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hello there my culinary crew!

The other day I was reading the news when an article about trees caught my eye, naturally. Forest bathing is big in Japan and – thanks to its health benefits – it is also gaining popularity throughout the West.

Now, let me explain. Forest bathing is not having a bath in the forest (as amazing as that sounds!). Known as ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese, it translates as simply being around trees, and has been proven to have a number of measurable benefits, including lowering your blood pressure and boosting your immune system. Where do I sign up?!

This looks like the perfect place to get some forest bathing done - just leave the rubber duck at home!

What better way to chill out than having a relaxing stroll in the woods? I love a good hike as much as the next nature-appreciator but forest bathing really is my idea of heaven. Japan has 44 specific shinrin-yoku forests, but if you want to give it a go yourself without needing to catch a long-haul flight, there are plenty of scenic woodlands in the UK that are perfect for immersing yourself fully in nature. Just be sure to leave your phone at home so you can fully benefit from taking some time out with no distractions.

Do you have a favourite forest, wooded area, or – especially for all you urban city-dwellers – perhaps a park? Let me know – I’d love to get some inspiration for shinrin-yoku locations on Facebook or Twitter!

Ta ta for now,

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Howdy deTerrorinos!

I have thoroughly enjoyed soaking up some rays over the last couple of weeks – hopefully you have all been enjoying the glorious sunshine too! As the sun takes a short break and the skies become a little gloomier, I have been spending more time in my kitchen – which is, of course, my favourite place to be – but I am yearning for some more sun-filled days. Of course, in England, you can’t ever be sure of that kind of thing – so I’ve put together this colourful list of kitchen inspiration to make you feel splendiferously summery even when it is grey outside.

Farrow & Ball’s fantastically fiery Charlotte’s Locks is perfect for some summer kitchen inspiration

Charlotte’s Locks

This fiery orange is the perfect way to channel some serious heat into your kitchen. Cheery enough to brighten up even the greyest day, this home-warming hue reminds me a bit of some psychedelic shades from the 1970’s – groovy baby!

The green blue hues of Farrow & Ball’s Blue Ground look just like a crystal clear sea

Blue Ground

Beautiful blue green turquoise is cooler than my last pick – so cool that it looks like you could plunge right in. This refreshing shade is the perfect summer hue, and has provided me with some fantastic kitchen inspiration this season. Combined with bright whites, this colour is a sensational seaside shade but – if that isn’t your kind of thing – it makes a real statement when used on a kitchen island.

Farrow & Ball’s Babouche is so bright, you might need sunglasses


I couldn’t do a list of kitchen inspiration for the summer without including a sunshine yellow. Babouche is so bright and cheerful, I can’t help smiling every time I look at it. Why wouldn’t you want those kinds of positive vibes in your kitchen? I might paint mine entirely in this far from mellow yellow, but if you want a more toned down look, it works well with soft greys.

So there ya have it, kitchen crew. I hope you’ve got some great kitchen inspiration from my colourful paint picks. Don’t forget that we do bespoke cabinet frontals, so if you see a colour you like, you could use it for the whole kitchen!

Ta ta for now,

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Greetings, kitchen lovers!

I have seen some very interesting news today, my solid wood enthusiasts! I was thrilled to learn about a project using tree faces that has been taking place in the Forest of Dean. The Forest of Dean is a magnificent ancient woodland located in Gloucestershire, not far from our original flagship showroom. Since it is full of beautiful trees, I am of course a huge fan and have visited on more than one occasion – and Cabineto enjoys it too, since they have a little train to ride on and acres of fields to frolic in. On a recent trip, I noticed some strange faces watching me from the woods…

These handsome fellows have been planted throughout the Forest of Dean to catch litter-bugs!

These tree faces aren’t just for decoration – oh no – they live to serve. See, workers in the Forest of Dean noticed lots of litter – including crisp packets from over 30 years ago – and felt action needed to be taken! Crime fell in Rotterdam after 10,000 pairs of eyes were painted throughout the city (that’s 20,000 eyes in total!), and taking inspiration from that, the Forest of Dean council decided that this would be the best way to deter visitors from leaving litter behind.

What do you think of these friendly tree faces? I love them and hope they roll this out to woodlands far and wide shortly!

Ta ta for now,

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How do deTerrarinos?

Spring has sprung! The clocks have changed, the daffodils are out and the birds are singing. Such a beautiful time of year, and perfect for giving your solid wood kitchen a bit of a spring clean. There is nothing better than a freshly spruced-up kitchen, and I’m sure that kitchen enthusiasts need no encouragement to show yours a little love! As a special treat, I’m sharing my top tips for giving your kitchen a spring clean below.

This beautiful solid wood kitchen is looking great after a quick spring cleaning!
  • Take everything off your worktops so you can clean the surfaces and tiles or splashbacks behind – easy-peasy. My solid wood worktops can get cluttered by all sorts, but I find this is a great time to sort through everything before I put it back!
  • Use a mixture of 95% warm water and 5% liquid soap for wiping down your worktop – wood is a natural product and shouldn’t be cleaned or treated with aggressive products as it may get ruined!
  • Remove everything from your cupboards so that you can clean them properly with the soapy mixture disclosed in my secret recipe above. I like to move stuff around before I put it back – it keeps me on my toes!
  • Clear out the ‘stuff’ drawer! Everybody has one, and whether yours is filled with take-out menus, junk mail or old batteries, now is the time to reclaim it. Remove, recycle, and re-organise your way through it and I promise the end result will be intensely satisfying.
Lemon is a great natural cleanser – so save the oranges and have some juice when you’re done!

Looking for a more in-depth step-by-step guide for your spring clean routine? You are in luck, kitchen crew! Way back in entry one hundred and seventy eight I wrote out some spring cleaning instructions for all you solid wood kitchen owners.

I’m all-ears if any of you have spring cleaning tips for solid wood kitchens that you would like to share with me. You can reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter or let us know in the comments below – but you’ll have to be quick, I’m off to grease up my elbows!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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Howdy kitchen comrades!

Spring is rapidly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with some new kitchen wares! These country kitchen accessories really speak to me since they’re all inspired by nature – and they’ll be the perfect complement for any of our oak kitchens! So sit back and be energized by my top pick of kooky kitchen doodads, all influenced by mother nature herself.

This Emma Bridgewater Marmalade Radio is the perfect way to add some zest to your kitchen!

Image Credit: Emma Bridgewater

Mini Bluetooth Radio

This Emma Bridgewater Marmalade Mini Bluetooth Radio has a bright zesty lemon print, perfect for injecting some zing into your kitchen. The Bluetooth means you can stream music from your computer, phone or tablet – but if you prefer the good ol’ fashioned radio like myself, you’ll have hundreds of stations to choose from.

Laura Ashleys’ set of 4 flower measuring spoons is one of my all-time top country kitchen accessories!

Image Credit: Laura Ashleys

Flower Measuring Spoons

These bloomin’ beautiful flower measuring spoons are perfect for a nature lover like myself – bringing the outside in is easy with the perfect country kitchen accessories! This most unusual design has beautifully mellow tones that look like they have been taken right out of an English country garden.

This egg storage house is the perfect place for your eggs!

Image Credit: Next

Egg House

Now, the observant amongst you may have noticed that this is not strictly taken from nature. But how could I leave this out? An egg house that looks like a chicken coop. As far as country kitchen accessories go, this is a real winner. The creamy colour is perfect for traditional country kitchens and how could anybody refuse the opportunity of collecting the eggs from a real coop and dropping them off here when the job is done?

An apple shaped oven dish a day keeps the doctor away… or something!

Image Credit: Laura Ashleys

Apple Oven Dish

This apple shaped oven dish from Laura Ashley is a great way to get your 5-a-day in! Of course – I jest – but you really could cook anything in this fantabulous ceramic dish. It’s too much fun to keep in a cupboard – so I’d suggest storing this in an open unit or at least one with a glazed door so everybody can see the snazzy country kitchen accessories inside!

The new Yellow Wallflower pattern from Emma Bridgewater really puts a spring in my step!

Image Credit: Emma Bridgewater

Yellow Wallflower Mug

The new yellow wallflower pattern from Emma Bridgewater is perfect for spring. A fresh, bright yellow is the perfect complement for the fantastic florals featured in the pattern. This final pick of my country kitchen accessories would look fandabbydosey hung on a hook underneath a solid oak kitchen wall unit.

So there you have it folks – my top country kitchen accessories for spring. Have you got any nature inspired features in your kitchen? I’d love to see them, so feel free to send us a snap on Facebook or Pinterest!


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