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How-do, guys and gals?

Magical May Sale Reminder

Time is running out if you’re hoping to hunt out some bargains in our ‘Magical May’ sale, which offers a fantastic saving of 10% across our entire range of kitchen products until 23:59 this Sunday, May 31st!

Take advantage now before it’s too late, by entering the code MAY10 at the online checkout, or alternatively mention it to one of our helpful advisers if placing your order via telephone or email.

Order your kitchen components with this code today, and you’ll save 10% on our splendid oak kitchen cabinets, wood worktops and a variety of other kitchen accessories.

The only items we have left out of this fabulous sale are our – already keenly priced – kitchen samples. Starting at just £5 including delivery they are already great value for money, and if you go on to place an order, the cost can be redeemed – bargain!

Whether you’re rejuvenating your existing kitchen, or replacing it with a brand new set, the quality of our wood kitchens has to be seen to be believed – especially at such low prices! To get some inspiration before placing your order, why not have a look at the deTerra kitchens gallery or read some of our glowing customer reviews?

There are only a few days in which to enjoy some truly magical savings, so get your solid wood skates on!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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What’s up kitchen collective?

I’ve spent the last few weeks with my head in the trees, so after a restful Bank Holiday I thought it about time I come back down to earth: a perfect time to start pondering some new shades for my kitchen as we head into the height of spring.

You may have noticed that I chose my top picks for natural kitchens at the end of April; and there’s one colour in particular that has grown on me over the last month – Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green.

This dynamic shade of green is an ideal candidate for wood kitchens like mine, as it is a perfect intermediary shade for blending the colour of timber with lighter coloured kitchen units or walls.

Whether radiated with bright sunlight or by a more artificial light source, this yummy shade of green isn’t too harsh on the eyes and is capable of creating a relaxing atmosphere alongside natural materials.

Consider combining with hints of Red Earth and Lulworth Blue to accentuate light coloured wooden worktops such as maple or Prime Oak, or utilise it as an accent colour alongside White Tie and Pale Powder with darker timber choices such as walnut or iroko.

I think I’ve pretty-much sold myself on this tasty shade, but if you still require some convincing, why not order one of our dainty door samples? Priced at just £20 including delivery, each one is a miniature version of the real thing and can be hand-finished in any Farrow & Ball colour of your choosing – including Breakfast Room Green. If you then decide to order a full set of kitchen doors from us, we’ll knock the price of the sample off your order. Bargain!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Happy Friday deTerrarinos!

It’s all very well having gorgeous solid wood kitchens in which to show off your culinary expertise, but to keep them looking their best they do require a bit of love from time to time. Get your pinafores at the ready, your dusters suitably fluffed and Queen’s greatest hits at the ready, it’s time to give your kitchen a spring spruce-up!

Cleaning your solid wood kitchen cabinets is easy in just five simple steps:

  1. Remove all your products and dinnerware from the cabinet and wipe them down with a lightly damp clean cloth.
  2. After emptying the cabinet, mix a solution of warm, soapy water; we suggest a mixture of 5% liquid soap with 95% water (we’d recommend avoiding any more aggressive cleaning additives).
  3. Using a slightly damp micro-fibre cloth, wipe all accessible surfaces of the cabinets and rinse off the cloth regularly to avoid spreading dust further.
  4. Next, use a dry micro-fibre cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. Follow the grain direction of the timber panels to avoid leaving any stains.
  5. Once the cabinet is dry, replace your items and repeat the process on the next unit.

Cabineto’s Top Tip!

Need to clear off an old surface stain? Mix up a solution of well-diluted vinegar and water, with an extra shot of lemon juice to tackle really tough stains. Make sure that after using any cleaning solutions, you wipe it away with a clean micro-fibre cloth.

To give your solid wood worktops a sparkling new appearance, here’s three easy steps to follow:

  1. Start by cleaning the worktops with the same soap solution that we recommend for cleaning cabinets.
  2. Following a thorough initial clean, use a natural solution to protect your worktops from bacteria. We recommend: 2 small cups of water, 1/3 of a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice and a tablespoon of washing up liquid.
  3. After leaving the solution for a few moments to take their effect, wipe away with a damp cloth, followed by a clean, dry cloth.

By following these easy instructions, you should now be well on your way to a clean kitchen – ready to impress for the summer ahead!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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Timberrific Greetings, tree lovers!

Poland's unexplained crooked trees

credit: Tapenade

If you happen to be popping to Poland any time in the near future, I have some curious trees to tell you about that are unique to the “Crooked Forest”, found in western Poland near the town of Gryfino.

Amongst thousands of other straight pine trees, approximately 400 with an unusual 90-degree bend at their base can be found. Estimated to have been planted some time in the 1930s, the cause of this unfamiliar growth still remains unknown, but some unusual – and not so – ideas about their formation have surfaced over the years.

The first idea (which is relatively plausible) is that this area of trees was flattened by tanks travelling through the area during the start of World War II. The trees would have been 7-10 years old at the time that they experienced the damage, which would coincide with the time period during which Eastern Europe was experiencing increasing pressure from both the Russian and German sides. There is an argument against this theory, however: there is no clear ‘path’ of damaged trees and most surrounding specimens appear unaffected.

A second notion that surfaced is that heavy snowfall could have flattened the trees for a prolonged period of time, which – combined with a long spring melt – could be capable of permanently shaping the trees. Like the first theory put forward, it would seem strange that only this particular patch of trees was affected – as heavy snow would have affected the other young trees in the area, surely.

The final sensible idea proposes that the trees’ curvature is a man-made phenomenon, which makes reasonable sense considering the consistency of the curves. It is suggested that during the 1930s, local farmers planted and manipulated the trees to use them as a natural material for building furniture or ships, an idea which is supported by literature from the time.

Like most other unexplained phenomena, there are also some more ‘out there’ explanations for this conspiracy, which suggest that the trees could have been bent by an unusual gravitational fluctuation, or even… aliens! (cue spooky X-Files-type music…)

Whatever the cause, the local town was devastated during World War II, meaning that whatever is responsible for this set of deformed trees will remain a mystery for the foreseeable future.

When I found out about these crazy trees, my initial thought was that they would create great curved cabinetry; however, after realising that these are soft pine rather than sturdy oak, I think we’ll have to stick to our existing methods for creating stunning wooden kitchens and super-duper solid wood kitchen doors.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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Hey funky kitchen fans,

Magical May sale reminder

Are you currently in the midst of planning a new kitchen? If so, you have most definitely picked the right time of year – if you can finalise your design and requirements before the end of May, that is. Our ‘Magical May’ sale runs until 23:59 on Sunday May 31st, and offers 10% discount off our delightful oak kitchens.

Save on our scrumptious solid oak kitchen cabinets, wondrous wood worktops and many other kitchen accessories in our online store, simply by entering the code MAY10 at the checkout. Should you prefer to give our friendly advisers or to send an email in, we will offer the same discount if you mention the code to us when placing your order.

If you want to see the quality of our kitchens for yourself first, then why not order one of our kitchen samples? Whilst our samples are not included in the ‘Magical May’ sale, they’re still cracking value for money – starting at just £5 including delivery.

No matter which of our kitchen components you need to rejuvenate or replace your kitchen this spring, our prices and quality are simply unbeatable! To see some fine examples of our kitchens for yourself, head over to the deTerra kitchens gallery for some inspiration. We have also just made our reviews page live, which has some great reviews from recent deTerra customers that we’d love you to read!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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