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howdy ho solid wood aficionados!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am right now my kitchen comrades! I know it isn’t often that the Great British weather behaves like this, so I for one am trying my darndest to make the most of it before we’re back to the persistent drizzle we’re more acclimatised to. Now, I can understand why kitchen showrooms are not, typically, the first place that people head in a heatwave, but it is important that you enjoy the sun responsibly and ensure you get plenty of rest in the shade – our showrooms could be the perfect location for some respite.

This shot from our kitchen showroom in the Gloucestershire showroom is as beautiful to me as views of the British countryside on a sunny summers day!</

Our solid wood kitchen showrooms are a fantabulous place to start if you are looking for inspiration for your new kitchen. We have a range of styles, colours and configurations set out for you to peruse at your own pace, with helpful kitchen advisors on hand to answer any questions you may have. For charming cabinets, stunning splashbacks and wonderful wooden worktops galore, we have a number of showrooms throughout the country – we’ve tried to spread out across the UK to ensure that as many solid wood kitchen lovers as possible can see our sumptuous showrooms!

Live a little far out from the locations of our kitchen showrooms? Our sample service is the next best thing. For a small cost, we will deliver samples of work surfaces, cabinets and kitchen doors – so you can see how great everything will look together in your home before you order. What are you waiting for my kitchen companions!?

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Our wicker storage drawers are perfect for a country kitchen

whats crackalackin my kitchen comrades?

I am full of apologies today as I have made an unfortunate oversight. Our wonderful wicker storage drawers have been available for some time now, and I have yet to discuss these amazing alternatives to regular drawers, so to make up for it I am going to give you the low-down on them now!

Available in two different sizes, these hand-made wicker baskets look splendiferous in a country kitchen and are a stylish way to store all manner of items. Fresh fruits and veggies are best, as the structure of the woven wicker allows air to circulate around, keeping your five-a-day fresher for longer!

Our wonderful wicker storage drawers feature a solid oak surround to ensure they blend in with the rest of your beautiful oak kitchen, and to make sure they stay in tip-top condition for years to come! They are also supplied with solid oak runners that can be screwed directly into any unit or alcove in your kitchen – or any other room in the house for that matter!

So there you have it, deTerrorinos – add our wonderful wicker storage drawers to your order today!

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greetings eco-kitchen lovers!

Wow! I cannot believe I’m on entry three hundred and fifty – time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

I am incredibly proud of deTerra’s green credentials and we work hard to ensure that the products we use are as environmentally friendly as possible. Ever the bearer of brilliant news, I recently stumbled upon a company called The Cheeky Panda and I must say that – whilst they may find their way into my bathroom rather than the kitchen – I am already a huge fan. Harnessing the renewable nature of bamboo, they have created a splendiferous collection of luxury tissue products that are giving back to the environment!

Unsurprisingly, the team at The Cheeky Panda make some alterations to natural bamboo before it reaches you in tissue form!

Whilst we all know that this giant natural grass is good for making bamboo worktops, these guys use bamboo to produce toilet roll and facial tissues which promise to be kind to your skin as well as the Earth. The Cheeky Panda announced last month that they are now completely carbon balanced and are also working to support the World Land Trust in looking after a very important part of Vietnamese rainforest that supports a number of endangered and vulnerable mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. The Cheeky Panda range is available from a variety of health stores and online retailers, and is an excellent way to bring sustainability to other parts of your home outside of the kitchen!

Thanks to our fantabulous bamboo worktops, we already know just how sustainable bamboo is, and there are already loads of other brilliant bamboo products you can buy if protecting the environment is your bag! Would you be willing to swap your regular tissue for this exciting eco alternative? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Ta ta for now,

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How do deTerrarinos?

Spring has sprung! The clocks have changed, the daffodils are out and the birds are singing. Such a beautiful time of year, and perfect for giving your solid wood kitchen a bit of a spring clean. There is nothing better than a freshly spruced-up kitchen, and I’m sure that kitchen enthusiasts need no encouragement to show yours a little love! As a special treat, I’m sharing my top tips for giving your kitchen a spring clean below.

This beautiful solid wood kitchen is looking great after a quick spring cleaning!
  • Take everything off your worktops so you can clean the surfaces and tiles or splashbacks behind – easy-peasy. My solid wood worktops can get cluttered by all sorts, but I find this is a great time to sort through everything before I put it back!
  • Use a mixture of 95% warm water and 5% liquid soap for wiping down your worktop – wood is a natural product and shouldn’t be cleaned or treated with aggressive products as it may get ruined!
  • Remove everything from your cupboards so that you can clean them properly with the soapy mixture disclosed in my secret recipe above. I like to move stuff around before I put it back – it keeps me on my toes!
  • Clear out the ‘stuff’ drawer! Everybody has one, and whether yours is filled with take-out menus, junk mail or old batteries, now is the time to reclaim it. Remove, recycle, and re-organise your way through it and I promise the end result will be intensely satisfying.
Lemon is a great natural cleanser – so save the oranges and have some juice when you’re done!

Looking for a more in-depth step-by-step guide for your spring clean routine? You are in luck, kitchen crew! Way back in entry one hundred and seventy eight I wrote out some spring cleaning instructions for all you solid wood kitchen owners.

I’m all-ears if any of you have spring cleaning tips for solid wood kitchens that you would like to share with me. You can reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter or let us know in the comments below – but you’ll have to be quick, I’m off to grease up my elbows!

Ta ta for now,

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Happy New Year deTerrarinos!

It’s almost unbelievable that we’re already at the end of the year – so much has happened in the last 12 months it’s difficult to know where the time has gone.

We’ve had new showrooms opening in Warrington, Redhill and Camden, a host of exciting new products for your new oak kitchens, and much more exciting stuff going on at deTerra HQ.

To round off the year nicely, I’ve put together a little reminder of some of the most popular entries in this humble little diary of mine, just in case you missed them!

Switch on to the copper trend with this modern industrial pendant lamp.

Copper’s the hot topic in 2016

As per usual, we were right on-trend this year, as the copper phenomenon overtook wood kitchens.

This glamorous trend looks set to continue into the New Year, so if you’re looking for some accessories so spruce up your solid wood worktops, take a read through our top ten copper accessories blog for some inspiration.

This kitchen harmonises cream cabinetry with sleek stainless steel to create the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

The natural look still rules

When it comes to cool kitchen designs, the natural look is still the cream of the crop, and never goes out of style.

Back in March I wrote a particularly handy blog to help you get the look in your new wood kitchen, which is super-simple using our solid wood kitchen units and other fab kitchen components.

This kitchen harmonises cream cabinetry with sleek stainless steel to create the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

Wooden worktops make the best desks

Back in September we stepped out of the kitchen and into the office to spread our wooden wonders throughout the home. Our wood worktops make the perfect table tops for office desks, and – thanks to the wide range of timbers in our collection – suit a variety of office design themes, too.

Read our special blog to learn more about creating a cool desk using our worktops.

That just about wraps it up from me for another year, but I’ll be back very soon with more decidedly delightful diary entries for your perusal, so watch this space!

Ta ta for now,

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