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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Season’s greetings kitchen lovers,

December is finally upon us and that can only mean one thing – festive-themed fantastical kitchen blogs for the next four weeks!

Forgive me for getting a little excited, but at this time of year I just can’t contain my delight at how fantastic our natural kitchens look, all spruced up with a sprig of holly, a sprinkle of festive lighting and a dusting of glittery goodness.

Whilst planning for the festivities in my own kitchen, I’ve come up with these five festive features I know you’ll love!

Spruce up windows in natural kitchens with a festive wreath!

Let them know it’s Christmas!

Want your neighbours to know you’re getting in the festive spirit? Hang a simple boxwood or cranberry wreath in front of your kitchen window and you’ll instantly feel twice as Christmassy. The circular shape is more traditional, though square and framed variants are now available (if you want something a little more modern).

Keep your natural kitchens organic with some festive foliage!

Bring a little festive foliage to your kitchen!

To bring a little natural Christmas decoration to your kitchen, the addition of seasonal plants or flowers such as Poinsettias or Amaryllis look totally fab on a windowsill or as a kitchen island centrepiece. If you don’t have the green fingers required to look after a real plant, freshly cut ivy or twigs decorated with a set of battery-powered LED fairly lights also looks very effective on top of wall cabinets.

LED lights are perfect for decorating kitchens with a little holiday cheer!

Give your kitchen a sparkle with LED lighting!

Christmas fairy lights can be used almost anywhere in the home to bring a dash of holiday cheer – I’d suggest fixing them around window frames or along the top of cabinets. Modern Christmas lights use low voltage LED lights that can be kept on for longer without wasting lots of electricity, though be careful not to position them too close to cookers and other hot appliances.

Accessorise your natural kitchens with a touch of red ribbon!

Ribbon is your friend for festive accessorising!

Drop the tinsel and choose red ribbons instead; it’s the perfect accessory for wrapping around chandeliers, shades and other fixtures. You can never have too much ribbon at Christmas – wider ribbon can be tied around the backs of chairs for a funky little festive touch. If you’re overwhelmed with Christmas cards and start to run out of space, why not attach them to a length of ribbon and pin them to the top of your kitchen cabinet pelmets and cornices?

Forget the forecast, bring a white Christmas to your kitchen!

Wish a white Christmas in your windows!

The likelihood of a white Christmas in England is bet upon every single year, but the actual chances are always incredibly slim.

Hedge your bets with this simple snowball decoration that is made by hanging cotton wool on thread or fishing line. Make balls of differing sizes to replicate the kind of thick snowfall that we all dream of.

Now that my halls are thoroughly decked, I’m turning it over to you – the delightful deTerrarinos! If you’ve got a particularly festive feature you think might be perfect for our solid wood kitchens, why not let us know on social media? We can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


Posted by the deTerra diarist

Howdy kitchen fans,

I’ve been planning out a kitchen for myself recently, and whilst picking out wood kitchen units and wooden worktops from our fabulous selection was straightforward, I struggled to choose from the seemingly endless selection of kitchen appliances.

After finally settling on the perfect dishwasher, fridge and cooker, I thought that I would share my favourite five appliances with you lovely people – thanks to my top five, kitting out solid wood kitchens will be a breeze!

Neff B25CR22N1B 60cm Electric Oven

The lovely people at Neff produce some truly elegant kitchen appliances, and this integrated stainless steel electric oven is just one such example.

Amongst the long list of handy features, the B45E42 features a SlideAway door that provides easy access and reduces the risk of self-inflicted burns, Neff’s special CircoTherm technology for simultaneous baking and roasting, and many other features controlled via a 2.5” colour display and touch controls.

Find out more on the Neff website

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer

Forget the traditional style most dishwashers stick to, Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer system is both innovative and space saving.

Available in single or double units, this dishwasher is designed to blend into existing kitchen cabinets and is considerably more economic as you only need run one drawer at a time whilst loading the other. This design is also more convenient and ergonomic.

Find out more from Fisher & Paykel

Falcon SxS Refigerator

Packed with the latest innovations in cooling technology, this side-by-side fridge freezer is both incredibly spacious and stylish.

Featuring a water and ice dispenser, digital temperature controls and humidity controlled crisper drawers, this really is the king of kitchen fridges. With an A+++ efficiency rating under its belt, it’s also environmentally friendly, too.

Read more about it on FalconAppliances.com

Franke Downdraft Kitchen Hood

If you are planning on situating your cooker hob on a kitchen island, then I have found the perfect kitchen hood for you.

Not so much a hood, but rather than a robotic pillar that rises out of the worktop at a mere touch of a button, this innovative hood includes an LED cooking light and superior efficiency over rival systems thanks to the ‘perimeteric extraction’ technology.

Get the full details from Franke

Smeg SI642D2 Induction Hob

Smeg are amongst the most stylish of kitchen appliance manufacturers, with the iconic retro-styled fridges being their flagship product.

As well as refrigeration, Smeg also produces some fantastic cooking equipment such as the imaginatively-named SI642D2 induction hob. Featuring four zones with independent boosters, nine power levels and residual heat indicators, this 60cm hob is the perfect companion for worktops in modern solid wood kitchens.

Read more about it on the Smeg website

An awesome selection of kitchen appliances, I think you’ll agree. Whilst we don’t have them all on display in our showrooms, a wide range of other appliances from Franke, Neff, Falcon and other brands can be found in our deTerra kitchens showrooms nationwide.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist
5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: David Crocker

Seasonal greetings kitchen lovers,

After the wet Bank Holiday we’ve just had, if you are anything like me I imagine you have already retrieved the overcoat and consigned yourself to the summer being well and truly over.

Whilst the end of the (supposedly) sunny season is now well and truly behind us, we have all the beauty of autumnal trees to look forward to, complete with displays of stunning colours before the leaves drop later in the year.

Not only are the autumn leaves one of nature’s most amazing colourful displays, but they also provide great inspiration for solid wood kitchens this September.

I’ve picked out five of my favourite trees to look out for this autumn:

5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: Joe Mabel

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

With a timber that is perfect for creating light wooden worktops, the Japanese maple tree is an incredibly popular ornamental tree that comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Maple’s fiery autumn hues are a delight that is perfect for creating a focal point or wall of colour in any garden.

5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: MichaelMaggs

Beech Tree (Fagus sylvatica)

If left to its own natural autumnal cycle, beech trees have a brief and bright display of leaves before they fall.

Trained into a hedge and pruned back regularly, a beech tree can keep the majority of its orange-brown leaves throughout winter before producing fresh ones in the spring.

5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: Arnstein Rønning

Rowan Tree (Sorbus aucuparia)

Whilst there are a wide variety of rowan trees, it is our native species – sometimes known as the mountain ash – that produces both brightly coloured berries and equally bright leaves during autumn.

Thanks to the abundance of food, rowan trees also provide a great home for birds throughout the autumn and winter months.

5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: Crusier

Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)

A truly monumental species, the tulip tree can grow to around 30 metres in height whilst producing a flurry of bright golden leaves in the autumn.

Though it may not flower until fully mature, its reaction to autumn creates a stunning display in gardens big enough to accommodate this imposing tree.

5 top trees to inspire autumnal solid wood kitchens

credit: BotBln

Sweet Gum (Liquidambar styraciflua)

Similar in appearance to a red maple, the sweet gum tree provides amongst the most impressive of autumn displays in the UK.

The more compact form makes it better suited to smaller gardens than maples, whilst the larger, elegant leaves have simply mesmerising colour during the winter months.

If these gorgeous trees have got you all fired up to welcome in the beauty of autumn, I highly recommend roaming the British countryside with a camera in hand. I’d love to see the results, too: why not share them with us on our Facebook page or send them to us on Twitter?

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

entry one hundred and eighty two


Howdy doody, dudes and dudettes!

Creating a truly unique kitchen can often seem like a tough task unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on antique and bespoke finishing touches to express your taste.

Fortunately, the deTerra Diarist is on your side and here to get those decorative juices flowing with some inspirational accessories that would look perfect in one of our yummy wooden kitchens.

Sass & Bell Vintage Style Storage Unit

credit: BHS

Sass & Bell Vintage Style Storage Unit

You can never have enough storage, and whilst our vast range of cabinetry serves up most of the storage requirements in a kitchen, there’s definitely room for small cubby-holes such as the Sass & Bell Vintage Style Storage Units.

Manufactured from solid wood, and completed with cute handles and label holders, this unit is ideal for storing herbs, spices, tea bags, and much more!

Priced at £30 from BHS.co.uk

All Things Brighton Beautiful Compost Bin

credit: Not on the High Street

All Things Brighton Beautiful Compost Bin

I do love being environmentally friendly and doing my bit for recycling, but I absolutely hate those little plastic green food waste bins that inevitably end up stowed away under your sink.

The All Things Brighton Beautiful Compost Bin is a much more attractive alternative, and could easily be kept on display, should you prefer.

Only £23.95 from NotOnTheHighstreet.com

General Store Egg Crate

credit: Live Laugh Love

General Store Egg Crate

If you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen without breaking the bank, why not consider this wooden General Store Egg Crate.

With a printed design on two sides of the crate and string-bound handles, this little crate would look fabulous in an open solid oak cabinet and has space for up to 6 eggs.

Just £4.50 from LiveLaughLove.co.uk

3 Tier Hanging Basket

credit: Wayfair

3 Tier Hanging Basket

There’s nothing better than having an abundance of fresh fruit and veg ready to gobble up, and whilst it’s almost impossible to have trees in a kitchen from which to pick your own fresh produce, you could pluck it from a handy hanging basket instead.

This 3 Tier Hanging Basket is big enough to hold a week’s worth of fresh produce and with all the natural colours looks simply superb in any kitchen.

Priced at £18.91 from Wayfair.co.uk

Solid Oak Plate Racks

At deTerra we offer a variety of accessories to complete the look of your kitchen in the style of your choosing – whether modern or traditional. If you are trying to re-create a classic farmhouse look, consider our solid oak plate racks.

Each plate rack measures 1200mm wide to fit even the widest kitchen cabinets, and can hold up to 24 plates. Want the plate racks to match your kitchen? Consider having them pre-painted in any of Farrow & Ball’s eggshell paints.

Prices start at £50

There are so many beautiful kitchen accessories available to give your kitchen extra character, and whilst I’ve picked some affordable options for you here on the blog, there are many more I’d love to share. Keep an eye on our Pinterest boards for more fab ideas.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


Posted by the deTerra diarist

entry one hundred and sixty five


Howdy ho!

Baking has never been far from the hearts, minds and stomachs of most British households, but with the launch of The Great British Bake Off in 2010, passion for home bakery has truly exploded. I like to rustle up a cake or two myself, and as you can probably tell if you have read previous entries in my diary (food is never particularly far from my mind – or my mouth). In my kitchen I have it all: from oversized baking tins to cupboards overflowing with sprinkles and glitter.

This week I thought I’d share 5 rather gorgeous baking accessories to spice up wood kitchens throughout Great Britain – after all, boring baking isn’t my idea of fun…

Traditional Red Kitchen Scales

Sure, you can go out and buy fancy digital scales with multiple functions and infinite accuracy, but for aesthetics nothing beats the look of a traditional set of enamel kitchen scales like this red little number from Dot Com Gift Shop.

Complete with a 5KG capacity stainless steel pan, this set of scales measures in either grams and kilos or pounds and ounces, and would fit in rather beautifully into a classic country-style wooden kitchen.

Only £19.95 from DotComGiftShop.com

Clifton Rose Ceramic Rolling Pin

Why go with a boring rolling pin when you can use something as snazzy as this Clifton Rose ceramic rolling pin from Cath Kidston.

Ceramic is the ideal material for rolling out pastry as it stays nice and cold, meaning no sticky messes. It’s also substantial and heavy enough to make rolling out dough that little bit easier.

Only £15 from CathKidston.com

Cupcake Stencil Decorating Set

You know all those fancy cupcakes everyone drools over at charity fund raisers and in quintessentially British tea rooms around the nation? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, if I may….

Most of those cupcakes aren’t the work of many hours of hand-drawn cake decoration, in fact most use a stencil kit such as this one from Lakeland. It includes 3 different designs and the stand is height adjustable, too.

Only £6.99 from Lakeland.co.uk

Truly Scrumptious Cake Stand

If you have made use of the above stencil decorating set, and become somewhat of a master of cupcakes, then an extravagant cake stand such as this is just part of tea party etiquette, is it not?

This spiralling cake stand from Party Pieces is pretty unique and would be a much-admired sweet centrepiece of any party, whilst making your cakes look great (who cares how they taste, right…? Just kidding!)

Only £19.99 from PartyPieces.co.uk

Monsoon Bettie Cake Tins

Full-sized cake more your cuppa tea? Then you will most definitely want somewhere to store them to retain the moisture.

This little triplet of Monsoon Bettie cake tins from Denby feature a large 25cm diameter tin, and two smaller 21.5cm and 19cm tins that feature some simply gorgeous patterns.

Only £26 from Denby.co.uk

So there you have it – some lovely baking accessories to get you in the mood to produce some tasty food this spring. Whatever you’re baking, make sure you’re preparing it in a deTerra kitchen for the best results!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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