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The other day I was reading the news when an article about trees caught my eye, naturally. Forest bathing is big in Japan and – thanks to its health benefits – it is also gaining popularity throughout the West.

Now, let me explain. Forest bathing is not having a bath in the forest (as amazing as that sounds!). Known as ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese, it translates as simply being around trees, and has been proven to have a number of measurable benefits, including lowering your blood pressure and boosting your immune system. Where do I sign up?!

This looks like the perfect place to get some forest bathing done - just leave the rubber duck at home!

What better way to chill out than having a relaxing stroll in the woods? I love a good hike as much as the next nature-appreciator but forest bathing really is my idea of heaven. Japan has 44 specific shinrin-yoku forests, but if you want to give it a go yourself without needing to catch a long-haul flight, there are plenty of scenic woodlands in the UK that are perfect for immersing yourself fully in nature. Just be sure to leave your phone at home so you can fully benefit from taking some time out with no distractions.

Do you have a favourite forest, wooded area, or – especially for all you urban city-dwellers – perhaps a park? Let me know – I’d love to get some inspiration for shinrin-yoku locations on Facebook or Twitter!

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