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Howdy kitchen comrades!

Spring is rapidly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with some new kitchen wares! These country kitchen accessories really speak to me since they’re all inspired by nature – and they’ll be the perfect complement for any of our oak kitchens! So sit back and be energized by my top pick of kooky kitchen doodads, all influenced by mother nature herself.

This Emma Bridgewater Marmalade Radio is the perfect way to add some zest to your kitchen!

Image Credit: Emma Bridgewater

Mini Bluetooth Radio

This Emma Bridgewater Marmalade Mini Bluetooth Radio has a bright zesty lemon print, perfect for injecting some zing into your kitchen. The Bluetooth means you can stream music from your computer, phone or tablet – but if you prefer the good ol’ fashioned radio like myself, you’ll have hundreds of stations to choose from.

Laura Ashleys’ set of 4 flower measuring spoons is one of my all-time top country kitchen accessories!

Image Credit: Laura Ashleys

Flower Measuring Spoons

These bloomin’ beautiful flower measuring spoons are perfect for a nature lover like myself – bringing the outside in is easy with the perfect country kitchen accessories! This most unusual design has beautifully mellow tones that look like they have been taken right out of an English country garden.

This egg storage house is the perfect place for your eggs!

Image Credit: Next

Egg House

Now, the observant amongst you may have noticed that this is not strictly taken from nature. But how could I leave this out? An egg house that looks like a chicken coop. As far as country kitchen accessories go, this is a real winner. The creamy colour is perfect for traditional country kitchens and how could anybody refuse the opportunity of collecting the eggs from a real coop and dropping them off here when the job is done?

An apple shaped oven dish a day keeps the doctor away… or something!

Image Credit: Laura Ashleys

Apple Oven Dish

This apple shaped oven dish from Laura Ashley is a great way to get your 5-a-day in! Of course – I jest – but you really could cook anything in this fantabulous ceramic dish. It’s too much fun to keep in a cupboard – so I’d suggest storing this in an open unit or at least one with a glazed door so everybody can see the snazzy country kitchen accessories inside!

The new Yellow Wallflower pattern from Emma Bridgewater really puts a spring in my step!

Image Credit: Emma Bridgewater

Yellow Wallflower Mug

The new yellow wallflower pattern from Emma Bridgewater is perfect for spring. A fresh, bright yellow is the perfect complement for the fantastic florals featured in the pattern. This final pick of my country kitchen accessories would look fandabbydosey hung on a hook underneath a solid oak kitchen wall unit.

So there you have it folks – my top country kitchen accessories for spring. Have you got any nature inspired features in your kitchen? I’d love to see them, so feel free to send us a snap on Facebook or Pinterest!


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Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

November is here, kitchen comrades, and I really have a hankering to share this snippet of kitchen-planning wisdom with you. Many of you may be considering installing your solid wood kitchens around this time, in preparation for the festive season. Among the many thingy-ma-bobs and whatcha-ma-call-its that you might usually expect to stumble upon in wooden kitchens, did you know that you might be in need of one or two of our wondrous worktop moisture barriers?

I can’t blame you if you’re longing for the lovely, lumber-y goodness of solid wood worktops, but I really recommend installing one of these badboys between wood work surfaces and any appliance that may emit moisture or heat. These could be dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, or built-under ovens! With increased humidity, timber can expand, making it susceptible to bowing or warping. The added protection of a moisture barrier will help keep your wonderful wood worktops looking their finest. Our must-have moisture barriers measure 1M x 750mm x 3mm and are available for only a tenner – you can find them on our Installation Accessories page!

If you would like further inspiration before choosing your favourite wooden work surface, why not visit our gorgeous Gallery page first, to discover a wide range of beautiful natural kitchens?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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Hey-diddle-doo, kitchen comrades!

I know you love to hear about all things timber, and today I really want to get a ‘handle’ on the finishing touches that truly complete the fabulous appearance of natural kitchens.

Handles and knobs can have a dramatic impact on the look of a kitchen, whether you are selecting brand new solid wood kitchen cabinets and solid oak cupboard doors too, or simply giving your existing kitchen a much needed face-lift.

Hang tight, culinary crew, there’s so much to see! Wooden handles are – of course – my deTerra Top Pick: we have oodles of these to choose from, including solid oak knobs in a sanded, lacquered or painted finish, as well as other timber options in beautiful beech, exotic iroko, wicked walnut, merry maple and charming cherry. Isn’t it a marvellous medley?

If you have a hankering for handles but you’re not tempted by timber, you can also find a fantabulous collection of metal and ceramic kitchen hardware on our website. From satin-finish steel mushroom knobs and pleasing pewter cup handles to Edison knobs and nifty nickel-plated bar handles, there’s such a superb choice that I wouldn’t know where to begin! Take your pick my kitchen-loving compadres – we have a terrifically tantalising collection to suit any style of home.

I really am jazzed about these appealing accessories, I’m not sure I can ‘handle’ it! Only kidding, natural kitchen fans, I’m only too pleased to wax lyrical on this topic. In fact, if you fancy a chat about all things kitchen related, why not get in touch with a member of our mighty-fine team here at deTerra: you can drop us a line on 03333 703333, or email .

Ta ta for now,

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What’s cooking, kitchen collective?

Awesome oak kitchens are full of personality, and nothing complements these spaces better than a quirky kitchen gadget or two. For instance, the playful, animal-themed cooking accessories in today’s blog are totally fun and perfect for bringing out your natural kitchen’s wild side!

This kiwi scoop is a fantastic accessory for solid wood kitchens.

#1 Kiwi Scoop

This is so much more than just a Kiwi Fruit Scoop! Made in the shape of a kiwi bird, this handy tool from Koziol has a pointed beak than can score the skin and separate your kiwi fruit into two halves – your fresh fruit snack will be ready in a jiffy with this nifty gadget. It also comes in a set of three with a flamingo grapefruit spoon and snail-shaped orange peeler.

Keep fingers safe in natural kitchens with this adorable dog pot holder.

#2 Dog Pot Holder

This gadget is perfect for dog-lovers with real wood kitchens! The Dog Pot Holder from Premier Housewares is made entirely from silicone, and can withstand temperatures from -58 to 446 degrees, should you require. Neat, huh? Ditch dowdy mitts and get your hands on this incredible canine companion instead!

Accessorize your solid oak worktops with a handy penguin kitchen timer.

#3 Penguin Egg Timer

This quirky Penguin Egg Timer from Kikkerland is a p-p-p-perfect partner for our natural oak worktops. Time your cooking to perfection by simply twisting the head on this adorable penguin kitchen timer.

So wild whilst cooking with this panda skillet in real wood kitchens.

#4 Panda Skillet

This cooking accessory puts the ‘pan’ in panda! The Gutch Yuzo Panda Skillet comes with a non-stick coating and is both practical and cute – certainly a bit more exciting than your boring, everyday frying pan. To use the pan in its natural habitat, our delightful bamboo worktops are the perfect pairing for the Panda Skillet!

The Nessie ladle from Ototo stands upright on wooden worktops until ready for use!

#5 Nessie Ladle

Stop the Press! We’ve spotted the Loch Ness Monster! No need to be afraid though, as this natty Nessie ladle from Ototo comes with four little feet to keep her upright on in your solid wood kitchen. Once your dinner is ready to serve, Nessie is on hand to scoop your soup with an easy-to-hold handle. Made from 100% food-safe Nylon, this Nessie is simply soup-erb!

Let the Manatea Infuser make you the perfect brew for chilling out in our traditional fitted kitchens.

#6 ManaTea Infuser

A popular kitchen gadget for tea enthusiasts and sea life lovers alike, the ManaTea Infuser from Fred & Friends makes you a mean cuppa, whilst also looking wonderfully whimsical bathing in your brew. We hear this fella goes by the name of Fred, who is made from silicone. This small-scale gadget makes a great gift, and takes up next to no space in oak kitchen cabinets.

These dinosaur ice cube trays are perfect for throwing an Ice Age party in wooden kitchens.

#7 Fossiliced Ice Cube Tray

Dinosaurs may be extinct but these fab frozen fossils are far from it! A fun addition to any party, these dino-shaped ice cubes from Fred & Friends will get your family ‘rawr’-ing with laughter.

Looking for natural kitchens to accompany your animal-themed kitchen accessories? Come and be inspired by visiting one of our kitchen showrooms! If you are looking for Cotswold kitchens, we would love you to welcome you at our flagship showroom situated just outside Gloucester; a beautiful showroom that is easily accessed from the M5. We have a number of other showroom locations throughout England, so please do pop in and explore our stunning range of oak kitchens and accessories at your leisure.

Ta ta for now,

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When it comes to kitchens, we love a good gadget – and when it comes to solid wood kitchens we love timber accessories even more! Wonderful wood has many, many uses, and whether you have spare wooden utensils, discarded timber or worktop offcuts, there are plentiful opportunities to be crafty and create some fabulous kitchen accessories. Ready to DIY?

These painted spoons are a fun and funky addition to solid wood kitchens

Image courtesy of homeideasmag.com

rainbow painted wooden spoons

Bring a rainbow in your utensils drawer with these fun hand-painted wooden spoons. These funky utensils are easy to replicate at home – no need to spend a fortune at your nearest kitchen accessories retailer! The mismatched sets here have oodles of character, and can be hung from hooks for added decoration.

To revamp stirring spoons and salad servers, wrap a section of masking tape half way up the wooden handle. Pick the brightest, most dazzling colours in your paint box and get to work!

Use scrap timber or a wood pallet to create this DIY mug rack for your solid wood kitchen

Image courtesy of woohome.com

coffee mug rack

All you need is a spare solid wood pallet to fashion this rustic coffee mug rack. Restore chaotic cupboards to order – and create a quirky kitchen feature – by upcycling this discarded timber.

Simply screw in a few hooks and use a stencil to paint on a heading of your choosing. Ta-da – your own DIY mug rack!

homemade wine rack

Maintaining the spirit of repurposing old timber, this wine rack is simple to make – and showcases your splendid wine collection!

First, hammer extra-long nails into individual pieces of even-sized wood, to create the shelves. Then, take a long piece of timber to form the vertical upright, and attach the smaller pieces of wood by screwing them on from the rear. For a rustic look, varnish the wood and distress with sandpaper. To create a characterful finishing touch, consider adding some chalkboard labels.

kitchen tablet holder

Got a spare chopping board? They have a habit of filling up kitchen cupboards – and you’re never quite sure where they all came from. Well, deTerra fans, here’s a fantastic way to free up some cupboard space, with a kitchen-themed tablet holder!

The perfect way to prop up your tablet when following an online recipe, simply add a small ledge to the front of your chopping board and a support on the reverse and you are good to go (all-purpose wood glue is ideal for this!). For a true country look, paint your tablet stand in a soft cream shade and distress the edges with fine grit sandpaper.

Got some nifty DIY projects of your own? We’d love to see, so please share your snaps with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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