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deTerra and the Environment

We might seem a little light-hearted about many things, but when it comes to environment (and the quality of our products, but that's another story) we couldn't be more serious. Solid wood is a beautiful, natural material and deserves to be enjoyed by us all - but only in a responsible manner. A passionate commitment to promoting sustainability is at the centre of the deTerra code and, to honour this, we've worked closely with our suppliers to implement rigid and thorough environmental protocols.

The Facts: deTerra Wood

  • The majority of European timber that we use to manufacture our products (such as oak) is purchased from FSC certified, sustainable sources.
  • The American timber that we use in our products is PEFC certified and is purchased from one of the largest mills in the US.
  • Our African timber is purchased legally from dedicated agents that are able to supply chain of custody.
  • All timbers purchased by us - no matter what the source - are logged from sustainable forests with well-established replanting programmes.
  • We visit all suppliers before purchasing any products and regularly thereafter to ensure the correct procedures are being followed and verify quality.
  • Unlike the majority of online retailers we sell our own range of products that are imported directly, rather than selling items we don't physically stock or source ourselves. That way our customers can really trust in what we say and freely enjoy our lovely jubbly deTerra collections.

The Facts: deTerra detests illegal harvesting!

It's a strong word but we loathe improper or illegal harvesting. African timbers are notoriously hard to monitor but we work hard to maintain proper environmental practice and only purchase timbers from legal sources. And we don't just take their word for it. We demand evidence and a transparent chain of custody. We never purchase from a supplier without visiting and performing thorough checks in person, and pop back frequently to make sure all is absolutely, positively, 100% tickety-boo.

The Facts: Wastage and the deTerra Footprint

Like we said, sustainability is a top priority for us. Wastage is therefore our enemy - and we take our enemy seriously, seeking to annihilate it in all parts of the business. Here's a breakdown of what we do:

  • No worktop wastage: our worktops are constructed from smaller individual solid wood sections (staves) which are finger jointed, edge glued or high-pressure bonded, depending on the size. This process allows us to make use of many sections of raw material which drastically reduces wastage.
  • When we create offcuts (or if worktops become damaged in-house - very very unlikely, but it can happen!), any leftover wood is used to create samples, chopping boards or to fuel our biomass boiler (which is the sole source of heat in our warehouse).
  • The majority of our in-house finishing products (Danish oil, wax, etc.) are natural.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle! We use reusable packaging whenever we can, and have a self-enclosed extraction system in the warehouse (capturing and recycling all emissions). When it comes to printing or promotions, we only use FSC certified paper or recycled cardboard. We also recycle the majority of business waste; in fact we try to be paperless wherever possible (email invoices and confirmations etc).
  • When planning the routes for our delivery fleet we use sophisticated route optimisation software to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

deTerra are green-fingered and proud of it. We hope the information on this page has been useful but if you'd like to know anything else regarding our eco-friendly policies, don't hesitate to let us know.

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