobile, creating beautiful wood kitchens isn’t quite so insane. Once you have designed your own bespoke kitchen plan, all you need is a variety of fab wooden components that can all be supplied directly from deTerra. Vroom vroom!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry one hundred and fifty


Stop the press!

fab new drawer styles for oak kitchens

Today sees our one hundred and fiftieth blog entry, and so it is deTerrably fitting that I’m here to celebrate the launch of some swanky new oak drawer styles that will be our standard option going forward.

The new Tandembox Antaro drawers are replacing our outgoing ‘standard’ Tandembox Plus range, and bringing with them a higher quality finish, oodles of oak panelling and an all-round better quality product to snazz up deTerra’s oak kitchens – at no extra cost!

Each Antaro drawer features lacquered solid oak panels on the bottom and rear, and an 18mm Shaker or Traditional style oak frontal in a range of finishes that looks simply smashing set into our oak kitchen cabinets alongside one of our hardwood worktops.

Single height drawers feature all-metal sides, whilst the double-height pan drawers have a partial oak side panel that is lacquered for a hard-wearing finish that looks superb. You’ll be pleased to know that both types of drawer still feature the smooth-sliding soft-close mechanisms from Blum, too. Snazzy.

Now that the Tandembox Antaro drawers are our standard range, we have discontinued the Tandembox Plus Grey range (including the single drawers and pan drawers with guide rails). We still have the stainless steel option if you are looking for a drawer style to suit a bobby-dazzlin’ modern kitchen.

To get the full low-down on our cabinet drawers, visit our solid oak drawers page, or come on down to one of our kitchen showrooms where you’ll find the full range of different drawer type on display, and can have a good old chinwag with our showroom assistants – should you have any questions. They are proper fountains of nifty knowledge!

Please Note: Since publishing this entry, we’ve now fully discontinued our Tandembox Plus range, and replaced them with an additional range of Tandembox Antaro drawers featuring stainless steel sides.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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