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Create the Look

At deTerra, we think your kitchen should reflect you. Your home. Your life. Your style.

That's why a deTerra kitchen is as organic as the wood it's made from. No set ranges, no restrictions, just freedom of choice. So it's all about you. You dream, scheme, plot and plan. You pick the layout, the worktops, the cabinets, the colours. We deliver (within 14 days). Simple, right?

But that doesn't mean we aren't on hand to help! We're gaga about solid wood kitchens and have plenty of ideas. Probably a few too many ideas, if we're honest (it gets exhausting carrying this much stuff in our little deTerra brains).

And so we've come up with our 'Create the Look' section: ta-da! We'll offload all this creative fizz and you will hopefully find some valuable information and inspiration. These pages will contain moodboards, photos, and plenty of insight into the hottest trends and any other gems that might be helpful when kitchen planning.

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