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Handy Delivery Tips

You've ordered your lovely new solid wood kitchen cabinets, worktops and more and now it's time to sit back and wait until the lovely folk on our delivery team arrive with your order - or is it?

There's plenty you can do to help ensure that on the day of delivery, everything goes just to the buttery-smooth plan. Here's our list of recommended things to ponder over a cup of tea before getting ready to plan for the big day:

  1. Check, and double-check the measurements of the products ordered and the access path.

    You're making way for some potentially very large products, like our worktops of up to 4M in length. As such, you'll need to ensure there's plenty of space at doorways and in hallways for us to manoeuvre your products through. Rule of thumb: If there's enough room to break out in dance, you're good.

  2. Have a think about where our delivery van will be able to park up - is there enough room?

    Your order will usually be delivered by our own two man team, but some deliveries are made by larger courier trucks. To make it easier for our delivery team, and for the safety of your splendid wood products, be sure your property and the road leading to it is accessible for the size of vehicle we'll be using. If you spot any issues, please give us a call.

  3. Walk your planned route from van to room.

    Consider the route our dainty delivery team will take though your property. Start at the entrance and walk the path, considering where there may be obstructions or difficult corners to navigate with large products. Know the size of the goods you've ordered and have a tape measure to hand to check any unusual door or ceiling heights in advance.

  4. Be on hand to check and clear the route from van to the room you're storing the goods in.

    We go through great lengths to ensure that ordering from us is a cinch, so to get the products to you safely and securely, we have to ask a little in return. Some items may require assistance, especially if being delivered by our single-man service. For all deliveries we ask that someone of able-body is on hand to receive the goods efficiently. If you can't help yourself, then we'd recommend sweet-talking a strapping neighbour into assisting.

  5. On the morning of delivery, remove any trip hazards, wall fixtures or furniture that may obstruct the route.

    Our delivery team have to conform to a whole host of bothersome (but necessary) health and safety instructions, one of which being that they are not at any point allowed to remove their steel-capped footwear. If they'll have to traverse any light coloured carpets or solid wood flooring, have a think about protecting it with old sheets or something similar. Unfortunately our drivers cannot take any responsibility for damage that might incur to your flooring if it isn't properly protected.

  6. Check over your order and ensue it's all present, correct and undamaged.

    At deTerra, ever effort is made to get all your items right, on time and free from any damage. Once your worktops have reached their resting spot in your property, our drivers will remove any packaging so you can visibly inspect the goods before signing off. Don't be tempted to sign off the delivery before you've checked the items - this is a legal document that we have to keep a record of.

So that's it - follow these handy tips and your solid wood luxuries will get to you in the stunning condition we ensure they are when they leave our hands.

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