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The two mysterious Wentworth elms were discovered recently in the Holyrood Palace gardens.

You know I just love bringing you the latest news when it comes to intriguing timber-related tales – whether it’s about wowie wooden kitchens or world-record-breaking wood wonders. The latest snippet is something I heard on the deTerra grapevine (nothing like a bit of office gossip!). Apparently, some trees that were thought to be extinct have been discovered in the Holyrood Palace – the Queen’s Scottish residence just outside of Edinburgh. ‘Ark at that!

Botanists are describing the discovery as “rather odd”, as the trees were thought have snuffed it during a vicious outbreak of Dutch elm disease in the ‘70s. Though generally I am a super duper fan of the ‘70s, this particular event was indeed a ‘tragedy’🎶

That being said, a recent survey revealed that the species in question – the Wentworth elm – had two surviving members, discovered in the palace gardens. One theory is that the resilient trees are the very same two that were brought over from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) in the late 1800s, and were perhaps made of stronger stuff than their surrounding vegetation.

Well, deTerrabytes, this certainly is cause for celebration so I’m off to party, but be sure to call back soon for more timberiffic tid-bits!

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