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entry one hundred and sixty three


Listen up, my little hot cross buns,

Before I embark on my yearly task of battling Cabineto for the mountain of chocolate he has been hoarding, I thought it best to let you know about the restricted Easter opening times that Cabineto absolutely insists on – after all, he needs plenty of time to gorge his way through enough sweeties to give even Augustus Gloop a run for his money.

If you’re thinking of placing an order for one of our solid wood kitchens, then these are the important dates and times to know:

Easter opening times

Friday 3rd of April

Our sales lines & showrooms will be open 10am and 2pm

Saturday 4th of April

Our sales lines & Gloucester showroom will be open 10am and 2pm (Harlow will be open from 9am-5pm as usual)

Sunday 5th of April

All departments closed

Monday 6th of April

Our sales lines & showrooms will be open 10am and 2pm

Normal opening hours will resume across the company on Tuesday 7th of April at 9am, so never fear – you won’t have to miss us for too long!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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entry one hundred and sixty two


Hey there peeps,

Earth hour 2015

Unbelievably, it has already been a year since the last Earth Hour, and following the success of this eco-friendly movement in 2014, I thought I should remind you to take part in this initiative from the Worldwide Wildlife Fund.

Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm tomorrow (Saturday 28th March) over 7,000 cities, towns and villages throughout 162 countries around the world will turn off lights in a symbolic global effort to drive down pollution, and raise awareness for a number of environmentally friendly causes championed by WWF and other associated charities.

Earth Hour encourages hundreds of thousands of people around the world to switch their lights off – if only for an hour – and you can join in too! Head over to WWF’s dedicated Earth Hour website to join the movement, find out about local events, and vote for your favourite sustainable city.

Here at deTerra Kitchens, all of our staff have pledged to turn their lights off for this hour, and we’ll be hoping that all you fans of our wooden kitchens will do the same, too!

Want to go that step further? How about a romantic candle-lit dinner in your gorgeous deTerra kitchen, or a late night walk as an alternative to watching TV or lighting up the town?

Don’t forget to let others know what you’re doing for Earth hour, and use the #EarthHour hashtag on social media to raise further awareness!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


entry one hundred and sixty one


Hey hey kitchen fans,

Where wood is concerned, I’d like to think that my finger is firmly on the pulse, my brain on the bark and my heart in touch with hardwood. It is always exciting, though, to hear of new species of animals and plants returning to the British countryside rather than disappearing; and – happily – that is what I’m here to report this week on the blog!

Back in 1890, a redwood (which, if reports are to be believed, was as tall as a 30-storey building and was over 4,000 years old) was shamefully felled in Fieldbrook, California to satisfy the bet placed by William Waldorf Astor that no tree could provide a slice of trunk big enough to seat 40 guests at once. If it was still alive, this giant redwood would have been the largest tree in the world today.

Fortunately, scientists at the Eden project (near St. Austell in Cornwall) have cultivated 10 cloned saplings from the Fieldbrook stump as part of their plan to re-establish specimens from some of the oldest trees in America and Britain.

A further 99 clones from 10 ancient American redwoods – including giant sequoia redwoods – have been imported to Cornwall, and will be established alongside the samples from the Fieldbrook redwood (which is a Californian coast redwood), to form a large plantation of these natural giants.

Vice-chairman of the Eden Project, Tim Smith, said that “the grove of redwoods will be an amazing and lasting enhancement to our global garden here at Eden, and a totem of hope for generations to come.”

It’s another fabulous reason – as if it were needed – to visit Cornwall’s Eden project where specimens of 32 other trees from around the world already exist alongside many other plants in and around the incredible inflatable biomes.

If you are planning a trip down to the Eden Project, you may well be passing our Gloucester showroom, which is just off junction 12 of the M5. Pop in to take a look at our nine sustainable wood kitchens, featuring a wide variety of our oak kitchen cabinets, solid wood worktops and much more besides.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


entry one hundred and sixty


Howdy-ho deTerra’rinos,

‘TBYB’ – no, that doesn’t mean ‘tasty bacon yummy bacon’ ( though now that is all I can think of… ): what it actually stands for is ‘try before you buy’ – a wonderful phrase you’ll usually hear from clothes retailers, home builders and even the folk who look after those little taster stalls that sometimes pop up in the supermarket (you know the ones).

Whilst I clearly have food on the mind, for deTerra it means checking out our solid wood kitchen samples before placing an order. We offer speedy delivery on worktop and cabinet samples, as well as miniature versions of our very own solid oak frontals, and it’s those I wanted to point the spotlight on today.

Kitchen Door Samples

If you are thinking of ordering a whole set of kitchen frontals painted in one of the wide range of Farrow & Ball colours on offer at deTerra, we highly recommend ordering one of our door samples first. Available in every single one of the shades in our standard collection – or a bespoke colour if you would prefer – our frontal samples are perfect for weighing up which blue hue, orange tinge or white wash would look best in your kitchen environment.

Each door sample measures 355mm tall x 296mm wide, and is available in either our Traditional or Shaker style. If you would prefer to apply your own finish, they can be ordered in a smooth sanded finish, or if you want to leave the beautiful grain of oak timber on display, then consider our lacquered samples instead.

Each oak kitchens door sample is just £20 including delivery, and if you go on to order ten or more doors, we will discount the cost of the sample from your purchase total – what a bargain!

Ta ta for now

The deTerra Diarist


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Entry one hundred and fifty nine


Hey spring chickens!

Although the weather might not be up to our expectations quite yet, we’re fast approaching the spring equinox (as well as an exciting solar eclipse), both of which coincide this Friday.

With all this additional light about to flood into your kitchen over the coming weeks, I thought it’s only right that I take a closer look at some of the gorgeous natural wooden worktops that can brighten your kitchen even further this month.

prime oak worktops

Prime Oak Worktops

Everyone needs a bit of oak in their lives, and if you’re looking for a surface that has equal portions of grain character and distinct allure, our Prime Oak worktops might just be the right surface for your kitchen.

Featuring individual staves specifically chosen for their super-duper consistency, each worktop is a beautiful golden colour – perfect for keeping both modern and traditional kitchens light and bright.

maple worktops

Maple Worktops

Known for their hard-wearing qualities, our maple worktops are one of the lightest options available. They have a unique sheen that helps light bounce off and brighten any room in which they feature.

Maple’s unique figure and resilience to wear and tear make it an ideal surface for any kitchen – whether you are creating a contemporary or classic theme. Just don’t get too side-tracked by thoughts of maple syrup now, will you… (mmm, pancakes…)

Bamboo Worktops

Bamboo Worktops

Looking for a light and bright worktop material that is also easily replenished and completely sustainable? Our bamboo worktops might just be the perfect solution. Bamboo is incredibly fast growing and more sustainable than any hardwood; it’s also naturally water-resistant and possesses anti-bacterial properties.

The light golden hues will brighten up any modern kitchen by reflecting what light is available back up toward the ceiling.

Please note: keep away from pandas.

cherry worktops

Cherry Worktops

Whilst not necessarily the lightest worktop in this spring collection, the honey colour of cherry is still a great choice for sweetening darker kitchens.

Featuring a relatively uniform, linear grain, cherry worktops bring a smattering of traditional charm to any country kitchen, and when paired with light coloured cabinets the timber creates an elegant farmhouse feel.

prime beech worktops

Prime Beech Worktops

Like our Prime Oak worktops, these Prime Beech worktops feature timber that is specifically chosen for its uniformity and consistent colour.

The distinctive grain pattern is at home in both modern and classic kitchen designs, whilst the subtle rosy hues are perfect for bringing warm spring light into your kitchen. Consider combining them with cabinets painted in a light blue or off-white to really brighten your kitchen.

So there you have it. Whatever your preference for natural kitchens, there is a worktop to transform your space into the light heart of the home this spring.

Still can’t decide which to choose? Fortunately we offer a full sample service which allows you to try out any one of our timber worktops for just £5 including delivery; and – because we’re so generous – if you go on to order one of our worktops, we’ll refund the price of the sample for you!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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