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Trees make beautiful material for natural kitchens, but have many more secrets to be discovered!

‘Ey up, kitchen fans, did you know that trees can bond?

This is certainly music to my ears, as an avid fan of nature and a natural kitchens aficionado. Oh yes indeedy, some wise forest experts have been examining the communication between trees for yonks – several decades, in fact – and what they discovered really did make me giddy with glee.

New research suggests that “friendship” isn’t a phenomenon restricted just to people and other mammals. Germinating close together, trees have been seen to lean in and provide shelter and support for one another, helping each other to withstand the pressures of a windy day – strength in numbers, and all that! Smart tree friends even grow thicker branches that point away from each other, so that they don’t block each other’s light. Neat, huh?

I knew there was even more to our lovely lumber than meets the eye, and this research from German forester Peter Wohlleben and scientist Suzanne Simard just proves it! This dream team got together many years ago, and have now unveiled the astounding truth about trees. If you’re thirsty for more, you can watch the fascinating documentary about these discoveries on the Intelligent Tress website.

If you stumble upon any awesome tree facts or photographs on your travels, I’d love you to share! Send your snaps and facts to us on Facebook or Twitter, and they might even get a mention in one of my upcoming diary entries.

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