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Wowzers – our three hundredth blog post! This calls for a celebration, so go forth, fans of wood kitchens, and hug a tree; what better way to declare your love for all things timber?!

Before you commence this noble quest, here are a few snippets about the history of tree-hugging, and the best places to do it:

where does the term ‘tree hugger’ come from?

The term ‘tree hugger’ came about in 1730, when hundreds of Bishnoi villagers from the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India resisted against foresters who wanted to cut valuable khejri trees down to build a new palace. To defend these mighty trees, the villagers clung to them, giving their lives to their cause. Later, a noble degree was announced, prohibiting the felling of trees in any Bishnoi village. These trees now provide lush sanctuaries in the midst of a desert landscape.

peaceful protest

This pivotal moment inspired what is known as the Chipko movement – a name meaning ‘to cling’ – which began in the Himalayas in 1973, and marked the beginning of non-violent protest for the conservation of forests across India. In modern-day protests, campaigners have taken to ‘tree-sitting’: climbing trees earmarked for logging and refusing to come down, a popular stalling tactic while court cases are fought to secure long-term protection of the trees in question.

good for your health!

Scientific reports are now showing that hugging trees can actually improve your health. This is fab news, and we think that hugging our solid wood kitchen units has similar effects, too! Evidence shows that just being around trees and plants can have a positive impact on mood and concentration levels, and can even help get rid of headaches. Oh boy!

Apparently, this is owed to the positive vibrations from the trees. The research shows that every object has a vibrational pattern, and when you are near a tree, the change in patterns can affect the biological behaviours within your body.

This may sound like madness to many, but what have you got to lose? Give it a go!

the best places to hug a tree if you live near…


Older than the Clifton suspension bridge, the SS Great Britain and Cabot Tower combined, the ancient Domesday Oak at Ashton Court Estate is more than 700 years old! After all these years, it could probably use a hug.


Pop along to Roath Park, where the magnificent Dawn Redwood tree stands. This fine specimen was planted in 1949 – one of the first of this species to be planted in the UK! In fact, 15 Great Britain Champion Trees can be found in Roath Park – definitely worth visiting for a hug fest.


The Weeping Ash is a stunning tree, which sits at the centre point on the bottom lawn in Easy Princes Street Gardens. Why not cheer it up with a hug?


The Carshalton Chestnut is known as a ‘miracle specimen’ on the tree circuit, having survived numerous arson attacks. If you need further incentive to give this guy a hug, the 32ft wide tree is also over 400 years old and has a little ‘hobbit’ door. It is said this door was added to stand sentry over the hollow inside the tree, to prevent repeat attacks.


Visit the Manchester Poplar at Saint John’s Gardens, as it’s in need of a little love. This is one of the most engendered species of tree in the UK, and is also one of only two species named after British cities – the other is the London Plane.


The Allerton Oak can be found in Calderstones Park in Liverpool – this tree is said to be 1000 years old, and is the former meeting place for local tribunals, before court buildings were established. The Allerton Oak bears a large split, created by a mini earthquake caused by a gunpowder ship explosion in 1864. This tree has had a turbulent past – go on, give it a hug!

hug a tree to see if it’s ancient

You can also hug a tree to find out whether it is officially ‘ancient’! Just see whether it requires three adults to completely encircle the tree with their arms to find out. In the case of beech trees – just like those used to make our beautiful beech worktops – only two adults are needed to prove that it is an ancient specimen.

Here at deTerra, we are all about loving trees – which is why we’re so proud to uphold stringent environmental policies! To find out more about how we go out of our way to conserve this splendid gift from nature, do visit our Environmental page.

Ta ta for now,

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A nod to all the dust sheets used by hard-working painters and decorators the world over, Drop Cloth is a smashing paint choice for oak kitchens, from our favourite people at Farrow & Ball.

Well, we already knew drop cloths were a DIY essential, and this fab new paint – named in their honour – is no exception! Creamier in colour than traditional whites, Drop Cloth is neither too grey nor too yellow; an ideal choice if you’re looking for something a little more comforting than plain old white hues. It also acts as an undemanding backdrop to your lovely kitchen furnishings.

Drop Cloth is a splendid step away from the countless cool greys that have recently adorned contemporary home interiors, and works well as part of a multi-tonal palette – particularly when paired with Shaded White or Shadow White. For something with a little more pizzazz, why not try this elegant shade alongside a zestier hue like Babouche? Or – for a soft, feminine look – partner Drop Cloth with Setting Plaster or Peignoir.

This palatable paint shade perfects the look of laid-back sophistication, so why not give it a go? If you would like to see this shade featured on an oak cabinet frontal, order a miniature replica with our swift frontal sample service! You’ll be jazzed to know the cost of samples can be redeemed against your future order, too.

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Good day to you, kitchen lovers!

As you know, we’re wild about all things wooden, and our gorgeous kitchen cabinet pilasters are no exception.

These decorative details are a fabulous choice for enhancing the look of cabinet frontals in wooden kitchens, making them look even more sophisticated than they do already!

Our pretty pilasters come in all shapes and sizes, from simple, elegant columns to place between cabinetry to vastly more ornate and intricate designs. Whichever pilasters you choose, you can rest-assured that they are all made out of solid wood, of course! Our six snazzy styles measure 870mm tall – to match our cabinets – and come in a variety of thicknesses and widths.

These timberiffic accessories can be supplied with the finish of your choosing, whether that’s lacquered, painted in any of the mesmerising shades from Farrow & Ball, or sanded to allow you to add your preferred finish at a later time. Perhaps you want to coordinate your pilasters with your cabinet frontals, or maybe you would like them to contrast in colour for additional impact – the choice is yours!

If you have timberlicious pilasters of your own, or any other funky kitchen accessories, why not share some snaps with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Ta ta for now,

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Hey diddle doo, gadget gurus!

Looking for some awesome new gadgetry that’s ideal for solid wood kitchens? Well, this week I’ve come across quite a few nifty numbers that will revolutionise your cooking experience. Whether you’re looking for new ways to impress party guests, or simply strive to serve up food that is cooked to perfection, here are the handiest accessories on the market – prepare to be wowed!

The Cinder Sensing Cooker is ideal for cooking the perfect steak in your solid wood kitchen. Credit: techhive.com

Cinder Sensing Cooker

Not only does this crafty gadget look a little bit ‘space age’, it actually uses rocket science to ensure the food you serve up is supremely delectable – and without scorches! By using optimum cooking temperatures, the Cinder Sensing Cooker makes it virtually impossible to undercook or overcook the food inside (it can even cook a juicy steak to perfection!).

If you feel like rustling-up something a little more complex, you can pair this wicked piece of gadgetry with the Cinder iOS app, select the sort of food you are trying to cook, and then choose from an array of options that let you pick how well-done you would like your food – the app takes care of the rest!

The best part of this no-hassle gadget is that – should you get caught up in other tasks – the Cinder Sensing Cooker will keep your food warm at the optimum temperature for as long as two hours. This means your meal will be ready when it best suits you, offering you the convenience of fast-food without all the nasties!

Find a fancier way to brew a coffee in your natural kitchen with the Dutch Lab Coffee Brewer Credit: designboom.com

Dutch Lab Coffee Brewer

This. Is. So. Cool. We can’t help but gaze longingly at it over here at deTerra HQ. The Dutch Lab ‘Gothicism’ Coffee Brewer has a cool gothic design that makes it an insanely intriguing feature for any kitchen! Not just for decoration, this wicked machine brews coffee too. Much of its intricate detailing is inspired by gothic architecture seen through the ages, whilst the structure itself is built from aluminium fixings, brass needle valves and glass tubes.

Fix yourself a brew in the morning and watch this baby spring into life. Because of its height, the machine lets coffee naturally drop into the canisters at the bottom, whilst releasing the delightful scent of a beverage a little fancier than your regular cup of Joe.

The Bin 8 multi kitchen tool is the Swiss Army knife of gadgets for solid wood kitchens Credit: betterlivingthroughdesign.com

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

A fantastic example of innovative Japanese design, this Bin 8 multi-tool gadget fulfils all cooking preparation requirements, whilst being cleverly configured to resemble a wine bottle. Complete with all the kitchen essentials, this handy device incorporates a pouring funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, lid grip (for opening tightly-shut jars), egg yolk separator and a measuring cup!

This is certainly the Swiss Army knife of kitchen gadgets, and with a fun and funky design and colour scheme, is a lovely accessory on wood worktops too.

Make your cheese-tasting evening just that little bit more fancy with a cheese curler in a solid oak kitchen Credit: bonappetit.com

Cheese Curler

Okay, this may be a little indulgent, but if you enjoy the finer things in life and are as fanatical about cheeses as I am, you are sure to be impressive by this little number: The Cheese Curler. An ideal party piece for your upcoming cheese-tasting or cocktail evening (or for adding a fancy filling to your jacket potato), the Cheese Curler (also known as a girolle) has a simple design which effortlessly skims off thin sheets of cheese into scrumptious, curly flakes. The wooden board is made from beech wood, and could make a particularly fabulous partner for our solid beech worktops and chopping boards.

A solid oak cutlery drawer is marvellous addition to any solid oak kitchen Credit: …deTerra Kitchens

Oak Cutlery Drawer Insert

Finally – for our pièce de résistance – the solid oak cutlery drawer insert. Now this bad boy may not be able to curl cheese or cook you the perfect steak, but it is beautifully engraved with cutlery symbols, is made entirely from solid oak and helps you to avoid the nightmare of a cluttered cutlery draws with all your utensils jumbled together! This handy accessory is made from sustainably-sourced European oak, cut with precision and finished by hand for a consistent, high quality finish.

All of these fantabulous gadgets would look marvellous in one of our gorgeous solid wood kitchens. If you would like to come and check out one of our kitchen showrooms, please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit; our stunning kitchen display sets can be found across the country.

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We all know that natural kitchens are a glorious thing, right, deTerra kitchen fans?

What’s more, we believe dashing (and high quality!) design should not be limited to the oak cabinets, hardwood worktops and wirework solutions you can see on our wonderful website. This dedication to design also means choosing fabulous flooring that is in keeping with your kitchen’s style. There are many, many kinds of fantastic flooring – which do you prefer?

solid wood flooring

Here at deTerra we are nuts about all things natural, so solid wood flooring really is high on our list of favourites. Wooden flooring can be bought in many tempting timbers and tints, so you can even match it with your wooden worktops. As well as being supremely beautiful, the benefit of real wood flooring is that chips or scratches can be easily repaired. You can’t beat pairing natural kitchens with natural floors – that’s what I say!

laminate flooring

If your budget won’t stretch to solid wood flooring, laminate flooring may just be the next best thing. Laminate flooring is noted as the best solution for imitating the appearance of wood, and can be purchased in a huge variety of styles and shades. If you want the look of hardwood without the expense, laminate is the way to go, folks!

vinyl click flooring

Vinyl click-lock planks are an excellent choice for kitchens. These planks are easily fixed together with a reliable tongue and groove system, and wood-effect finishes can be found at many retailers. Made entirely from plastic, vinyl is extremely water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for the busiest parts of the house where spillages are most likely to occur. For this reason, it is also mahoosively low-maintenance (so no need to worry about moisture, mould or mildew!).

linoleum flooring

An ideal selection for the environmentally-conscious, linoleum – or ‘lino’ – is made from natural, biodegradable materials. It is also extremely easy to clean, requiring only warm, soapy water. Though abrasive chemicals are not recommended for cleaning linoleum, it is in fact a highly durable material. The pattern is printed all the way through the flooring, so it won’t begin to fade after a bit of wear. This practical flooring is also water and stain resistant, fire retardant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and can be found in a gigantic range of patterns. Wow!

reclaimed wood flooring

Have I blabbed about my love of real wood yet? I guess the cat’s out of the bag on this one… Another favourite for those looking for an especially environmentally-friendly floor choice, reclaimed wood flooring salvages previously-used timber and has heaps of character. For attractive and highly individual kitchen floors, this is a superb choice.

limestone flooring

Our final fabulous flooring is these gorgeous limestone tiles. This kind of floor is perfect for kitchens in rustic country cottages, but also creates a fabulous contrasting effect when paired with modern, stainless steel accessories. Limestone is highly durable and bacteria-resistant, and has a naturally beautiful, luxurious appearance. A long-lasting material for floors, limestone is also very cost-effective.

Found your favourite already? Why not share some snaps of your fabulous kitchen flooring with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Ta ta for now,

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