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Save 10% in our wood kitchens wonderful web sale

How-do deTerrarinos?

I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that it’s already October – the last few months have positively flown by here at deTerra!

In order to make our website work perfectly on mobile and tablet devices, our team has been beavering away and we are now very proud to relaunch our website with a fantastic new design.

It’s not just a new lick of paint – we have updated every single page across our entire website to make it easier than ever to shop for our wood kitchens – no matter what type of device you are using!

To celebrate the launch of our new site, we are running a ‘Wonderful Web’ sale in which customers can save 10% on all orders placed on the website before 23:59pm on Sunday the 11th of October.

Everything except kitchen samples is included in the sale, as long as you place your order via our brand new website, so what are you waiting for? Get shopping today and save!

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hear ye, hear ye!

I may not be a certified town crier, but I am most certainly certified to tell you about the super solid wood samples from deTerra Kitchens.

If you are considering one of our totally gorgeous natural kitchens, then we recommend taking advantage of our kitchen sample service before placing an order.

Whether you simply cannot decide which of our wonderful worktops to bestow upon your kitchen, want to see the super quality of our solid oak kitchen units up-close, or would like to drool over our kitchen doors, our comprehensive sample service is on hand to help.

Kitchen Door Samples

No matter which colour you are considering for the wooden kitchen doors in your new kitchen, our door samples can help make the decision that little bit easier.

Each 355mm x 296mm sample is available in any of Farrow & Ball’s colours, or in sanded and lacquered finishes for just £20.

Solid Oak Kitchen Unit Samples

Whilst some kitchen companies try to get away with veneered kitchen cabinets, we are proud to offer solid wood kitchen units made from European oak.

These kitchen unit samples are fully finished and measure 160mm x 80mm x 18mm – a bargain at just £5.

Solid Wood Worktop Samples

If your heart is already set on solid wood kitchen cabinets and oak frontals, let our vast selection of solid wood worktops complete your kitchen in style.

Samples are available in any of the worktop options in our range, and come sanded and pre-oiled to give a good representation of the finished product. What’s more, each sample is just £5!

Our kitchen samples may already sound too good to be true, but as an added bonus, if – after ordering a sample – you go on to place an order, we can refund the cost of the sample for you! For further details, visit the samples page.

Ta ta for now,

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Hey hey hey,

If you thought I’d exhausted all there is to say about hinges earlier in September, you are mistaken! It seems there’s a bit of cabinetry confusion when it comes to the different Blum BLUMOTION hinges for solid wood kitchens, so I thought I’d take the time to clear it up for you.

Blum BLUMOTION 110° Hinge

This CLIP top hinge from Blum is the standard hinge supplied with the vast majority of cabinets ordered together with frontals. It features an inbuilt BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism and allows the cabinet door to open up to 110°.

Consider this hinge for any standard base or wall cabinet without internal drawers or wirework.

Blum BLUMOTION 155° Hinge

This heavy-duty CLIP top hinge from Blum is commonly used on cabinet doors that need to open much wider than our standard 110° allows. It can open up to 155°, and also features a soft-close mechanism.

This hinge is ideal for cabinets that have internal drawers or wirework that might otherwise be obstructed by a door that cannot open as wide.

Blum BLUMOTION Corner Cabinet / Bi-Fold Hinge

The Blum CLIP top hinge is used to join together doors that consist of two separate panels, such as our bi-fold doors or base or wall L-shaped corner cabinet doors.

This hinge allows the door the flexibility to move in either direction as it opens, and unlike all other hinges used with our solid oak cabinets, this hinge does not feature a soft-close mechanism.

Hopefully you now know exactly which hinges are required when installing your new kitchen, but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and have chat with a member of our knowledgeable team, or leave a question on for us on Facebook or Twitter.

Ta ta for now,

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Howdy kitchen fans,

I’ve been planning out a kitchen for myself recently, and whilst picking out wood kitchen units and wooden worktops from our fabulous selection was straightforward, I struggled to choose from the seemingly endless selection of kitchen appliances.

After finally settling on the perfect dishwasher, fridge and cooker, I thought that I would share my favourite five appliances with you lovely people – thanks to my top five, kitting out solid wood kitchens will be a breeze!

Neff B25CR22N1B 60cm Electric Oven

The lovely people at Neff produce some truly elegant kitchen appliances, and this integrated stainless steel electric oven is just one such example.

Amongst the long list of handy features, the B45E42 features a SlideAway door that provides easy access and reduces the risk of self-inflicted burns, Neff’s special CircoTherm technology for simultaneous baking and roasting, and many other features controlled via a 2.5” colour display and touch controls.

Find out more on the Neff website

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer

Forget the traditional style most dishwashers stick to, Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer system is both innovative and space saving.

Available in single or double units, this dishwasher is designed to blend into existing kitchen cabinets and is considerably more economic as you only need run one drawer at a time whilst loading the other. This design is also more convenient and ergonomic.

Find out more from Fisher & Paykel

Falcon SxS Refigerator

Packed with the latest innovations in cooling technology, this side-by-side fridge freezer is both incredibly spacious and stylish.

Featuring a water and ice dispenser, digital temperature controls and humidity controlled crisper drawers, this really is the king of kitchen fridges. With an A+++ efficiency rating under its belt, it’s also environmentally friendly, too.

Read more about it on FalconAppliances.com

Franke Downdraft Kitchen Hood

If you are planning on situating your cooker hob on a kitchen island, then I have found the perfect kitchen hood for you.

Not so much a hood, but rather than a robotic pillar that rises out of the worktop at a mere touch of a button, this innovative hood includes an LED cooking light and superior efficiency over rival systems thanks to the ‘perimeteric extraction’ technology.

Get the full details from Franke

Smeg SI642D2 Induction Hob

Smeg are amongst the most stylish of kitchen appliance manufacturers, with the iconic retro-styled fridges being their flagship product.

As well as refrigeration, Smeg also produces some fantastic cooking equipment such as the imaginatively-named SI642D2 induction hob. Featuring four zones with independent boosters, nine power levels and residual heat indicators, this 60cm hob is the perfect companion for worktops in modern solid wood kitchens.

Read more about it on the Smeg website

An awesome selection of kitchen appliances, I think you’ll agree. Whilst we don’t have them all on display in our showrooms, a wide range of other appliances from Franke, Neff, Falcon and other brands can be found in our deTerra kitchens showrooms nationwide.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hey there happy tree friends,

Nature and construction might not always be the most obvious of organic partners, with one often making way for the other.

Whilst you may think that our stunning wooden kitchens get you close enough to nature, some people have gone a giant step further and allowed trees right into their homes, by building their property in such a way that it goes hand-in-hand with the natural world that surrounds us.

Below are just four examples of architects and builders incorporating tree trunks and branches into home designs, rather than bulldozing them to make way for our selfish human habitations.

proof that nature and wooden kitchens can live side-by-side

credit: martforever/reddit

On this building the balconies look like they have been suspended by the tree’s branches, making them appear at one with the wooden giant.

proof that nature and wooden kitchens can live side-by-side

credit: noses.it

In this house, an ancient olive tree was left in its original location and is instead purposed as a beautiful natural centrepiece for the living area.

proof that nature and wooden kitchens can live side-by-side

Where this tree could have easily been chopped back to make way for this perimeter wall, instead a hole was left with ample space to allow the tree to continue growing.

proof that nature and wooden kitchens can live side-by-side

credit: Architizer

Despite being the epitome of ultra-modern living, the architect of this home made way for the tree and instead incorperated it into the design.

Would you allow a tree into your home? In each of these examples the trees make the house more unique and only improve upon the design of the house, forcing the architect to think differently and work more closely with nature rather than trampling all over it.

If you have a kitchen that is at one with nature, we would love to see it – don’t hesitate to share a photo with us on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet.

Ta ta for now,

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