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What’s hot, kitchen lot? Happy New Year from the deTerra team, and I’d like to start 2018 with some truly tree-rific facts! I’ve branched out and leafed through lots of info to amaze yew – discover the world’s tallest, oldest and weirdest trees…

Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world

Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world

Credit: Wikipedia

Glad you asked. It’s called Hyperion, which kinda sounds like a spaceship, and it’s a whopping 115 metres tall. It’d dwarf the Statue of Liberty but you’ll have to take my word for it, as I doubt the two will ever be side-by-side…! Hyperion is a coast redwood tree and is located in America’s Redwood National Park in California, dude.

As for the oldest named tree, well that’s also in Cali – Methuselah, a Great Basin Bristlecoat Pine, is ancient! Apparently it’s 4,849 years old – but I don’t think it looks a day older than 3,293. The actual oldest tree (sharing the same species and location) doesn’t have a name, but is thought to be 5,067 years old. That’s about twenty times the age of the USA!

The General Sherman redwood tree – the largest in the world

The General Sherman redwood tree – the largest in the world

Credit: Wikimedia

The largest tree in the world by volume (size, not how loud the tree is) is the General Sherman, a giant sequoia found in – you guessed it – California. They must really love their cool trees! It might not be the tallest, nor the widest or the oldest, but it’s very close to the top of all those lists. Imagine how long your kitchen worktop would be coming from General Sherman…

I know we’re quite a way in and we haven’t got to the rarest tree in the world yet. Don’t panic, I haven’t forgotten. There’s a lonely tree on an island off the coast of New Zealand that’s thought to be the only one in the world. How very sad! The rest of the Pennantia Baylisiana species was apparently nibbled away by goats, but scientists are working to bring the tree back from the brink of extinction. Hooray!

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is in the middle of the desert but still has green leaves all year round

Bahrain’s Tree of Life survives despite not having a visible water source

Credit: Wikimedia

There are also holy trees with religious importance. One, called Chapel Oak, is in France and is so called because not one but TWO chapels are built into the oak. If you fancy venturing further, Bahrain is home to the so-called Tree of Life, which survives despite being right in the middle of a seemingly inhospitable desert! The temperature in the area is often above 40 degrees and sandstorms happen frequently, but the tree has green leaves on it all year round. Some say it’s the location of the Garden of Eden and it’s kept alive by a mystical source of water.

The Canadian Tree on the Lake

Have you ever seen a tree grow in the middle of a lake?

Credit: Publicdomainpictures

And finally, my personal favourite cool tree, which I think deserves a mention. In Canada there’s a tree that lives on the top of a log that sticks out of a lake. The tree is a Douglas fir tree, and gains all its nutrients from the log – also a Douglas fir. It’s actually an award-winning tree (yep, that’s right!) because a photographer that took a picture of it won the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

So there you have my top tree facts to get 2018 off to a good start – whilst these spectacular specimens won’t feature in your new kitchen any time soon, we have more sustainably sourced timber than you can shake a stick at – so we’re well supplied to create solid wood kitchens for you this year.

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra diarist


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