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How-dilly-doo, kitchen crew, have I got a treat for you!

I’ve discovered some gorgeous getaways for fans of natural kitchens. Trussed-up in timber, these wooden wonders are the ideal hide-out to escape the hectic goings-on of the modern world and truly get back to nature

If you’re not quite psyched up to voyage to a hardwood holiday hut just yet, our solid wood kitchens might just get you in the mood – from temptingly timber-y oak cupboard doors to wickedly wooden kitchen cabinets, teamed with harmonious hardwood kitchen worktops.

If you’re good to go then it’s ‘holidays ahoy!’ – take a look at these timberrific treehouses:

This three-storey treehouse in Canada is an excellent location for a natural kitchen!

three-storey treehouse – British Columbia, Canada

Go big or go home, that’s what I say, and treehouses are no exception! This three-storey wonder can be found in Canada, and has proudly earned the accolade of tallest treehouse in British Columbia.

If you ever dreamed of having a treehouse as a kid, you probably imagined something a little like this! Add in some solid wood kitchen doors and your new leafy residence is complete.

We bet they’ve got an impressive solid wood kitchen in this treehouse restaurant in New Zealand.

yellow treehouse restaurant – Auckland, New Zealand

Treehouses are not just for living in! You can chow down on some yummy grub in this wood-embellished restaurant. My trusty companion Cabineto has been bugging me to go to this eatery for yonks now, and I think we’ll one day have to journey over to New Zealand soon to check it out.

This project was inspired by natural forms like cocoons and – lit up at night – looks a little like a glowing paper lantern. Can I book a table for two?

All this magical woodland treehouse needs is some solid wood kitchen doors and it’s good to go!

‘Living the High Life’ treehouse – Herefordshire, UK

This is the stuff of daydreams and fairytales! Cross the ‘drawbridge’ to get to this wooden castle in the sky and there you shall find all sorts of fabulous, forest-y furniture.

This lofty retreat is complete with a look-out post, timber turrets, and is decked out luxuriously inside – no wonder it’s called the ‘Living the High Life’ treehouse! Designed by the brilliant British firm Blue Forest, this wood-clad creation can be found in the beautiful county of Herefordshire.

Solid wood kitchens are, of course, a must for any of these elevated hideaways, and they make a smart starting point for any home. To find some wonderful wood ‘kitchinspiration’ (as they say) why not take a scroll through our kitchen gallery?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


What’s poppin’, deTerrarinos?

Have you heard about our terrific ‘Top Picks’ palette for wood kitchens? This smashing selection of Farrow & Ball colours for kitchens includes the wonderful, the fabulous, the mystical… Mizzle! A marvellous choice for kitchens of any kind, I just can’t help but get worked up about this drop-dead-gorgeous shade from the Dorset paint specialists. So much so – in fact – that I penned this little ditty in tribute:

Over many years of being a solid wood kitchen enthusiast, the deTerra Diarist has been known to write a poem or two.

Now I know that I’m no Wordsworth, but I was feeling inspired. This cool kitchen colour choice leaves nothing to be desired (woops, more rhyming!). It’s elegant and calming, with just enough pigmentation to keep things interesting. Whilst this splendiferous shade was concocted with the mist and drizzle of the west-country evening skies as a muse, blue tones are definitely dodged, creating a colour that’s totally cool, but definitely not cold!

Our ‘Top Picks’ palette includes the best-loved finishes for our solid oak cupboard doors. These dazzling best-sellers are kept in stock at all times so that, when you place your order, we can whizz them on out the door in no time at all! Not only is delivery quicker, the price of these smokin’ shades is lower too – how’s that for a fab deal, kitchen comrades?

Check out these snazzy snaps for some Mizzle-y kitchen inspiration:

Visit our samples page to order a kitchen cupboard door frontal painted in Farrow & Ball’s mystical Mizzle and discover its appeal for yourself – I know it’s gonna knock your socks off!

Well, I gotta bounce – catch up with you soon, my kitchen-loving clan.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

How goes it, my kitchen-loving companions?

This week I heard a story that really will shiver your timbers: the tempestuous tale of the Treat Oak, in Austin, Texas. This tough ol’ tree has been through the ringer, to say the least, and – if you admire the resilient powers of nature as much as I do – fans of our oak kitchens will certainly want to hear about this saga.

Allow me to set the scene. Now, this mighty oak has been around for about 500 years. Over the ages, its elegant long branches grew and grew, until they eventually spread out over a span of 127 feet (that’s the length of three buses!). The tree formerly served as a meeting place for Comanche and Tonkawa Tribes and is the last surviving member of the ‘Council Oaks’. Legend has it, the city’s founder, Stephen F. Austin, met with local Native Americans beneath the oak’s leafy canopy, to sign Texas’ first boundary treaty. By the 20th century, this honourable oak was declared the most perfect specimen of a North American tree by the American Forestry Association, who hastened to venerate the tree in their Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. – how’s that for kudos!?

In 1989, disaster struck. In a vicious act of vandalism, the city’s beloved tree was poisoned with enough herbicide to kill 100 trees. The nation was outraged, with extensive news coverage and rallying of the community. Local politician and businessman Ross Perot even wrote a blank cheque to support the intensive recovery efforts, whilst hundreds of home-made ‘Get Well Soon’ cards were sent from children around the country and displayed in the Treaty Oak Park where the tree stands. Meanwhile, a bounty of $10,000 was announced for the capture of the villain who had poisoned the botanical landmark.

You’ll be delighted to hear, kitchen crew, that – whilst nearly two-thirds of the tree were killed off by the herbicide – meticulous care and attention revitalised it, allowing it to survive. The man responsible was indeed captured, and served nine years in prison to pay for his crimes against nature. In 1997, the legendary Treaty Oak produced its first crop of acorns since the devastating attack, and now stands as a symbol of strength and endurance for the state of Texas.

If this heart-warming tale isn’t proof of the sturdy nature of oak, I’m not sure what is. A wise choice then, if you are looking for a robust and long-lasting wooden work surface! To check out our beautiful, high-quality timber before ordering your oak worktops, why not request a worktop sample first?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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