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Word up happy tree friends!

Have you have ever wished you could take your office outside to catch some summer sun or listen to the sounds of the natural world whilst you work? Well, if you happen to work in or around Hoxton, London, you’re in luck: workers are now being offered the chance to book some time in a unique outdoors office space throughout the summer and the rest of 2015.

The TREExOFFICE space is described as a ‘temporary co-working space’ built under the canopy of a tree in Hoxton square – one of 60,000 trees that populate the London borough’s parklands. Made from a combination of compressed paper, timber and translucent plastic slats, this unique workspace gives users a unique view of the surrounding greenery whilst they work.

This sculpture-come-community space was created by London architecture studio Tate Harmer, in conjunction with architecture firm Gensler and artists Natalie Jeremijenko and Shuster + Moseley. It is the first project completed as part of the Park Hack initiative, which was devised by Hackney council in collaboration with a number of arts and environmental charities as a way of enhancing local green spaces and inspiring more locals to visit them.

Equipped with wood workbenches, electricity and Wi-Fi, the desks can be booked between now and December 31st on a special website dedicated to the project at www.treexoffice.london; further information can be found at the official Twitter account: @HOXTONxTREE.

Here at deTerra we’re big fans of anything that connects us to the natural world, and whilst it’s not quite so easy, it has made me wonder whether we could perhaps install one of our natural kitchens in an equally picturesque setting for some community cooking! I’ll find any excuse for some tasty treats…

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Greetings fellow humans,

Your trusty deTerra diarist is here to announce that the future is on its way to solid wood kitchens, thanks in part to the trials currently being conducted by Sainsbury’s. The retail giant has recently linked up one of their Central London stores to a ‘connected’ kitchen, with the aim of learning more about modern shoppers.

Sainsbury’s has hired nearly 500 specialists to help them ‘get to grips’ with the average shopper – they suspect that most shoppers no longer have time to fit in a ‘big’ shop at out of town supermarkets.

According to its head of customer digital experience, Charlotte Briscall, the majority of shoppers have become more “promiscuous” and are more likely to shop little and often at multiple brands including discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl.

The connected kitchen knows what customers are buying at the local store, and will help the team at Sainsbury’s to gain more insight into how they should target their customers, whilst providing a real-time physical representation of the food stocks within their customers’ kitchen units.

This deTerra Diarist couldn’t extract a great deal more from Sainsbury’s scant details on the connected kitchen project, but it’s likely that the development of internet-enabled fridges, cookers and other kitchen gadgets will allow big supermarkets to sell services such as quick re-ordering directly from the connected tech in your kitchen.

Would you be happy to allow Sainsbury’s services into your kitchen to make re-ordering your favourite foods as easy as pressing a touch-screen on your fridge, or is it a step too far into your personal privacy? Top supermarkets already know a great deal about our buying habits from the loyalty cards we swipe at every visit, so is a fully connected kitchen just the next logical step?

We’d love to know what you think so do leave us a comment here on the blog or over on one of our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Until then, have a fab day!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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We’ve got worktops and wooden kitchens on the brain this week – so your friendly deTerra diarist has decided to reveal some top tips for choosing surfaces that will make you feel summery (whatever the weather!)

summer worktop choice #1: maple

Maple is a beautifully light, bright timber with a lovely soft grain. We offer two constructions: characterful 40mm stave maple worktops (featuring staves of approximately 40mm in width and varying lengths) and luxurious full stave maple worktops (featuring larger staves of approximately 90mm in width, which run the full length of the surface).

Whichever worktop option you choose, the strength and natural elegance of marvellous maple means that it is sure to brighten your kitchen.

summer worktop choice #2: caramel bamboo

Caramel bamboo worktops are basically bamboo worktops with a suntan – a perfect choice for a summery kitchen! Just kidding. This version of bamboo contains all the charms of the ‘original’: it’s hygienic, water-tight, hard-wearing, and fantastically sustainable. However, as a finishing touch, it’s been subjected to a unique caramelisation process, meaning that the resultant colour is deep, warm, and totally yummy.

summer worktop choice #3: zebrano

Sometimes warm weather makes us think of exotic atmospheres: dense jungle; scorching temperatures; and wild animals, roaming the Serengeti…

If you’re leaning towards a wilderness vibe this summer, then zebrano worktops would be ideal for you. Zebrano is an African timber with a deep golden surface colour interspersed with flecks of deep brown – creating a stripey appearance that resembles the animal for which it was named. It’s a striking, stunning worktop: simply put, it’s a magnificently funky addition to any kitchen!

Torn between timbers? Wailing over wood-related decisions? Fear not, you don’t have to make your choice on a whim: simply order all the samples that your heart desires via our convenient online sample service. For just £5 per sample (including VAT and delivery) you can order a small section of worktop and peruse this within the comfort of your own home. Easy-peasy, simple pimple!

Ta ta for now,

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Greetings and salutations!

cornforth white: a top pick for amazing oak kitchens

You colourful cats are in for a treat this week, because we’re delving into another of our ‘Top Picks’ for Spring/Summer 2015: the beautiful Cornforth White.

Cornforth White is one of Farrow & Ball’s most versatile shades – perfect for all oak kitchens, be these modern or traditional in style. A mild neutral with grey overtones, the shade is known for being less earthy than Pavilion Gray, but cooler than other grey-neutrals like Elephant’s Breath.

Cornforth White is strong enough to stand alone but can also be used to accent a number of colours. If choosing a grey scheme, we recommend the darker, soft (yet stormy) Mole’s Breath; alternatively, pairing with deep blues like Stiffkey Blue and paler shades like Parma Gray can create an atmosphere of serenity. We highly recommend considering an interplay of colours within your woodwork – either choosing stronger colours for the woodwork against paler walls, or vice versa – or opting for a feature island, in order to make the most of Cornforth White’s versatile potential.

No matter what palette floats your boat, our delightful oak kitchen cupboard doors are sure to stand up to them! And do remember that we offer several door finishes, too: either hand-finished in the Farrow & Ball colour of your choosing, lacquered (for that natural look), or sanded (so that you might treat yourself on site). If you need any tips on colour schemes or would like more info on our kitchens, please get in touch – we love to gab!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Howdy lumber lovers,

love wood kitchens and trees? 30 days wild initiative asks us to hug a tree

credit: Matthew Roberts

With the weather (mostly) improving over the last few weeks, now is the perfect time to connect with the countryside around us, and what better way to do it than to hug a tree? It’s just one of the suggestions in the ’30 Days Wild’ challenge from The Wildlife Trusts.

Over 12,500 people have so far signed up to the trust’s initiative, which aims to boost appreciation for nature by connecting us to the natural world in unusual ways.

If you’ve already done your quota of tree loving, then there are another 100 ideas, such as: stripping off your shoes and socks to feel fresh grass between your toes; or recording morning birdsong to create really wild ringtone for your phone. The Wildlife Trusts are asking people to share their daily wild experiences on social media with the hashtag #randomactsofwildness, and here at deTerra we would encourage you to join in on the fun and do your bit to be especially kind to plants, wildlife and anything else au naturel this June.

Whilst you’re on social media, don’t forget to follow our adventures in the wonderful world of wood kitchens. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, where we share plenty of timberrific tips and treats.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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