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Hi-de-hi, deTerrarinos!

last chance to save 10% on oak kitchens in our ‘thrifty february’ sale

We have some news, but we don’t want you to panic (no stampeding, please): this is your last chance to save 10% on oak kitchens in our ‘Thrifty February’ sale!

March is looming, so if you want to take advantage of these price-smashing savings you might like to get in touch soon. Don’t forget, the 10% discount applies to our entire range – including wood worktops, solid oak doors and cabinets too! The only things not included are our samples, but (as luck would have it) they’re already a bargain anyway.

To benefit from these splendid savings, all you need to do is enter discount code FEB10 at the online checkout, or quote it over the phone to a member of our lovely sales team.

So, chop chop – the sales ends at 23:59 on the 29th February!

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Hey deTerra dudes,

We’ve got some real treats in store for you! You might have noticed we’re tantalised by all things timberrific, so this week we’re bringing y’all our top five accessories for wood kitchens. And guess what? They’re all made out of wood!

floating wine bottle for wood kitchens Credit:

one in a million: the floating wine bottle

Numero uno on our list is this wonderful wine holder. The grown-ups among us may be partial to the occasional tipple, making this a fabulous and nifty countertop accessory or table centrepiece. Produced from the end sections of wine and Scotch whisky barrel staves, these bottle holders combine an awesome illusion with evocative, quirky pieces of wood.

‘wine-not’ check these out on www.notonthehighstreet.com; made by Phil Rao Studio Two, they are available in light and dark finishes, and would make a fab gift at just £20.

weathered bar stool for wood kitchens Credit: www.roseandgrey.co.uk

it takes two: weathered oak bar stool

This seat makes for a fabby breakfast bar stool! Combining slim metal legs with a chunky oak seat, its eye-catching design mixes the rustic with the contemporary. Tuck into your bacon and eggs perched on this bad boy, and truly make breakfast the best meal of the day.

Take a load off with this superb seating from www.roseandgrey.co.uk.

olive wood bowl for wood kitchens Credit: www.athenianolive.co.uk

three times the charm: gorgeous olive wood bowl

This stunning round olive wood bowl has been meticulously hand-turned on a lathe, and for soups, dips or cereal it’s totally top notch! The rustic charm of the bowl owes thanks – in part – to the lovely contrasting colours of its unusual and irregular pattern. We’re absolutely ‘bowled’ over!

Snap up this exquisite piece of woodwork at www.athenianolive.co.uk.

one 4 all: oak cutlery drawer inserts

We can’t help but shout about our solid oak cutlery drawer inserts! They’re extremely useful for stopping cutlery and utensils getting jumbled up, and – as an added bonus – feature finely-engraved symbols on each section.

Hand-finished and super smooth, these are a mighty classy accessory for all wood kitchens.

Check out the cutlery drawer trays on the deTerra website – available in a whole range of timber types and sizes.

wooden egg holder for wood kitchens Credit: www.worm.co.uk

five stars: eggcellent egg holder

We wouldn’t usually advise putting all your eggs in one basket, however in the case of this lovely solid beech egg holder we absolutely would! Making a pleasing worktop accessory and ensuring your eggs are easily to hand, this carved block of hardwood is simplistic and sleek. They say you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs but – with this brilliant holder – you know your eggs will be safe until you need them.

You can snaffle up this fine piece of wood for £19.95 at www.worm.co.uk.

So that completes our run-down of five favourite wood kitchen accessories; these perfectamundo items show that wood is ideal for worktops and cool kitchen components alike. If you’ve got any wonderful all-timber trimmings in your kitchen, we would love you to share your pics with us via Twitter and Facebook – just give us a shout!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Extra! Extra!

Have you heard? Our fresh and fab new showrooms are now open in Cheshire and Surrey!

We’re mega pleased to share this awesome news with you, as it means that more people around the country can now come and check out our whizzo wooden kitchens – and hopefully get inspired to make their homes look even more fabulous.

Our wicked new showroom in Warrington

Our Warrington showroom in Cheshire is super easy to get to – less than 10 minutes from junction 21 of the M6 – so we can welcome more visitors than ever from Manchester, Liverpool and other areas of north-west England.

With nine of our most dashing demonstration kitchens in this fine showroom, there’s stacks to see, from solid oak kitchen cabinets, to cupboard doors. There are also loads of wood worktops and other handy accessories for you to see here – plenty to whip you up into an excitable DIY frenzy!

Nip over to our Warrington showroom page to find out more…

Visit our shiny new showroom in Redhill

Our other brand spanking new showroom can be found in Redhill in Surrey – just a hop, skip and a jump from junction 8 of the M25!

This showroom has a range of products for wooden kitchens on show, all packed into two distinctive demonstration kitchens. There are also a range of samples available, which you can take away with you – not bad, eh?

Take a peek at our Redhill showroom page for more information…

Our trained showroom managers are on hand at both locations to help you choose the necessary components to build the kitchen of your dreams. Both of our fresh-faced locations are open between 9am and 5pm every weekday (except Wednesdays) and are open on Saturdays, too!

If you are unable to make it to our snazzy new showrooms, you can always order samples instead. These mini replicas of our solid oak kitchen doors give a representation of the high quality we offer, and can be delivered straight to your front door – how handy is that!?

Wanna get in touch? Drop us a line on 03333 703333 or sales@deterra-kitchens.co.uk!

Ta ta for now,

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Welcome, lumber lovers!

Cabineto loves Welsh spoons natural kitchens.

Here at deTerra, romance is in the air and we’re feeling a little mushy, so we wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Cabineto was certainly feeling the deTerra love on Sunday: being the kind souls that we are, we sent him a Celtic love spoon as a gesture of our immense affection. The intricately carved spoons come in loads of different styles, and are a lovely way of telling folk how you feel!

A Norwegian wedding spoon for lovers of natural kitchens.

credit: Vladimir Alexiev

Love spoons have been given as gifts for centuries, and each beautiful, handcrafted feature symbolises something sentimental – for instance: horseshoes send good luck; bells represent marriage; and a wheel shows support. As an added bonus, we think these items look fabulous in natural kitchens: they’re a great way to accessorize wood worktops.

The trickier elements of love spoons, such as chains, are used to showcase craftsmanship, and are also commonly used to tie spoons together for a romantic dinner for two – thus demonstrating the link of the marital bond.

A Welsh love spoon for lovers of natural kitchens.

credit: Jongleur100

If any of you lucky lovebirds are celebrating five years of marriage, we think a Celtic spoon would ‘kindle’ some romance, as well as making a wonderful and meaningful gift, in keeping with the tradition of giving a present made out of wood to celebrate this happy milestone. Or, if you want to give a somewhat more lavish wooden gift, what about one of our solid wood kitchens?! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a big slab of solid oak, after all…

Yes, we’ve got love on the brain today, and we’re sending it all to you – hoping you’re all happy and well!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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A very good day to you, timber aficionados!

A full stave ash worktop in solid wood kitchens

Life is a bowl of cherries with full stave ash

Some people LOVE to make a statement, but if you’re feeling a little bashful, not to worry – your worktop can do it for you!

Everyone ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ over our fabulous full stave worktops. A stylish addition for solid wood kitchens, our advanced construction techniques mean that these babies appear to stretch on and on and on, flaunting stunning features unique to each timber species without interruption.

As you’ve probably gathered from the name, full stave worktops contain solid wood ‘staves’ (or planks) that run the entire length of your work surface. These solid wood worktops use splendid 90mm wide staves for an extra ‘full’ look, giving the impression of one gorgeous piece of continuous wood. Each stave is scrupulously bonded under high pressure with a small amount of glue, to give you a work surface that is smooth, sturdy, and – to be quite honest – really rather scrummy.

A full stave oak worktop in solid wood kitchens

Stunning full stave oak looks magnificent. Cupcake, anyone?

Our magnificent worktops come in seven delectable species, from gorgeous and traditional oak to oh-so-sumptuous wenge. From A to Z (that’s ash to zebrano), our entire range of timber is of the finest quality and harvested from sustainable sources.

Tempted by spectacular full stave? We don’t blame you. These cheeky chaps shout luxury, and you can pack the ‘wow’ factor into your solid wood kitchen with any of the following timbers: natural oak, prime oak, iroko, American walnut, maple, zebrano, wenge and ash.

Got full stave worktops and dying to sing their praises? We’d be mighty thrilled if you’d share some pics with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Ta ta for now,

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