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Are you quaking in your boots yet, kitchen crew? You might be once you’ve heard about these spooky trees and wild woods!

Now I know our wood kitchens are scarily splendid, but they’re certainly not haunted. The timber enthusiast that I am, I just cannot resist reporting on all things related to weird and wonderful trees; with Halloween just around the corner, I thought you might like to hear a few spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing tales about some of the most famous haunted woodlands in the world!

The Devil’s Tree, New Jersey, USA

The Devil’s Tree can be found in Somerset County, New Jersey. This solitary oak stands alone and is the subject of many local whisperings. Plenty of residents in the community have even gone so far as to deem it ‘the gateway to hell’, as it is said to exude unnatural warmth and snow will not rest on it even in the middle of winter. What’s more, locals claim that if you press an ear against the tree, you can hear a peculiar wailing coming from inside. Others say if you get too near it, you will become haunted by a mysterious black pickup truck that will chase you away from the tree. It’s been struck several times by lightning, without causing fires or any real damage at all. Spooky!

Screaming Woods, Kent, UK

Dering Woods in Kent have earned themselves the nickname ‘Screaming Woods’, and can be found just south of Pluckley (said to be the most haunted village in Britain!). Many visitors have reported the sound of anguished screams coming from the forest late at night – ooh err, you wouldn’t catch me near there after 8pm! The eerie woods are rumoured to be haunted by a highwayman who was killed in the forest by villagers many years before, and by another man who is said to have had a fatal fall from the trees. In 1998, four students visited the forest and mysteriously disappeared, mirroring a similar incident that occurred precisely 50 years before. Well, this tale certainly shivered my timbers!

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Transylvania, Romania

Our final spooky story belongs to the Hoia-Baciu Forest, located just outside the city of Cluj Napoca in Transylvania. This is considered one of the most haunted forests in the entire world! In 1968, a scientist photographed a UFO above the woodland – the first of many mysterious events. Known as the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Romania’, visitors have emerged from the forest with unexplained feelings of anxiety, rashes, scratches, burns and vomiting! Some were even unable to account for long stretches of time that has passed whilst in the forest. How creepy is that?

Here at deTerra, we like to keep our feet firmly on the ground and attribute much of these rumours to campfire legend. Personally, I don’t recommend reading too much into these fables, as they certainly gave Cabineto a fright – his timber-y panels are trembling as we speak!

Stay safe this Halloween, gang, and I’ll catch up with you against soon.

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist
Trees make beautiful material for natural kitchens, but have many more secrets to be discovered!

‘Ey up, kitchen fans, did you know that trees can bond?

This is certainly music to my ears, as an avid fan of nature and a natural kitchens aficionado. Oh yes indeedy, some wise forest experts have been examining the communication between trees for yonks – several decades, in fact – and what they discovered really did make me giddy with glee.

New research suggests that “friendship” isn’t a phenomenon restricted just to people and other mammals. Germinating close together, trees have been seen to lean in and provide shelter and support for one another, helping each other to withstand the pressures of a windy day – strength in numbers, and all that! Smart tree friends even grow thicker branches that point away from each other, so that they don’t block each other’s light. Neat, huh?

I knew there was even more to our lovely lumber than meets the eye, and this research from German forester Peter Wohlleben and scientist Suzanne Simard just proves it! This dream team got together many years ago, and have now unveiled the astounding truth about trees. If you’re thirsty for more, you can watch the fascinating documentary about these discoveries on the Intelligent Tress website.

If you stumble upon any awesome tree facts or photographs on your travels, I’d love you to share! Send your snaps and facts to us on Facebook or Twitter, and they might even get a mention in one of my upcoming diary entries.

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist

What’s the happy-haps, my timber-lovin’ pals?

I was chilling in our flagship deTerra showroom the other day and ended up chatting with some absolutely delightful customers. They had been browsing our superb selection of oak kitchens (there are NINE razz-dazzlin’ display kitchens in the flagship Gloucester showroom, FYI) and they came to me with a question. As the prime kitchen aficionado in these parts, they knew I’d have the solution! They asked me whether it was possible to buy oak kitchen units to house integrated fridges, so they could perfect the marvellously consistent overall look of their kitchen.

“Why certainly!” I exclaimed, before divulging the secret to integrating fridges into our fabaroony solid timber kitchen units. “First, you find an oak cabinet with the right width. Usually this is a 600mm-wide cabinet, but it’s best to double-check your fridge measurements.” My new friends nodded, so I continued…

“Our temptingly timber-y cabinets are so very versatile, they really are nifty. All you need to do then is install your fridge within the cabinet and pick which one of our perfectly painted or lusciously lacquered cabinet doors you fancy! Integrated fridges should come with all the bits you need to fit the oak door on the front.” As if on cue, my trusty pal Cabineto hopped over to illustrate my point – this guy reall is pretty handy to have around.

“And ‘shazam’ – that’s all there is to it!” These kind fellows were totally stoked and snapped up their new wood cabinets immediately. I wondered if there were any more peeps out there with the same conundrum, so I thought it best to keep everyone up to speed and share this know-how in the esteemed deTerra diary. If you have more kitchen-y questions, please don’t hesitate to give us deTerrarites a buzz on 03333 703333!

Ta ta for now,

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Posted by the deTerra diarist
The two mysterious Wentworth elms were discovered recently in the Holyrood Palace gardens.

You know I just love bringing you the latest news when it comes to intriguing timber-related tales – whether it’s about wowie wooden kitchens or world-record-breaking wood wonders. The latest snippet is something I heard on the deTerra grapevine (nothing like a bit of office gossip!). Apparently, some trees that were thought to be extinct have been discovered in the Holyrood Palace – the Queen’s Scottish residence just outside of Edinburgh. ‘Ark at that!

Botanists are describing the discovery as “rather odd”, as the trees were thought have snuffed it during a vicious outbreak of Dutch elm disease in the ‘70s. Though generally I am a super duper fan of the ‘70s, this particular event was indeed a ‘tragedy’🎶

That being said, a recent survey revealed that the species in question – the Wentworth elm – had two surviving members, discovered in the palace gardens. One theory is that the resilient trees are the very same two that were brought over from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) in the late 1800s, and were perhaps made of stronger stuff than their surrounding vegetation.

Well, deTerrabytes, this certainly is cause for celebration so I’m off to party, but be sure to call back soon for more timberiffic tid-bits!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist
Cabineto is a huge fan of marble accessories for solid wood kitchens!

How goes it, party peeps?

Ready for your latest dose of gawgus accessories for solid wood kitchens? I know I am! Cabineto loves a stunning kitchen trinket or two himself, so together we have scoured the Wonderful Wide Web (that’s what it stands for, right?) to unearth the most marvellous marble accessories for you.

Marble really is the ‘Dish of the Day’ as far as design trends go, though they are certainly no flash in the pan (excuse the culinary puns!) – so feast your eyes on these stylish accessories:

A marble chopping board is ideal for setting down hot pans in solid wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

1. This marble chopping board is the definitive stylish kitchen accessory. Not only is marble hard-wearing, this fantabulous surface stays nice and cool making it perfect for preparing pastry and icing, and for resting hot pans on, too.

Marble surfaces are wonderfully elegant and can double as serveware for breads and cheeses (yum!).

Prepare food with flair in natural kitchens with this stylish marble pestle and mortar set.

Image courtesy of Currys

2. Often find yourself crushing cloves or prepping pesto? A pestle and mortar is a must!

Super tough and easy to clean, a marble pestle and mortar is a handy kitchen accessory for crushing, mixing and blending herbs and spices.

Preparing pastry is easy in wooden kitchens with the use of a cool marble rolling pin.

Image courtesy of Maisons Du Monde

3. Cool to the touch and wonderfully smooth, marble is a smart material for a rolling pin as dough is less likely to stick to it. This nifty little number even comes with its own stand.

For the budding bakers among us, this baby is certainly a culinary must-have!

A marble wine cooler will keep wine cold for hours, even in steamy solid wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Noble Express

4. Keep your beverages cold in style with this marble wine cooler! This bad boy will keep wine cool for hours – with no need for ice – thanks to its natural insulating properties.

Made entirely from white marble, this wine cooler is subtle yet elegant, and will look totally fabulous alongside the marble serving board!

This marble cheese board with glass dome is perfect for those who love all things cheese!

Image courtesy of Godinger

5. Mmm did someone say cheese? I love all things cheese-related – cheese boards, cheesy jokes, CHEESE…! You get the picture. But I’ve never been quite as smitten with a cheese-related accessory as I am now. With this classy number you can brie absolutely certain the final cheese course is memorable highlight of your dinner party. Complete with a glass dome, it’s pretty Gouda isn’t it?

Add some flavour to your kitchen design scheme with some classy marble salt and pepper shakers.

Image courtesy of House of Fraser

6. Now what sophisticated dining table is complete without a set of the old salt ‘n’ peps, huh? None, which is why I know these salt and pepper shakers are an essential addition to my list.

Crafted from marble into a beautiful egg shape, these shakers are super smooth and super stylish. Every well-seasoned marble enthusiast needs ones.

Store utensils in style in your wooden kitchen, with a stunning marble utensil pot.

Image courtesy of Marks and Spencer

7. Call me suspicious but this looks rather similar to the marble wine cooler, dontcha think? But who am I to question it, as this is – in fact – a handy storage device for your cooking utensils.

Whoever said style and practicality don’t mix? This durable marble utensil pot has panache by the bucket-load!

With all this marblelous kitchen wares on show, keep your kitchen from looking cold by teaming these trendy trinkets with wholesome wood worktops and some cosy copper complements – you can find more of these in our ‘Ten Copper Accessories for Solid Wood Kitchens’ blog!

That’s all from me for now – I better get back to my wooden wonderings before I lose my marbles!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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