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What’s crack-a-lackin’, kitchen companions?

Whilst humming away to myself today – surrounded by the glorious kingdom of wooden kitchens that is the deTerra flagship showroom – I got to thinking about the arrangement of cabinets in some of our lovely kitchen display sets.

One of the many considerations up for discussion when creating a gorgeous new deTerra kitchen is the placement of oak cabinets, in relation to adjacent walls. What I mean by this, kitchen crew, is that cupboard doors need to be able to open sufficiently to add and remove shelving, and to make sure handles do not damage the wall (and vice versa!).

Assuming the average depth of a door handle is 30mm, I would advise leaving a gap of 50mm between the cabinet and the wall. This is particularly recommended if you fancy fitting an integrated fridge or fridge freezer unit inside one of our splendid solid wood cabinets, as the door will extend back further than 90 degrees, so you can whip out your salad drawer in a jiffy.

If you’d like to disguise this gap, our timber pilasters are just the ticket! We have a range of 50mm-wide decorative pilasters that are perfect for the job, and can be finished with Farrow & Ball paint to match your cabinet frontals.

Order kitchen door samples today to find out just how fabulous they are – from the comfort of your home! Samples can be refunded against your order when you purchase your kitchen from deTerra, and are available in a sanded, lacquered or painted finish.

Well, I’d better dash, but do get in touch if you have any questions!

Ta ta for now,

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Hey there kitchen clan!

With the changing of the seasons, many minds turn to giving their solid wood kitchens a swift and stylish update for the autumn, or even – dare I say it? – for Christmas. Far warmer in look and feel than laminate or granite alternatives, wooden worktops are a fabulous choice for creating an inviting kitchen ambience, especially in the latter months of the year. With the weather taking a turn for the chilly, rich, warm timber tones are terrific for keeping things cosy.

Let’s have a look at my three fave wood choices for your autumnal kitchen update:

cherry worktops

Cheeky cherry worktops with 40mm wide staves.

Say hello to cheeky cherry! Nothing says ‘cosy’ like these charming cherry worktops, noted for their radiant gold and pink hues. This devastatingly attractive work surface is made up of 40mm-wide staves, and is perfect for perking up your kitchen, banishing the fog and making gloomy autumn days a thing of the past.

I should probably also mention that these terrific timber tops are sustainably sourced and come in loads of different sizes!

deluxe European walnut

Warm up your kitchen with wonderful Deluxe Walnut worktops.

Our Deluxe European walnut worktops are pretty special. With wonderfully wide, 90mm staves, you can’t find these bad boys just anywhere! European walnut is full of personality, and our team have crafted it into these glorious worktops to imbue your kitchen with happy, wholesome vibes.

The contrasting pale and dark hues of these worktops are certainly something to admire. Help walnut work surfaces to grow old gracefully with regular applications of Danish wood oil.

full stave iroko

Keep things cosy with full stave iroko work surfaces.

Looking for a work surface with a rich and rusty hue? Look no further! Few things can surpass the natural appeal of our luxurious full stave iroko worktops. Mingling deep bronze and red tones, iroko countertops even flaunt a glimmering golden sheen that catches the light. What better way to exhibit these truly stunning natural features than with our lavish full stave configuration, made from 90mm-wide staves that stretch the entire length of your work surface.

Whether you select our standard staves, decide on Deluxe, or go the full hog with our full stave creations, all of our splendiferous wood surfaces are extremely robust and exceedingly attractive. If you’re ready for your fabulous kitchen makeover, give us a buzz on 03333 703333, or email .

Well, I’d better skedaddle!

Ta ta for now,

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Hey-diddle-doo, kitchen comrades!

I know you love to hear about all things timber, and today I really want to get a ‘handle’ on the finishing touches that truly complete the fabulous appearance of natural kitchens.

Handles and knobs can have a dramatic impact on the look of a kitchen, whether you are selecting brand new solid wood kitchen cabinets and solid oak cupboard doors too, or simply giving your existing kitchen a much needed face-lift.

Hang tight, culinary crew, there’s so much to see! Wooden handles are – of course – my deTerra Top Pick: we have oodles of these to choose from, including solid oak knobs in a sanded, lacquered or painted finish, as well as other timber options in beautiful beech, exotic iroko, wicked walnut, merry maple and charming cherry. Isn’t it a marvellous medley?

If you have a hankering for handles but you’re not tempted by timber, you can also find a fantabulous collection of metal and ceramic kitchen hardware on our website. From satin-finish steel mushroom knobs and pleasing pewter cup handles to Edison knobs and nifty nickel-plated bar handles, there’s such a superb choice that I wouldn’t know where to begin! Take your pick my kitchen-loving compadres – we have a terrifically tantalising collection to suit any style of home.

I really am jazzed about these appealing accessories, I’m not sure I can ‘handle’ it! Only kidding, natural kitchen fans, I’m only too pleased to wax lyrical on this topic. In fact, if you fancy a chat about all things kitchen related, why not get in touch with a member of our mighty-fine team here at deTerra: you can drop us a line on 03333 703333, or email .

Ta ta for now,

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Howdy, creative kitchen collective!

With the announcement of Pantone’s ‘Colours of the Year’ way back in January, we had an inkling that romantic rosy hues were going to be the “big thing” for 2016. Their Rose Quartz colour has certainly taken the design world by storm, and I certainly urge deTerra fans not to dismiss pink as too ‘girlish’ or ‘garish’ for solid oak kitchens, without first perusing the inspiration on our blog.

Don’t feel bamboozled if you have a penchant for pink! If any of our lovely deTerra fans are looking for a kitchen with a gentle, soothing vibe, then we heartily recommend the use of Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir. A romantic, delicate hue that is a new addition to their range, Peignoir looks pretty dandy in both modern and traditional settings, thanks to the underlying grey tones that enhance its overall versatility.

Peignoir looks absolutely fabulous with bright white kitchen accessories and painted trimmings, and is exceedingly well-suited to elegant ash worktops and white marble work surfaces. Alternatively, team it with dark and dramatic wenge worktops for a splendiferously striking and contemporary look. Use this shade independently on kitchen walls for a timeless painted finish that looks like it was never any other colour!

Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir used in an oak kitchen.

Image courtesy of apartmentapothecary.com

Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir with a collection of kitchen accessories.

Image courtesy of littlebigbell.com

Kitchen painted in Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir with white cabinets and door frame.

Image courtesy of seventeendoors.com

With a careful arrangement of soft lighting, pretty Peignoir produces a cosy and intriguing kitchen ambiance, particularly when paired with other warm neutral shades like sensational Skimming Stone and glorious Great White.

Peignoir takes on a whole new persona when used on our solid oak cupboard doors, which are carefully finished in such a way as to reveal the characterful grain pattern beneath the surface. Kitchen unit doors painted in Peignoir are enhanced by the added sense of depth that the texture of this natural material creates.

If you would like to order cabinet doors painted in this fantastic Farrow & Ball hue, our sample service offers next-day delivery via a speedy courier. Our miniature replica doors cost just £20, which can be refunded against your purchase when you place an order of 10 or more doors with us! Don’t forget to get in touch if you have any queries, dudes & dudettes. I’m off to play around with some Peignoir swatches, but I’ll be back in a jiffy…

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Corner cabinets are a fantastic storage solution for natural kitchens.

What’s hoppin’, kitchen clan!

Now, we all know how hard it can sometimes be to find a home for a variety of weird and wonderful kitchen gadgetry, herbs and crockery – even at the best of times. When it comes to our lovely deTerra wood kitchens, however, customers need not worry over storage conundrums. We can’t help but wax lyrical about our cavernous corner cabinets, and I’d love to share a little more about them today.

These wonderful base units come in two fabulous styles: the corner solution cabinet, and the L-shaped corner cabinet.

All our solid wood kitchen units with oak doors are supplied with quality Blum fixings.

The corner solution cabinet is a simple way of capitalising on the available space, and makes it easy to create an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, simply by joining these cabinets with another standard base kitchen unit. As with all our cabinetry, these corner cupboards are made entirely from beautiful solid oak (using robust panels measuring 18mm thick), and are complete with high-quality Blum™ hinges. Splendid.

The L-shaped corner cabinet does what it says on the tin! Designed as an all-in-one corner solution, this cabinet provides ample storage meaning not even an inch of space is wasted. Bi-fold hinges make this cabinet easily-accessible, and it comes supplied with one solid oak shelf. Don’t forget, folks, our whizzy pre-assembly service comes included as standard, saving our lovely customers both time and hassle.

We have a variety of wirework solutions available – perfect for a range of oak kitchen units.

Even better, both of these space-stretching storage solutions can be purchased with kitchen wirework, which can be easily installed inside the cabinet for an even more functional finish.

Our innovative magic basket corner cabinet solution includes a set of four baskets, made from chrome-plated steel. The first two baskets pull out as the cabinet is opened, pulling out the second two behind them, which makes it easier to see all the yummy food items you have stored away.

The corner carousel basket has been created with the L-shaped corner unit in mind, and provides two rotating wire shelf units that make stretching into the shadowy corners of your cabinet a thing of the past!

To order these splendiferous corner cabinets, simply head over to our ‘Kitchens’ page, select your favourite style, and then pick the perfect finish from your kitchen unit doors. You’ll then discover our extensive range of solid wood kitchen cabinets – simply enter the quantity you would like, and click ‘Add to Cart’ – easy peasy!

If you’re intrigued to find out more about our nifty natural kitchens, do feel free to drop us a line on 03333 703333.

Ta ta for now,

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