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Solid Oak Kitchen Unit Specification

Here at deTerra, we believe that the devil is in the detail - that's why we've dreamed up this useful page, which gives you more info on those stunning solid oak units that we all adore.

To get the lowdown on each particular unit, simply hover over the info icons and some enlightening information will appear.

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Hovering over: doors door image Our doors are 100% solid oak and available in two gorgeous models: sleek 'Shaker' or terrific 'Traditional'. Choose from sanded, lacquered, or painted (in any colour of the Farrow & Ball rainbow) options.
Hovering over: sides side panel image Solid oak sides, 18mm thick Sides, shelves, top and base are made of European oak panels (solid 40mm staves). Staves are finger-jointed and high pressure bonded using super-duper CNC machinery - pretty sophis, eh? To top it all off, we sand each panel to 150 grit and finish with a sleek 3mm edge profile. After sanding and edge profiling, we apply a fancy lacquer finish to our cabinet panels; a three-coat process which provides fabulous protection against wet and dry heat, abrasive chemicals, and other damaging agents. The end result is a gorgeous, rich, oaky finish that is also highly resilient - and the surface is practically stain resistant, too (keep the red vino away though, just in case!)
Hovering over: shelfs shelf image Solid oak shelf, 18mm thick. These babies are stylish, sturdy, and adjustable - awesome. You can purchase extra shelf packs, too
Hovering over: toprails toprail image 3 x solid oak top rails, 100mm wide, 18mm thick
Hovering over: legs legs image We supply each unit with adjustable 135mm - 175mm plastic feet (plinth clips are also included as standard). 150mm-600mm wide cabinets are supplied with four legs; 600mm-1200mm wide cabinets are supplied with 5. Extra leg packs can also be purchased via the installation accessories page - don't say that we don't look after you...
Hovering over: hinges hinges image We supply each unit with the appropriate - and utterly brillopads - Blum BLUMOTION hinges (soft-close 110 degree hinges as standard).
Hovering over: service gap service gap image But what about the services, you cry; for the love of all that is good, what about the services?! Never fear: our cabinets are supplied with a terribly convenient 70mm service void.
Hovering over: base base image Solid oak base, 18mm thick
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