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What’s the happy-haps, my timber-lovin’ pals?

I was chilling in our flagship deTerra showroom the other day and ended up chatting with some absolutely delightful customers. They had been browsing our superb selection of oak kitchens (there are NINE razz-dazzlin’ display kitchens in the flagship Gloucester showroom, FYI) and they came to me with a question. As the prime kitchen aficionado in these parts, they knew I’d have the solution! They asked me whether it was possible to buy oak kitchen units to house integrated fridges, so they could perfect the marvellously consistent overall look of their kitchen.

“Why certainly!” I exclaimed, before divulging the secret to integrating fridges into our fabaroony solid timber kitchen units. “First, you find an oak cabinet with the right width. Usually this is a 600mm-wide cabinet, but it’s best to double-check your fridge measurements.” My new friends nodded, so I continued…

“Our temptingly timber-y cabinets are so very versatile, they really are nifty. All you need to do then is install your fridge within the cabinet and pick which one of our perfectly painted or lusciously lacquered cabinet doors you fancy! Integrated fridges should come with all the bits you need to fit the oak door on the front.” As if on cue, my trusty pal Cabineto hopped over to illustrate my point – this guy reall is pretty handy to have around.

“And ‘shazam’ – that’s all there is to it!” These kind fellows were totally stoked and snapped up their new wood cabinets immediately. I wondered if there were any more peeps out there with the same conundrum, so I thought it best to keep everyone up to speed and share this know-how in the esteemed deTerra diary. If you have more kitchen-y questions, please don’t hesitate to give us deTerrarites a buzz on 03333 703333!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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