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Hey there kitchen clan!

With the changing of the seasons, many minds turn to giving their solid wood kitchens a swift and stylish update for the autumn, or even – dare I say it? – for Christmas. Far warmer in look and feel than laminate or granite alternatives, wooden worktops are a fabulous choice for creating an inviting kitchen ambience, especially in the latter months of the year. With the weather taking a turn for the chilly, rich, warm timber tones are terrific for keeping things cosy.

Let’s have a look at my three fave wood choices for your autumnal kitchen update:

cherry worktops

Cheeky cherry worktops with 40mm wide staves.

Say hello to cheeky cherry! Nothing says ‘cosy’ like these charming cherry worktops, noted for their radiant gold and pink hues. This devastatingly attractive work surface is made up of 40mm-wide staves, and is perfect for perking up your kitchen, banishing the fog and making gloomy autumn days a thing of the past.

I should probably also mention that these terrific timber tops are sustainably sourced and come in loads of different sizes!

deluxe European walnut

Warm up your kitchen with wonderful Deluxe Walnut worktops.

Our Deluxe European walnut worktops are pretty special. With wonderfully wide, 90mm staves, you can’t find these bad boys just anywhere! European walnut is full of personality, and our team have crafted it into these glorious worktops to imbue your kitchen with happy, wholesome vibes.

The contrasting pale and dark hues of these worktops are certainly something to admire. Help walnut work surfaces to grow old gracefully with regular applications of Danish wood oil.

full stave iroko

Keep things cosy with full stave iroko work surfaces.

Looking for a work surface with a rich and rusty hue? Look no further! Few things can surpass the natural appeal of our luxurious full stave iroko worktops. Mingling deep bronze and red tones, iroko countertops even flaunt a glimmering golden sheen that catches the light. What better way to exhibit these truly stunning natural features than with our lavish full stave configuration, made from 90mm-wide staves that stretch the entire length of your work surface.

Whether you select our standard staves, decide on Deluxe, or go the full hog with our full stave creations, all of our splendiferous wood surfaces are extremely robust and exceedingly attractive. If you’re ready for your fabulous kitchen makeover, give us a buzz on 03333 703333, or email .

Well, I’d better skedaddle!

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Posted by the deTerra diarist
Treat natural kitchens to these wonderful wood worktops.

Cowabunga deTerra dudes! Are these worktops an eye-catching choice for natural kitchens or what, my culinary clan?

Quirky, characterful and full of personality, our zany Deluxe Zebrano kitchen worktops are cooler than cool. Also known as ‘zebrawood’, this timber has a truly unique design, with a striking contrast of gorgeous golden hues and deliciously dark and chocolate-y markings, which replicate the look of our stripy four-legged friend, the zebra.

This terrific African timber is pretty picturesque. Whether you’d prefer to install it on a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or throughout your kitchen, zebrano makes a fabulous feature and will have the kitchen compliments rolling in! Our Deluxe Zebrano work surfaces have an impressive configuration, with luxurious 90mm-wide staves that are ideal for showing off the wood’s magnificent grain pattern – after all, it certainly is something to boast about! These premium-quality staves are finger-jointed and glued under high pressure, then sanded to a 150 grit finish, ensuring a strong bond and a seamless join.

Fancy ordering a sample? All of our wonderful wooden worktops are available in 200mm x 150mm sections, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’ at just £5 per sample. Though samples are already exceptional value, we are pleased to deduct their cost from your order total when you purchase worktops from deTerra Kitchens. It’s a no-brainer really, so do get in touch to discuss your fabulous new kitchen components.

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How do you do, kitchen crew?

The marvellous wood creations in my latest blog have been fashioned from terrific timber worktops. Not only suited to our lovely solid wood kitchens, dear deTerra friends, our range of wooden worktops are also ideal for creating a DIY work station or sideboard, which is totally unique, too! So, feast your eyes on these devilishly good-looking desks, gang:

Complement wood kitchens with a table made from solid oak worktops.

Image courtesy of worktop-express.co.uk

Add hairpin legs to solid iroko worktops to create this stylish desk.

Image courtesy of owlandtheelephant.co.uk

Complement a zebrano kitchen worktop with trestle table legs to create a contemporary dinner table or desk.

Image courtesy of hative.com

My, my – what a sight for sore eyes! The best bit is that these wonderful workstations are incredibly easy to make, in just a few oh-so-simple steps:

  1. Purchase one of our high-quality, sustainably-sourced wooden worktops – perfect for the eco-conscious, or just for those looking for a darn good piece of real wood.

    You can recreate the wicked work surfaces above using timbers from our splendid selection, including traditional oak worktops, warm and exotic iroko worktops or wonderfully wild zebrano work surfaces.

  2. Choose some fabulous fixings! In my first exceedingly excellent example, this modern desk has been created simply by fixing the oak worktop onto some study filing cabinets using slotted angle brackets. The combination of natural wood alongside robust metal simply cannot be surpassed!

    My second example is super chic, and gives a nod to the incredibly popular ‘modern industrial’ trend that is rampantly dominating interior design themes this year. You can imitate this marvellously minimalist table with a few ‘hairpin’ table legs (as they’re known). Simply screw into position and – Bob’s your uncle!

    In my final fantastic example of worktops used as desks, two grey trestle legs have been added to a characterful zebrano worktop. With a little distressing, this charming shabby chic project is perfect for homes both new and old! Be sure to fix the legs securely for ultimate stability, people.

  3. Don’t forget to oil your wood worktop from time to time, with our trusty Rustins Danish Oil. Desks won’t need as frequent oiling as kitchen worktops, but it is certainly sensible to help the timber maintain a healthy lustre and resistance to water.

It couldn’t be simpler, really! If you do decide to give any of these ideas a whirl, why not send us a picture? We really would love to see the results. If you fancy exploring our wooden surfaces in greater deal, do stop in at one of our lovely showrooms. There’s oodles to see – loads of real wood worktops, as well as oak cabinets, wooden kitchen doors and handy accessories.

Ta ta for now,

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A very good day to you, timber aficionados!

A full stave ash worktop in solid wood kitchens

Life is a bowl of cherries with full stave ash

Some people LOVE to make a statement, but if you’re feeling a little bashful, not to worry – your worktop can do it for you!

Everyone ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ over our fabulous full stave worktops. A stylish addition for solid wood kitchens, our advanced construction techniques mean that these babies appear to stretch on and on and on, flaunting stunning features unique to each timber species without interruption.

As you’ve probably gathered from the name, full stave worktops contain solid wood ‘staves’ (or planks) that run the entire length of your work surface. These solid wood worktops use splendid 90mm wide staves for an extra ‘full’ look, giving the impression of one gorgeous piece of continuous wood. Each stave is scrupulously bonded under high pressure with a small amount of glue, to give you a work surface that is smooth, sturdy, and – to be quite honest – really rather scrummy.

A full stave oak worktop in solid wood kitchens

Stunning full stave oak looks magnificent. Cupcake, anyone?

Our magnificent worktops come in seven delectable species, from gorgeous and traditional oak to oh-so-sumptuous wenge. From A to Z (that’s ash to zebrano), our entire range of timber is of the finest quality and harvested from sustainable sources.

Tempted by spectacular full stave? We don’t blame you. These cheeky chaps shout luxury, and you can pack the ‘wow’ factor into your solid wood kitchen with any of the following timbers: natural oak, prime oak, iroko, American walnut, maple, zebrano, wenge and ash.

Got full stave worktops and dying to sing their praises? We’d be mighty thrilled if you’d share some pics with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Ta ta for now,

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Howdy-ho deTerrarinos,

cabineto's favourite worktops for wood kitchens

Cabineto and I spend many an evening talking over some of the rather spiffy wood kitchens that customers create using our solid wood kitchen components. In fact, there are so many lovely kitchens out there that it’s often difficult to decide which aspects we would choose for our own.

In the quest to create the perfect natural kitchen, we thought we would start by narrowing down our selection of wooden worktops, so I’ve let Cabineto pick out his favourites to share with you here on the blog.

Here are Cabineto’s top 3 worktops of choice:

Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops

A top selection of worktops could not exist without some form of oak appearing along the way (indeed, this choice should come as no surprise if we consider Cabineto’s European oak roots).

Full stave Prime Oak worktops are without doubt the most lavish variant of oak in our collection – proof (if it were needed) that Cabineto certainly has luxurious tastes.

Our full stave Prime Oak worktops might be rather grand, but they’re still keenly priced – available from £270 for a 2m worktop.

Deluxe Black American Walnut Worktops

Apparently Cabineto likes the wide, dark and handsome look when it comes to choosing wood worktops, so our Deluxe Black American Walnut worktops simply had to be included.

Constructed from 90mm wide staves, this sumptuous surface shows off walnut’s stunning grain without compromising on price, and it’s certainly among the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing a hard-wearing kitchen surface.

Do you agree with Cabineto’s second choice? Our Deluxe American Walnut worktops start at £280 for a 2m worktop.

Cherry Worktops

There’s a lot to be said for the unsung heroes in our collection: and whilst Cabineto thinks cherry is the perfect surface for traditional kitchens, it’s often overlooked in favour of oak, beech and other popular alternatives.

Our cherry worktops have a fine grain and honey-coloured hue that combines beautifully with oak kitchen units in a lacquered finish or painted in a light Farrow & Ball colour.

Cherry worktops are great value and proof that Cabineto doesn’t only like expensive luxuries – prices start at just £145 for a 2m cherry worktop.

We’d love to hear which of our worktops you have a soft spot for, so why not share your favourite with us over on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Can’t decide which worktop to choose? Let us know your proposed kitchen colour scheme and we’ll happily make some recommendations!

Ta ta for now,

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