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Singing trees? Sounds pretty magical to me!

I’ve been known to take to the local woodland and sing to a tree (or two) in the past, and secretly I hope that one day nature’s leafy giants might join in with my wavering warbling tunes. Now though, it appears that they might have been joining in the whole time – if the folk at The Nature Conservancy in Atlanta, Georgia, are to be believed!

Buddying up with the wonderful humans at not-for-profit tree conservation group ‘Trees Atlanta’, The Nature Conservancy have created an impressive installation called ‘If Trees Could Sing’. It’s on display at the Atlanta BeltLine, which is one of the most ginormous urban tree revitalisation projects ever undertaken in the city.

Signs were installed alongside a number of local trees, which people can now interact with by scanning a QR code – or by texting a number – in order to receive video testimonials from popular musicians, discussing their favourite species and the importance of tree conservation.

Among the acclaimed musicians are Reba McEntire (one of America’s best-known country singers), Jerry Douglas (resonator guitar player and record producer, who is currently performing with Alison Krauss – the winner of 27 Grammy Awards), American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, and world-renowned bass player Victor Wooten.

If you’re as wowed by the awesome beauty of Black Walnut as Victor Wooten, you may like the idea of treating your kitchen to luxurious Black American Walnut worktops. However, if – like Music Director of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Giancarlo Guerrero – you think the supreme look of ash cannot be surpassed, why not choose our splendid solid ash worktops for a swift and stylish home update?

If you’re impressed by these eco-friendly endeavours, why not check out our Environmental page? We also offer worktop samples of any of our terrific timber species, which allows you to contemplate their gorgeous grain in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget that these samples are provided with a discount code, so that you can redeem the cost of the sample when you order your wonderful work surfaces for traditional wooden kitchens!

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Fancy a colour update, culinary crew?

We are huge fans of the splendid selection of paint shades from Farrow & Ball, and think they look particularly marvellous in our whizz-tastic wooden kitchens. From the bold and the bright to the pale and pretty, there really is no colour we could criticise. Even nudes and neutrals float our boat, though the tragic news has reached us that in some places they seem to have gained a reputation for being a little yawn-inducing.

Not the case, timber fans! Elegant neutrals look pretty gosh darn awesome in our natural kitchens, so – if you fancy dipping your toes in – here are our three favourite ‘not-boring neutrals’ for you to try out. Water-based and wicked on woodwork, these dandy paints really are wonderful:

elephant’s breath

Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath paint looks fantastic on woodwork in oak kitchens.

Elephants are known as the majestic and gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Typically peaceful and somewhat regal too, we can see how this Farrow & Ball colour got its name!

A gorgeous paint that embraces different hues depending on its surrounds, Elephant’s Breath looks a soft mushroom shade alongside Strong White, or develops a more lilac tint alongside magenta-based accent colours. To emphasise these pinkish undertones, why not partner with natural beech worktops? Pair with Charleston Gray and London Clay to scale up the drama in our lovely real wood kitchens.

cornforth white

Painted solid wood kitchen doors with Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball to achieve a laidback look.

Without the magenta pigments of Elephant’s Breath, Cornforth White is a more delicate grey. Extremely elegant and very versatile, this paint appears a pale stone colour when partnered with warm wooden work surfaces, like our oak kitchen worktops and caramel bamboo worktops (to name just a few!).

Feature this shade alongside Farrow & Ball’s All White in painted kitchens to create a light and airy look. Perfectly pretty and devastatingly dandy, how could this colour ever be called boring!?

french gray

Farrow & Ball’s French Gray looks almost sage green in certain lights, and makes an enchanting complement to solid oak kitchen doors.

Yes, grey is a neutral shade. However, French Gray is not your ordinary grey; it has so much more depth! Perfect for woodwork, and ideally suited to a modern country kitchen, this exquisite paint tiptoes somewhere on the brink of being green. Depending on the time of day (and the type of lighting), French Gray can look almost sage – pretty magical, right? Laidback, certainly. Intriguing, absolutely. But boring is definitely one thing this enchanting neutral is not!

So, not-boring neutrals – pretty nice, and totally sophisticated! If you fancy giving one of these wicked shades whirl, why not check out a painted cabinet door sample first? Delivered straight to your home, this handy service even lets you redeem the cost of the sample when you order your kitchen unit doors and oak kitchen cabinets from us.

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Roll up, roll up! Get the latest on our integrated microwave cabinets for storage-savvy kitchen owners!

Here at deTerra, we never cease to be amazed by the mesmerising beauty of solid wood kitchens. ‘What could be better?’ we ask ourselves. Well, a tidy wood kitchen is the only thing we can come up with, which is why we have launched this marvellous cabinet for integrated microwaves! This outstanding unit keeps your microwave oven tucked away neatly, leaving your lovely real wood countertops clear from clutter.

Complete with a nifty overhead cabinet for stashing all manner of cool kitchen gadgetry, this purpose-built microwave-housing unit is constructed from sturdy solid oak panels, which measure 18mm thick and are manufactured from real oak staves. A solid oak frontal is also included, is available in either a Shaker or Traditional style (to match the rest of your gorgeous real wood kitchen!) and comes with a handy lift-up hinge for ease of access.

To top it all off, our wooden kitchen doors can be decorated to suit your style preference: whether sanded (for you to finish at your leisure), lacquered (for a supremely attractive, natural look) or painted (in one of the many ravishing shades from our paint-producing pals at Farrow & Ball). Don’t forget to check out our fabulous range of kitchen handles, too!

These cool cabinets come in a plethora of proportions, so you can find the ideal size to blend with the rest of your wooden kitchen units. These include widths of 500mm or 600mm, and heights of 720mm or 900mm.

To buy a wall unit for your microwave oven, first visit our Kitchens page, and select your favourite frontal finish and style. Once you’ve selected the look you love, you will be able to choose from a vast selection of cabinets units – including these bad boys!

If you’re looking for the perfect colour for your solid oak kitchen doors, why not order a sample before placing your order? You can choose from any of the enchanting shades from Farrow & Ball, or a natural sanded or lacquered finish if you prefer. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check out the colour in both natural light and the artificial lighting installed in your kitchen. Sample doors cost just £20 and – because we know they’ll knock your socks off – we will happily refund this amount against your order total when you purchase from deTerra Kitchens!

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How do, home skillet! Have you heard about our latest flash sale?


Until Wednesday 31st August, our cool collection of components for natural kitchens are reduced by 10% in our fantastic flash sale. This generous discount applies to our supreme solid oak kitchen units, wonderful wooden kitchen doors and wicked wooden worktops, as well as fantastic accessories such as our stylish splashbacks, integrated wirework and discreet, hide-away waste bins.

Don’t delay, as this offer will run for two weeks only. To take advantage of these sensational savings, simply add the items you would like to your shopping cart, and enter discount code SKATES10 at the online checkout. If you fancy speaking with a member of our delightful sales team first, please do give us a bell on 03333 703333; just quote the offer and we will happily apply the discount for you!

This offer is only available for a limited time, so do get your skates on to benefit from these marvellous markdowns!

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What’s cooking, kitchen collective?

Awesome oak kitchens are full of personality, and nothing complements these spaces better than a quirky kitchen gadget or two. For instance, the playful, animal-themed cooking accessories in today’s blog are totally fun and perfect for bringing out your natural kitchen’s wild side!

This kiwi scoop is a fantastic accessory for solid wood kitchens.

#1 Kiwi Scoop

This is so much more than just a Kiwi Fruit Scoop! Made in the shape of a kiwi bird, this handy tool from Koziol has a pointed beak than can score the skin and separate your kiwi fruit into two halves – your fresh fruit snack will be ready in a jiffy with this nifty gadget. It also comes in a set of three with a flamingo grapefruit spoon and snail-shaped orange peeler.

Keep fingers safe in natural kitchens with this adorable dog pot holder.

#2 Dog Pot Holder

This gadget is perfect for dog-lovers with real wood kitchens! The Dog Pot Holder from Premier Housewares is made entirely from silicone, and can withstand temperatures from -58 to 446 degrees, should you require. Neat, huh? Ditch dowdy mitts and get your hands on this incredible canine companion instead!

Accessorize your solid oak worktops with a handy penguin kitchen timer.

#3 Penguin Egg Timer

This quirky Penguin Egg Timer from Kikkerland is a p-p-p-perfect partner for our natural oak worktops. Time your cooking to perfection by simply twisting the head on this adorable penguin kitchen timer.

So wild whilst cooking with this panda skillet in real wood kitchens.

#4 Panda Skillet

This cooking accessory puts the ‘pan’ in panda! The Gutch Yuzo Panda Skillet comes with a non-stick coating and is both practical and cute – certainly a bit more exciting than your boring, everyday frying pan. To use the pan in its natural habitat, our delightful bamboo worktops are the perfect pairing for the Panda Skillet!

The Nessie ladle from Ototo stands upright on wooden worktops until ready for use!

#5 Nessie Ladle

Stop the Press! We’ve spotted the Loch Ness Monster! No need to be afraid though, as this natty Nessie ladle from Ototo comes with four little feet to keep her upright on in your solid wood kitchen. Once your dinner is ready to serve, Nessie is on hand to scoop your soup with an easy-to-hold handle. Made from 100% food-safe Nylon, this Nessie is simply soup-erb!

Let the Manatea Infuser make you the perfect brew for chilling out in our traditional fitted kitchens.

#6 ManaTea Infuser

A popular kitchen gadget for tea enthusiasts and sea life lovers alike, the ManaTea Infuser from Fred & Friends makes you a mean cuppa, whilst also looking wonderfully whimsical bathing in your brew. We hear this fella goes by the name of Fred, who is made from silicone. This small-scale gadget makes a great gift, and takes up next to no space in oak kitchen cabinets.

These dinosaur ice cube trays are perfect for throwing an Ice Age party in wooden kitchens.

#7 Fossiliced Ice Cube Tray

Dinosaurs may be extinct but these fab frozen fossils are far from it! A fun addition to any party, these dino-shaped ice cubes from Fred & Friends will get your family ‘rawr’-ing with laughter.

Looking for natural kitchens to accompany your animal-themed kitchen accessories? Come and be inspired by visiting one of our kitchen showrooms! If you are looking for Cotswold kitchens, we would love you to welcome you at our flagship showroom situated just outside Gloucester; a beautiful showroom that is easily accessed from the M5. We have a number of other showroom locations throughout England, so please do pop in and explore our stunning range of oak kitchens and accessories at your leisure.

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