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greetings nature appreciators!

As an avid fan of the outdoors AND kitchens, it will probably come as no surprise to you all that I am a big picnic lover. I recently stumbled upon some incredible new eco-friendly picnic ware that I could not wait to share with you today!

We have known for a long time that disposable food containers are no good for mother Earth, and there are already a variety of biodegradable options available – so what makes these so special? I am glad you asked, my kitchen companions!

German company, Leaf Republic, are taking the disposable wooden picnic ware and are making plates from leaves instead of the timber itself.

These fantabulous plates take just 28 days to biodegrade – 28 days I tell you! For a little context, a biodegradable plastic plate takes from 3 – 6 months and a paper plate can take anything up to 5 whole years! Wowzers! Leaf Republic make the plates with leaves covering water-proof leaf-made paper and they do not use any glue, colourings or synthetic additives at all. How do they hold the plate together? I hear you cry – good question, culinary crew! They are, of course, stitched together using fibres from the very palm leaves from which they are created.

I personally think the best thing about this picnic ware is that not one single, solitary tree has been cut down to make the products, as they are made from leaves which are collected from the forest floor. Cool, huh? They deliver worldwide – if you want to learn more or buy some for yourself, check out their website.

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