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Howdy doody, delightful wood kitchen devotees!

Space is a precious commodity in many a busy household. Indeed, finding savvy storage solutions can be an ongoing challenge: but not when you have the deTerra Diarist on your side! With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our excellent range of fabulous and shiny wirework solutions, designed to help wonderful wood kitchens fulfil their potential and make your life that little bit easier. We have a variety of cool configurations for cabinets of all shapes and sizes – take a look!

pull-out storage baskets with soft close

Make accessing items at the back of your cabinets a breeze with these handy chrome-plated, mild steel pull-out baskets.

These are available in 300, 400, 500 and 600mm, suitable for a range of cabinet sizes.

corner carousel baskets

We have an ideal solution for L-shape corner cabinets with hard-to-reach corners. Rotating corner carousel baskets are perfect for storing food or pans accessibly, maximising the functionality of your corner cupboards.

These two baskets measure 800mm in diameter and come with all the required fixings.

magic basket corner cabinet solution

This magic basket corner cabinet solution is specially designed to help you utilise as much storage space as possible. Two baskets are mounted to the cabinet door and pull out two additional baskets as the door is opened.

Available in left-handed and right-handed variations, this storage solution is easy to install and comes with all the necessary fixings.

full-height and ¾-height kitchen larder

Kitchen larders are a brilliant way of creating plenty of extra storage room whilst occupying minimal floor space.

Our British-made kitchen larders come either as a full-height 2145mm unit or a ¾-height construction that leaves space for a high-level shelf, too.

Both available in a variety of widths, our kitchen larders use minimal space whilst offering maximum storage.

soft close pull-out cabinet wirework

Much like the wider, full-height kitchen larder, this slimline pull-out wirework is the ultimate space-saving solution. With a width of 150mm, a soft-close mechanism and two wirework baskets, this pull-out cabinet comes with all the fixings required for simple installation.

Made with chrome-plated mild steel, our slimline solution is a high quality product that has been built to last.

pull and swing-out full-height pantry

Our most advanced and practical wirework solution yet. Manufactured in Britain from chrome-plated mild steel, the pull and swing-out pantry comes in widths of 500 or 600mm, and boasts five spacious baskets that slide out as the door opens. This is an ideal unit for storing dry food, vegetables and more.

Each basket can be removed for ease of cleaning.

3-shelf spice rack

Our 3-shelf spice rack provides plenty of storage for herbs and spices. At 400mm wide, these racks are manufactured in Britain from chrome-plated mild steel.

Designed with simplicity in mind, these spice racks are supplied with a selection of fixings and can be installed inside or outside cabinetry with minimal fuss.

So there you have it, deTerrarinos – all the wonderful wirework essentials that are required for a fabulously functional wood kitchen! To find out more about our wirework solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 03333 703333, or pop over an email to .

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Howdily doodily, timber fans!

Here at deTerra we’re all wildly enthusiastic lumber lovers (you might’ve noticed). We just can’t get enough of wonderful wood and think it’s great to incorporate this marvellous material into as many aspects of daily life as possible. You probably already know we’re euphoric about using wooden accessories in kitchens and we’re equally dotty about discovering new ways to integrate trees into wooden kitchens – so this week I was contemplating ways in which we can incorporate wood into our homes on a larger scale! On my quest I came across all these fabby snaps of kitchens and trees living side by side – pretty nifty, eh? At times, vegetation and construction can find themselves at loggerheads, so this is a wicked way to team together the natural world and our man-made dwellings.

Slender and elegant trees are incorporated into the design of this modern house in Singapore wooden kitchens.

Image courtesy of ja+u

jalan elok house, singapore

In this amazing ground floor kitchen, designed by Chang Architects, slim trees grow from the floor and through special-cut holes in the ceiling. Each slender trunk is dramatically uplit to enhance the tropical feel of this structure.

The verdant vegetation of the interior of this three-storey house compensates for the lack of greenery in the surrounding cityscape.

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, a leafy mango tree brings warmth and personality to this family home wooden kitchens.

Image courtesy of Home Designing

the house with the tree in the middle, brazil

This stunning house in Rio de Janeiro has been built around a thriving and leafy mango tree. The owner requested a house that combined design excellence with the warmth and personality of a family home. Though furnishings are minimal in this beautiful space, this room has an

undeniably organic ambience and is – literally – full of life!

This Garden Tree House in Japan honours the trees that have looked over the family for more than 35 years wooden kitchens.

Image courtesy of Deezen

garden tree house, japan

Here you can see a stunning dining area in this house in Kagawa, designed by architect Hironaka Ogawa. The walls have been painted white to make the yellow and brown tones of the Zelkova and Camphor trees really stand out, and they harmonise beautifully with the wooden flooring. The family who own this magnificent property had lived alongside these trees for over 35 years, and could not face removing them altogether to clear space for the new build. Instead, the trees were carefully extricated, then cut, dried and smoked and returned to the site, without ever leaving the Japanese prefecture.

Fluid and geometric design join forces in this magnificent oak and concrete kitchen island wooden kitchens.

Image courtesy of Trendir

kitchen island made from tree trunk and concrete

This majestic oak tree trunk has been transformed into a magnificent mixed material kitchen island, with one end cut away to support a solid concrete slab work surface. The juxtaposition of organic and man-made materials is awesomely eye-catching, and highlights the contrast between fluid and geometric design to stunning effect.

Use leafy vegetation to give a burst of life to an understated kitchen wooden kitchens.

Image courtesy of Trendir

Aesthetically and practically fabulous, trees were made to be loved. So, what a wonderful way to embrace the great outdoors by welcoming them into your home! Trees that are carefully factored into a house design can have the fabulous effect of injecting rustic charm and personality into any room. If you like the appeal of these blended textures but fancy a more manageable alternative, you can always start with smaller potted plants or trees, and take it from there – happy planting!

Ta ta for now,

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Hey there, chocolate chompers!

easter opening times for ordering natural kitchens

We’re stocking up on eggs, and lambs are in the field, We wonder what this Easter holiday will yield.

With eggs galore and mountains of buttered hot cross buns, Family gather round the table now the season’s fun’s begun.

If you’re dreaming of your new kitchen (with worktops, cabinets and such): Just remember our Easter hours, before you get in touch!

The time is nearly upon us to stuff our faces with delicious chocolatey treats, and Cabineto already has an impressive collection stashed away! You might – like us – find that Easter’s the ideal time for a spring clean and a spot of DIY, so if you’re thinking of ordering one of our egg-cellent natural kitchens over the weekend, take a gander at our shorter opening hours to avoid disappointment:

Friday 25th March

Good Friday

All showrooms and phone lines open from 10am until 2pm

Saturday 26th March

All showrooms and phone lines open from 9am until 5pm

Sunday 27th March

Easter Sunday

All departments are closed

Monday 28th March

Easter Monday

All showrooms and phone lines open from 10am until 2pm

Please note no deliveries will take place on Friday 25th or Monday 28th March, though our Saturday delivery options will continue as usual. Our usual opening hours resume on Tuesday 29th March – so we’ll be back in full swing before you know it!

Have a great Easter!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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‘Yummy, yummy, yummy – there’s cheesecake in my tummy…’ So, one day, I was chilling with Cabineto – just minding my own business, doing a crossword – when suddenly it hit me: it was my friend’s party the following day, and I’d promised to bring along a little snackeroo! I have a little bit of a sweet tooth myself, so – after some serious consultation of my recipe books, and absolutely no panicking – I decided to whip up a wonderfully creamy and delicious New York cheesecake (one of my favourites, y’know). I’m of the opinion that a fabulous, home-baked treat on the countertop completes the idyllic image of solid wood kitchens perfectly, and as it turns out the dessert went down a treat, so I thought I’d let you in on the recipe!
  1. Firstly, y’all are gonna need to preheat your ovens to 160°C with fan, 180°C for conventional ovens, or Gas Mark 4.
  2. Line the bottom of a 23cm springform cake tin (i.e. a tin with a removable base!) with baking paper.
  3. To bake a super delicious and biscuit-y crust, melt 85g butter in a medium-sized pan, and then thoroughly stir in 140g of digestive biscuits that have been crushed into tiny little crumbs. Press this mixture into the bottom of the cake tin, and bake for 10 minutes, then leave to cool on a wire rack. If you have any little Cabinetos around to help, make sure they keep their fingers safely away from the hot metal!
  4. For the wonderfully velvety filling, you’ll first need to bump up the oven temperature to 200°C for fan ovens, 240°C for conventional, or Gas Mark 9.
  5. Whisk 900g plain soft cheese (like scrummy Philadelphia – nom nom) for two minutes on a low speed, then gradually add 250g golden caster sugar, followed by 3 tbsp plain flour, and give a final flourish with a pinch of salt. When you’re doing this, make sure you’re whisking in all the delicious mixture from the sides of the bowl too!
  6. At this stage, fling in the finely grated zest of a lemon, 1.5 tsp lemon juice, and 1.5 tsp vanilla extract, and carefully combine into the mixture.
  7. Next, whisk in 3 large eggs and an additional egg yolk, one at a time.
  8. Once this is done, stir 200ml soured cream until it is smooth, and slowly add to your light and airy (hopefully!) mixture, still whisking on a low speed.
  9. Use butter to grease the sides of the springform tin, and pour the filling over your biscuit base. Bake for 10 minutes – does it smell lip-smackingly good yet?!
  10. Turn off the oven, and leave your nifty New York cheesecake in there for 2 hours to cool, while you kick back and take it easy.
  11. For an extra appetising top layer, combine 140ml soured cream with 1 tbsp golden caster sugar and 2 tsp zesty lemon juice. Spread evenly over the top of your cheesecake – no skimping! – then cover with tin foil and refrigerate overnight.
  12. To serve, run a knife around the edges of the tin, unlock the side, and slowly sli-i-i-de your cheesecake onto a plate, then carefully remove the baking paper from underneath. Finish with some raspberries and blueberries, and – voilà!
Hope you enjoy this scrumdiddlyumptious New York cheesecake as much as Cabineto and I did! Let us know how you get on.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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What’s the happy-haps, deTerra dudes?

Now, this may not be the most glamorous aspect of your kitchen, but it’s something that everyone needs: a waste bin! For left over rubbish, food and packaging – once you’re done recycling and composting, of course – waste bins are a practical feature of all oak kitchens. But if you dread the idea of prioristing function over form, never fear: deTerra are here! We have a solution on offer to keep your rubbish out of sight, ensuring focal point potential is reserved only for worktops, cabinetry, and any other gorgeous and well-chosen kitchen features that you’d like to show off.

Introducing… the Easy-Cargo cabinet-mounted waste bin!

To keep unsightly trash tucked away, we offer two different styles of these very un-rubbish rubbish bins. Firstly, we offer a 40L-capacity single bin: this bad boy is simply mounted onto solid metal racking, which can be easily installed within our standard depth cabinets of a minimum 500mm width. As an added advantage, the plastic cover makes sure there’s no danger of a nasty bin-overflow-situation, which can often happen with busy kitchen bins (those sneaky critters)! Alternatively, we sell a dual waste bin, which comprises a 19L and a 30L bin. This double container option offers greater capacity and gives you the ability to sort waste for recycling, for example. Our bins slide out on runners, so they are far easier to empty and clean than taller, stand-alone bins.

To find out more on installing our wicked waste bins in oak kitchens, take a read of our helpful information-infused installation instructions.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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