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Hey hey timber enthusiasts!

Now I don’t mind the drizzle (mainly because it reminds me of mizzle), but I know that a lot of my kitchen comrades are dreaming of warmer times. Whilst fans of wood kitchens know I am capable of some pretty awesome things, changing the weather is not one of them – which got me a-thinkin’ – what can I do? I’ve put together a few fabulous colours from Dorset-based paint specialists Farrow & Ball to warm your wood kitchens through the rest of the winter!

India Yellow is a mustard hue that creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

India Yellow

This cosy mustard has a beautifully deep, warming base that creates a bright, bold colour. Unlike a lot of yellows, this one doesn’t warrant the use of sunglasses indoors – this yellow truly is mellow (much like myself)!

India Yellow is best used in more spacious wood kitchens but could be used as a feature wall or on cupboard doors in a smaller area, as an easy-peasy way to create a playful accent.

With wenge or black oak worktops this shade looks particularly spectacular as it provides a balance between the light and dark hues.

The dustiest pink, Cinder Rose provides a soft injection of heat to any room.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Cinder Rose

A soft dusty pink that can be used in a vintage kitchen to evoke an intimacy that helps to thaw out even the frostiest of days. Cinder rose is a rather romantic shade that’s perfect for showing wood kitchens a little bit of love.

This fabulous shade looks terrific with natural oak or natural beech worktops alongside cabinet doors painted in a light hue with warm undertones, such as White Tie or Pointing.

Cinder Rose looks scrumptious in a variety of colour schemes, but I think it pairs particularly perfectly with accents of Brinjal – our next warming winter colour!

Dark and mysterious, this plummy shade has red undertones that make it perfect for creating drama in wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball


Deep and brooding, this dramatic aubergine can create heat in any room! Sophisticated and opulent, Brinjal’s rich hue is softened by its warmth, and that’s what makes it so inviting.

Brinjal looks good enough to eat, and is the perfect colour for wood kitchens. Bring out the warm undertones of this shade with a worktop made from cherry or caramel bamboo for a sizzling hot look! Neutral hues on your cupboard doors will bring out the heat even more, and I personally think Slipper Satin is the only shade sumptuous enough to match this luxurious plum.

This softer shade of earthy red has strong orange tones that ensure the colour isn’t too overwhelming for wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Book Room Red

The hottest shade of all, I could simply not complete this list without including a zesty red! I think everything about this colour is splendiferous, as earthy tones really are my bag.

This terracotta hue is perfect for all wood kitchens of any shape or size. The warmth that the orange tones provide make sure the red doesn’t take over, so still looks great in smaller rooms.

A perfect match for American walnut or iroko worktops, the unique and visible grain on each complements the natural tones of Book Room Red.

Well, that’s all from me for another entry in the deTerra Diary. If you’ve seen something on our site that has caught your eye, why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms to get up close and personal with our wood kitchens?

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Howdy ho deTerrarinos!

Greenery is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017.

Image Credit: Pantone 2017

Boy do I have something exciting to share with all you lovers of natural kitchens. Pantone have announced their colour of the year and this one is a real doozy! 15-0343 is now the shade for 2017, which for those of you not up on Pantone’s colour numbers, is known as ‘Greenery’. Awesome!

I am so stoked that the folks at Pantone have chosen a colour that is so fabaroony. Bright and zesty, this natural hue really makes me feel pumped up for the year to come! It also makes a great selection for natural kitchens, as its luscious and fresh feeling will get you inspired to create delicious healthy meals to kick off the New Year.

Not only have they bestowed upon us this magnificent shade, the ever generous gang at Pantone have put together some colour pairings for ‘Greenery’, and they really are perfect picks. ‘Forest Floor’ is great for natural kitchens; featuring beautiful greens that range from the pastel ‘Silt Green’ to the jewel toned teal ‘Hydro’. ‘Grape Kiss’ breaks it up a bit with a purple pop, and dusty red ‘Redwood’ adds a bit of variety – though I don’t think you can ever have too much green!

The Forest Floor collection from Pantone has a number of greens that are perfectly complemented by jewel toned purple, red and teal.

Image Credit: Pantone 2017

‘Moody Blooms’ is a personal favourite, but there is nothing moody about this collection! This selection warms things up with reds, oranges, pinks and yellows that could provide a great source of inspiration for natural kitchens that are in need of a shake-up.

These Moody Blooms have been chosen to pair perfectly with Greenery and we couldn’t agree more with the selection!

Image Credit: Pantone 2017

‘Deep Rooted’ brings things right back down to earth with more neutral tones like ‘Tofu’ and ‘Brown Rice’ – perfection if you want to make ‘Greenery’ really stand out!

Neutral shades like those from Pantone’s Deep Rooted collection are great for natural kitchens.

Image Credit: Pantone 2017

Feeling inspired to add some pizzazz to your natural kitchens, compadres? Don’t forget, we offer bespoke painting on our cabinet frontals, and you’re sure to find some similarly sumptuous hues in the extensive colour range from Farrow & Ball!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


What’s poppin’, deTerrarinos?

Have you heard about our terrific ‘Top Picks’ palette for wood kitchens? This smashing selection of Farrow & Ball colours for kitchens includes the wonderful, the fabulous, the mystical… Mizzle! A marvellous choice for kitchens of any kind, I just can’t help but get worked up about this drop-dead-gorgeous shade from the Dorset paint specialists. So much so – in fact – that I penned this little ditty in tribute:

Over many years of being a solid wood kitchen enthusiast, the deTerra Diarist has been known to write a poem or two.

Now I know that I’m no Wordsworth, but I was feeling inspired. This cool kitchen colour choice leaves nothing to be desired (woops, more rhyming!). It’s elegant and calming, with just enough pigmentation to keep things interesting. Whilst this splendiferous shade was concocted with the mist and drizzle of the west-country evening skies as a muse, blue tones are definitely dodged, creating a colour that’s totally cool, but definitely not cold!

Our ‘Top Picks’ palette includes the best-loved finishes for our solid oak cupboard doors. These dazzling best-sellers are kept in stock at all times so that, when you place your order, we can whizz them on out the door in no time at all! Not only is delivery quicker, the price of these smokin’ shades is lower too – how’s that for a fab deal, kitchen comrades?

Check out these snazzy snaps for some Mizzle-y kitchen inspiration:

Visit our samples page to order a kitchen cupboard door frontal painted in Farrow & Ball’s mystical Mizzle and discover its appeal for yourself – I know it’s gonna knock your socks off!

Well, I gotta bounce – catch up with you soon, my kitchen-loving clan.

Ta ta for now,

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Howdy, creative kitchen collective!

With the announcement of Pantone’s ‘Colours of the Year’ way back in January, we had an inkling that romantic rosy hues were going to be the “big thing” for 2016. Their Rose Quartz colour has certainly taken the design world by storm, and I certainly urge deTerra fans not to dismiss pink as too ‘girlish’ or ‘garish’ for solid oak kitchens, without first perusing the inspiration on our blog.

Don’t feel bamboozled if you have a penchant for pink! If any of our lovely deTerra fans are looking for a kitchen with a gentle, soothing vibe, then we heartily recommend the use of Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir. A romantic, delicate hue that is a new addition to their range, Peignoir looks pretty dandy in both modern and traditional settings, thanks to the underlying grey tones that enhance its overall versatility.

Peignoir looks absolutely fabulous with bright white kitchen accessories and painted trimmings, and is exceedingly well-suited to elegant ash worktops and white marble work surfaces. Alternatively, team it with dark and dramatic wenge worktops for a splendiferously striking and contemporary look. Use this shade independently on kitchen walls for a timeless painted finish that looks like it was never any other colour!

Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir used in an oak kitchen.

Image courtesy of

Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir with a collection of kitchen accessories.

Image courtesy of

Kitchen painted in Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir with white cabinets and door frame.

Image courtesy of

With a careful arrangement of soft lighting, pretty Peignoir produces a cosy and intriguing kitchen ambiance, particularly when paired with other warm neutral shades like sensational Skimming Stone and glorious Great White.

Peignoir takes on a whole new persona when used on our solid oak cupboard doors, which are carefully finished in such a way as to reveal the characterful grain pattern beneath the surface. Kitchen unit doors painted in Peignoir are enhanced by the added sense of depth that the texture of this natural material creates.

If you would like to order cabinet doors painted in this fantastic Farrow & Ball hue, our sample service offers next-day delivery via a speedy courier. Our miniature replica doors cost just £20, which can be refunded against your purchase when you place an order of 10 or more doors with us! Don’t forget to get in touch if you have any queries, dudes & dudettes. I’m off to play around with some Peignoir swatches, but I’ll be back in a jiffy…

Ta ta for now,

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Fancy a colour update, culinary crew?

We are huge fans of the splendid selection of paint shades from Farrow & Ball, and think they look particularly marvellous in our whizz-tastic wooden kitchens. From the bold and the bright to the pale and pretty, there really is no colour we could criticise. Even nudes and neutrals float our boat, though the tragic news has reached us that in some places they seem to have gained a reputation for being a little yawn-inducing.

Not the case, timber fans! Elegant neutrals look pretty gosh darn awesome in our natural kitchens, so – if you fancy dipping your toes in – here are our three favourite ‘not-boring neutrals’ for you to try out. Water-based and wicked on woodwork, these dandy paints really are wonderful:

elephant’s breath

Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath paint looks fantastic on woodwork in oak kitchens.

Elephants are known as the majestic and gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Typically peaceful and somewhat regal too, we can see how this Farrow & Ball colour got its name!

A gorgeous paint that embraces different hues depending on its surrounds, Elephant’s Breath looks a soft mushroom shade alongside Strong White, or develops a more lilac tint alongside magenta-based accent colours. To emphasise these pinkish undertones, why not partner with natural beech worktops? Pair with Charleston Gray and London Clay to scale up the drama in our lovely real wood kitchens.

cornforth white

Painted solid wood kitchen doors with Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball to achieve a laidback look.

Without the magenta pigments of Elephant’s Breath, Cornforth White is a more delicate grey. Extremely elegant and very versatile, this paint appears a pale stone colour when partnered with warm wooden work surfaces, like our oak kitchen worktops and caramel bamboo worktops (to name just a few!).

Feature this shade alongside Farrow & Ball’s All White in painted kitchens to create a light and airy look. Perfectly pretty and devastatingly dandy, how could this colour ever be called boring!?

french gray

Farrow & Ball’s French Gray looks almost sage green in certain lights, and makes an enchanting complement to solid oak kitchen doors.

Yes, grey is a neutral shade. However, French Gray is not your ordinary grey; it has so much more depth! Perfect for woodwork, and ideally suited to a modern country kitchen, this exquisite paint tiptoes somewhere on the brink of being green. Depending on the time of day (and the type of lighting), French Gray can look almost sage – pretty magical, right? Laidback, certainly. Intriguing, absolutely. But boring is definitely one thing this enchanting neutral is not!

So, not-boring neutrals – pretty nice, and totally sophisticated! If you fancy giving one of these wicked shades whirl, why not check out a painted cabinet door sample first? Delivered straight to your home, this handy service even lets you redeem the cost of the sample when you order your kitchen unit doors and oak kitchen cabinets from us.

Ta ta for now,

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