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Howdy kitchen comrades!

I am forever appreciating trees and all things timber but this got me a-thinkin’ – now, I’ve talked about faces in trees before – but what about our furry friends?! I have never seen a little critter staring back at me from one of our solid wood kitchens, but after a quick search I was able to find plenty of animal apparitions in wood – which I have, of course, shared below for you all to see!

Cheeky MeerkatsImage Credit: The Daily Mail

Cheeky Meerkats

These three cheeky meerkats reside on a fence panel in Kent and were spotted by pensioner Pamela Warriner. The friendly fellows look exactly like some cheerful meerkats keeping look-out.

Friendly LionImage Credit: BabbleWorld

Friendly Lion

This lion profile was spotted in a wooden dresser. Is it just me or does this have a celebrity doppelganger in Simba? Cabineto seems to think so!

Grizzly BearImage Credit: Pinterest

Grizzly Bear

I see absolutely nothing grizzly about this bear – it looks more startled than anything else. I suppose I’d be shocked if I was immortalised in timber too! The mossy snout only enhances the look – I can picture a furry nose.

Timber TerrierImage Credit: Pinterest

Timber Terrier

I have seen many dogs in bits of timber but the knots on this piece of wood look just like a small terrier and is the most fantabulous one I have seen – I just had to share it with you! This canine looks slightly concerned but I am stumped about what the issue could be!

Smiling SlothImage Credit: Pinterest

Smiling Sloth

This friendly fellow looks incredibly pleased to be here. Sloths are so slow moving that there is a special kind of moss that grows in their fur – this creature looks so sleek and shiny I don’t think that’s a concern!

So there you have – my favourite animal faces in wood. What’s your favourite?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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