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Cabineto is a huge fan of marble accessories for solid wood kitchens!

How goes it, party peeps?

Ready for your latest dose of gawgus accessories for solid wood kitchens? I know I am! Cabineto loves a stunning kitchen trinket or two himself, so together we have scoured the Wonderful Wide Web (that’s what it stands for, right?) to unearth the most marvellous marble accessories for you.

Marble really is the ‘Dish of the Day’ as far as design trends go, though they are certainly no flash in the pan (excuse the culinary puns!) – so feast your eyes on these stylish accessories:

A marble chopping board is ideal for setting down hot pans in solid wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

1. This marble chopping board is the definitive stylish kitchen accessory. Not only is marble hard-wearing, this fantabulous surface stays nice and cool making it perfect for preparing pastry and icing, and for resting hot pans on, too.

Marble surfaces are wonderfully elegant and can double as serveware for breads and cheeses (yum!).

Prepare food with flair in natural kitchens with this stylish marble pestle and mortar set.

Image courtesy of Currys

2. Often find yourself crushing cloves or prepping pesto? A pestle and mortar is a must!

Super tough and easy to clean, a marble pestle and mortar is a handy kitchen accessory for crushing, mixing and blending herbs and spices.

Preparing pastry is easy in wooden kitchens with the use of a cool marble rolling pin.

Image courtesy of Maisons Du Monde

3. Cool to the touch and wonderfully smooth, marble is a smart material for a rolling pin as dough is less likely to stick to it. This nifty little number even comes with its own stand.

For the budding bakers among us, this baby is certainly a culinary must-have!

A marble wine cooler will keep wine cold for hours, even in steamy solid wood kitchens.

Image courtesy of Noble Express

4. Keep your beverages cold in style with this marble wine cooler! This bad boy will keep wine cool for hours – with no need for ice – thanks to its natural insulating properties.

Made entirely from white marble, this wine cooler is subtle yet elegant, and will look totally fabulous alongside the marble serving board!

This marble cheese board with glass dome is perfect for those who love all things cheese!

Image courtesy of Godinger

5. Mmm did someone say cheese? I love all things cheese-related – cheese boards, cheesy jokes, CHEESE…! You get the picture. But I’ve never been quite as smitten with a cheese-related accessory as I am now. With this classy number you can brie absolutely certain the final cheese course is memorable highlight of your dinner party. Complete with a glass dome, it’s pretty Gouda isn’t it?

Add some flavour to your kitchen design scheme with some classy marble salt and pepper shakers.

Image courtesy of House of Fraser

6. Now what sophisticated dining table is complete without a set of the old salt ‘n’ peps, huh? None, which is why I know these salt and pepper shakers are an essential addition to my list.

Crafted from marble into a beautiful egg shape, these shakers are super smooth and super stylish. Every well-seasoned marble enthusiast needs ones.

Store utensils in style in your wooden kitchen, with a stunning marble utensil pot.

Image courtesy of Marks and Spencer

7. Call me suspicious but this looks rather similar to the marble wine cooler, dontcha think? But who am I to question it, as this is – in fact – a handy storage device for your cooking utensils.

Whoever said style and practicality don’t mix? This durable marble utensil pot has panache by the bucket-load!

With all this marblelous kitchen wares on show, keep your kitchen from looking cold by teaming these trendy trinkets with wholesome wood worktops and some cosy copper complements – you can find more of these in our ‘Ten Copper Accessories for Solid Wood Kitchens’ blog!

That’s all from me for now – I better get back to my wooden wonderings before I lose my marbles!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


Posted by the deTerra diarist
Corner cabinets are a fantastic storage solution for natural kitchens.

What’s hoppin’, kitchen clan!

Now, we all know how hard it can sometimes be to find a home for a variety of weird and wonderful kitchen gadgetry, herbs and crockery – even at the best of times. When it comes to our lovely deTerra wood kitchens, however, customers need not worry over storage conundrums. We can’t help but wax lyrical about our cavernous corner cabinets, and I’d love to share a little more about them today.

These wonderful base units come in two fabulous styles: the corner solution cabinet, and the L-shaped corner cabinet.

All our solid wood kitchen units with oak doors are supplied with quality Blum fixings.

The corner solution cabinet is a simple way of capitalising on the available space, and makes it easy to create an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, simply by joining these cabinets with another standard base kitchen unit. As with all our cabinetry, these corner cupboards are made entirely from beautiful solid oak (using robust panels measuring 18mm thick), and are complete with high-quality Blum™ hinges. Splendid.

The L-shaped corner cabinet does what it says on the tin! Designed as an all-in-one corner solution, this cabinet provides ample storage meaning not even an inch of space is wasted. Bi-fold hinges make this cabinet easily-accessible, and it comes supplied with one solid oak shelf. Don’t forget, folks, our whizzy pre-assembly service comes included as standard, saving our lovely customers both time and hassle.

We have a variety of wirework solutions available – perfect for a range of oak kitchen units.

Even better, both of these space-stretching storage solutions can be purchased with kitchen wirework, which can be easily installed inside the cabinet for an even more functional finish.

Our innovative magic basket corner cabinet solution includes a set of four baskets, made from chrome-plated steel. The first two baskets pull out as the cabinet is opened, pulling out the second two behind them, which makes it easier to see all the yummy food items you have stored away.

The corner carousel basket has been created with the L-shaped corner unit in mind, and provides two rotating wire shelf units that make stretching into the shadowy corners of your cabinet a thing of the past!

To order these splendiferous corner cabinets, simply head over to our ‘Kitchens’ page, select your favourite style, and then pick the perfect finish from your kitchen unit doors. You’ll then discover our extensive range of solid wood kitchen cabinets – simply enter the quantity you would like, and click ‘Add to Cart’ – easy peasy!

If you’re intrigued to find out more about our nifty natural kitchens, do feel free to drop us a line on 03333 703333.

Ta ta for now,

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Re-create the magnificent look of a real wood kitchen with our high-quality kitchen cabinets and worktops

Howdy, kitchen crew! Ready to find out what it takes to make one of our awesome wood kitchens?

The appealing natural look of our real wood kitchens cannot be replicated by poor-quality, man-made materials – only the finest ingredients are used in our mix! We consider our wonderful oak kitchen cabinets a great starting point for wooden kitchens, and we have a fantastic selection to choose from. From base units with a variety of door and drawer combinations, to wall units and specialist kitchen units for housing appliances; we have all the beautiful, durable cabinets you should need.

Our solid wood kitchen doors are the ideal dressing for oak cabinets. These are available in two designs – and we just can’t choose between them! Both our Shaker and Traditional cabinet frontal styles are exceedingly attractive and fantastically well-made – definitely something to write home about.

If you’ve found your favourite frontal, you only need to pick a finish from our wide range. For a natural look that beautifully matches our splendid oak cabinets, our hard-wearing lacquer finish is ideal. This protects the wood against splashes and stains, and shows off the gorgeous grain pattern underneath. If you find yourself hankering after the terrific aesthetic of a painted kitchen, we also supply frontals coated in any of the stunning, high-quality paints from Farrow & Ball (that’s over 130 colours to choose from!). All our top-notch cabinet doors come with high-tech Blum™ BLUMOTION™ hinges, which have super soft-close mechanisms, too!

We think our wooden worktops are the best in the UK, nay, the world! A truly irresistible finishing touch for traditional wooden kitchens, these work surfaces are sturdy, strong and fabulously unique – and available in an enormous range of timber species. A particular favourite of ours are the magnificent solid oak kitchen worktops, which are a drool-worthy addition to homes new and old.

Top off your kitchen with a splendid selection of accessories, including handy wirework storage solutions, shiny splashbacks and charming solid oak plate racks for open-front cabinet units. To see all these dashing kitchen components – and more – why not visit our flagship Gloucestershire showroom? If you’re a little further afield, we have a number of beautiful kitchen showrooms across the country, so please do drop by and say hello!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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We all know that natural kitchens are a glorious thing, right, deTerra kitchen fans?

What’s more, we believe dashing (and high quality!) design should not be limited to the oak cabinets, hardwood worktops and wirework solutions you can see on our wonderful website. This dedication to design also means choosing fabulous flooring that is in keeping with your kitchen’s style. There are many, many kinds of fantastic flooring – which do you prefer?

solid wood flooring

Here at deTerra we are nuts about all things natural, so solid wood flooring really is high on our list of favourites. Wooden flooring can be bought in many tempting timbers and tints, so you can even match it with your wooden worktops. As well as being supremely beautiful, the benefit of real wood flooring is that chips or scratches can be easily repaired. You can’t beat pairing natural kitchens with natural floors – that’s what I say!

laminate flooring

If your budget won’t stretch to solid wood flooring, laminate flooring may just be the next best thing. Laminate flooring is noted as the best solution for imitating the appearance of wood, and can be purchased in a huge variety of styles and shades. If you want the look of hardwood without the expense, laminate is the way to go, folks!

vinyl click flooring

Vinyl click-lock planks are an excellent choice for kitchens. These planks are easily fixed together with a reliable tongue and groove system, and wood-effect finishes can be found at many retailers. Made entirely from plastic, vinyl is extremely water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for the busiest parts of the house where spillages are most likely to occur. For this reason, it is also mahoosively low-maintenance (so no need to worry about moisture, mould or mildew!).

linoleum flooring

An ideal selection for the environmentally-conscious, linoleum – or ‘lino’ – is made from natural, biodegradable materials. It is also extremely easy to clean, requiring only warm, soapy water. Though abrasive chemicals are not recommended for cleaning linoleum, it is in fact a highly durable material. The pattern is printed all the way through the flooring, so it won’t begin to fade after a bit of wear. This practical flooring is also water and stain resistant, fire retardant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and can be found in a gigantic range of patterns. Wow!

reclaimed wood flooring

Have I blabbed about my love of real wood yet? I guess the cat’s out of the bag on this one… Another favourite for those looking for an especially environmentally-friendly floor choice, reclaimed wood flooring salvages previously-used timber and has heaps of character. For attractive and highly individual kitchen floors, this is a superb choice.

limestone flooring

Our final fabulous flooring is these gorgeous limestone tiles. This kind of floor is perfect for kitchens in rustic country cottages, but also creates a fabulous contrasting effect when paired with modern, stainless steel accessories. Limestone is highly durable and bacteria-resistant, and has a naturally beautiful, luxurious appearance. A long-lasting material for floors, limestone is also very cost-effective.

Found your favourite already? Why not share some snaps of your fabulous kitchen flooring with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Ta ta for now,

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Well golly, I really am quite taken with Shaker-style solid oak kitchen doors, you know!

A smart choice for wood kitchens if ever I saw one, the contemporary Shaker door style was inspired by the Shaker furniture movement that took place in America in the late 1700s – did you know that, deTerrarinos? The Shakers took immense pride in their attention to detail and quality of work, and were guided by principles of honesty, utility and simplicity. The Shaker frontal is famed for its minimalist design and unsurpassable quality, characteristics that are firmly rooted in their craftsmanship – even today.

Our gorgeous Shaker frontals honour the magnificent work of the Shaker tradition and are solid oak throughout – none of those nasty chipboard centre panels some of our competitors like to use! These splendid cabinet doors are available in lots of different finishes, including the favourites in our ‘Top Picks’ range. These fabby finishes include a sanded surface (for you to finish as you please); a stain-resistant lacquer finish; and four perfect paint shades from Farrow & Ball: All White, New White, Mizzle and Parma Gray.

Not only are our ‘Top Picks’ absolutely ravishing, they are also kept in-stock at our Gloucestershire workshop, so we can deliver in a flash! If you do have a specific colour in mind, the option of a bespoke finish means you can choose from any of the glorious shades in Farrow & Ball’s extensive paint range. We aren’t able to store all these colours at once, so bespoke finishes may require a couple of extra days for delivery, whilst we rustle up your ideal shade!

Shaker frontals are an attractive addition to any cabinetry, and are an excellent choice for creating a most impressive kitchen – whether modern or traditional. If you would like to see these delightful doors in person, why not visit one of our showrooms? Alternatively, we can deliver our miniature replica frontals straight to your door with our handy sample service, in the finish of your choice.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any more information.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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