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Greetings and salutations, deTerra dudes and dudettes,

Stop the press, exciting news ahead – can you guess what it might be?

No, not that it’s Friday (though that is pretty cool…); or the fact that it’s the summer solstice (that’s not bad either); the deTerra team have got something even better – or at least on a par – in mind: we’ve got a brand new page just for you.

A practically perfect, most p-p-p-erusable page, in fact. Solid wood p-p-p-plinths are here to stay!

For those who aren’t quite up on the plinthtastic benefits of this item, the eminently practical plinth bridges the gap between cabinet and floor, creating a seamless finish. It also prevents the build up of dirt/dust/other nasty things under your cabinet. Swish.

We’re not just about the pragmatic stuff, though – we think these useful little numbers should look good, too. Enter our plinth variations: we can offer plinths is any timber to match your worktop, solid oak plinths in a range of finishes (handfinished in the Farrow & Ball paint of your choice, lacquered, or sanded) plus some stainless steel options, all in a variety of sizes.

Take it from us, a deTerra plinth is simply the ideal way to finish a cabinet run. Have a looksy at the page or get in touch for more info.

Happy browsing…

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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