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Happy Valentine’s Day tree lovers!

This wishing tree was spotted at St. Nectan’s Glen in North Cornwall!

Good news – I have just discovered that money really does grow on trees – or rather, in trees. That’s right fans of oak kitchens, evidence of money in trees has been found in forests and parks across the country. Though be warned – if you do come across a felled tree that has coins protruding from it, you might not want to take them out!

The unusual sight of trees sporting rings of coins has been said to date back to the 1700s, where money would be hammered into the trunks and stumps of fallen trees to rid a person of illnesses. The ailment is then said to be absorbed by the tree, which is why you wouldn’t want to pull one out – because legend says you’ll contract their sickness! These days the tradition has evolved and is more commonly associated with making a wish – much like a wishing well.

Not all trees can become one of our beautiful oak kitchens or solid wood worktops, and I can’t think of a lovelier way for a fallen fellow to be given a new lease of life. What could be better than holding the hopes and dreams of hundreds or thousands of people?

These trees have been found from Scotland to Cornwall, so if you have a wish that’s yet to be granted, what are you waiting for?! If your biceps aren’t already bulging, you might want to get the weights out first, as it is said that wishes are only granted if you manage to drive your coin through the bark of the tree and into the wood.

With so many trees up and down the country, there are a lot of different traditions associated with them. In Scotland, there is even a ‘kissing tree’; legend says that if you can drive a nail into the tree with one blow, you would earn a kiss from your sweetheart!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that all your wishes are granted on this spectacular day of love!

Ta ta for now,

the deTerra diarist


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