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Posted by the deTerra diarist

Wotcher! You will not ‘be-leaf’ the weird faces these trees have been making.

If you thought delightful wooden kitchens were full of character, this is a whole other ball game! Packed full of personality, this vivacious vegetation has been caught on camera, and I wanted to share the evidence with you, my rambunctious readers.

The Cheerful Tree support solid wood kitchens.

cheerful tree

This friendly tree certainly is cheerful. In fact, is he waving? My guess is he’s heard about our passion for all things solid wood! Smiling proud for all to see, I’d have this happy fella in my yard any day.

The Suspicious Tree can’t believe our solid wood cabinet frontals really are solid oak throughout.

suspicious tree

Well, this deciduous dude looks a little suspicious. Maybe he just can’t believe that our solid wood cabinet frontals are 100% real European oak? Well, my friend, you’d better start believing because it is absolutely true!

This Rowdy Tree has just realised solid oak kitchens are way better than MDF substitutes.

rowdy tree

This chap seems a tad angry, to be quite honest – perhaps he already dished out dough for kitchen cabinets made with MDF? This is not the thing to do, pal – MDF can’t be easily refinished, is susceptible to bloating from water ingress, and simply isn’t as strong as solid oak. It’s a no-brainer!

This Shocked Tree has dropped its jaw at our incredibly low prices.

shocked tree

The first time I heard about the incredible prices at deTerra Kitchens, I was shocked too! By purchasing our timber in bulk straight from the source, manufacturing it ourselves and selling straight to our wonderful customers – with no high-street middle-men – we are able to offer solid wood kitchen products at some of the lowest prices around. Sha-zing!

The Hungry Tree is ravenous for more knowledge about our beautiful natural kitchens.

hungry tree

This tree’s hungry. Hungry for knowledge. Did you know we have a wealth of information about natural kitchens right here on our super-duper website? From kitchen specifications to current deals, there are stacks to explore on our Useful Info page.

The Peaceful Tree is content in the knowledge that our oak kitchens are ethically and sustainably produced.

peaceful tree

‘Peaceful’ is the word that comes to mind when I gaze at this happy chappy. He must’ve read our environmental page and discovered how serious we are about minimising our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability. We have rigorous standards when it comes to sourcing timber, and we regularly visit our trusted suppliers to ensure everything is tickety-boo!

If you’re struggling to take in this bonanza of facts about our gorgeous kitchens, why not take a little trip to one of the deTerra kitchen showrooms? Our friendly advisers are on hand at a variety of locations across the country, and are ready with a gleeful smile, a friendly wave and a helping-hand, too!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist.


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