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Why hello there!

Today I’ve got one thing on my mind: colour. And as I can’t get out my paintbox and splash around, I guess I’ll have to write about it instead…

Deciding on a colour scheme for a kitchen can be pre-e-e-tty daunting. After all, just the choice of your cabinet door colour is pretty major: these frontals are the focal point of the room and everything else has to fall in line! Lucky for you, deTerra offers loads of choice when it comes to our handfinished doors; we’ve teamed up with those super paint experts Farrow & Ball and can do any colour in their catalogue.

‘Roll up, Roll up – get your colours ‘ere! Ginuwine Farrow & Ball paint, selling fast!’

Ahem. Basically, you are free to peruse the entire Farrow & Ball range and choose at your leisure – there’s bound to be a shade to suit you within this scrumdiddlyumptious line.

And if you feel in need of a handy hint or two regarding colour direction, your helpful deTerra diarist has a few gems to impart, so read on! When designing a kitchen in 2013, the first thing you simply have to bear in mind is that emerald – natural, striking, opulent emerald – is this year’s colour. As predicted by colour chiefs Pantone, green shades have been dominating catwalks and interiors shows throughout 2013. Bring this trend into your kitchen by opting for Farrow & Ball’s Cooking Apple Green or Arsenic, a bold injection of colour that would be perfect for a statement island; or, if that’s a bit too green, you could always give Mizzle a gander (a fab minty shade).

Cooking Apple Green

Finally – to get you started on your colour journey – here a few general colour tips:

Take space into account: warm colours (red, yellow, orange) seem to ‘advance’ (get bigger; cool colours (green, blue) seem to ‘recede’ (get smaller).

Take mood into account: what kind of atmosphere do you want your kitchen to create? Warm colours are enlivening; cool colours are soothing. Similarly, monochrome colour schemes are calming whereas polychrome schemes are daring and exciting. Restful or lively, the choice is yours – and your choice of colour can be uber helpful in helping you realise it.

Don’t forget about lighting! Colours change completely depending on the light. The way the room faces will make a big difference. Test your paint colour in the kitchen itself at different times of day and with different artificial lighting options.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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