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Pre-Drilling Service Explained

Pre-Drilling Service Overview

You've seen our super-duper solid oak frontals, right? Well as standard they're provided undrilled to accommodate any hinge requirement or orientation. If however, you decide to order the whole kit'n'caboodle from us (cabinets and frontals together), we now offer a pre-drilling service - should you wish. Our fabrication team will pre-drill the frontals and carcases with hinge hole positions for our brilliant Blum™ BLUMOTION™ hinges, to make it even easier to install your kitchen once on site. Some of our frontal and cabinet options are 'handed' (i.e. can only open in one direction), but if this is the case we will confirm the requirements where necessary.

At the moment we don't have the facility to allow you to add the pre-drilling service at the checkout, so when we receive your order, we'll get in touch to talk through your requirements.

Pre-Drilling Service Pricing

Drawer frontal diagram

Drawer Frontal

£4.00 per frontal
Door frontal diagram

Door Frontal

(up to H715) £6.00 per frontal
Curved frontal diagram

Curved Door Frontal

£18.00 per frontal
L-Shaped corner cabinet frontal diagram

L-Shaped Corner Cabinet Frontal

(2 per Corner Cabinet) £7.50 per frontal
Full height frontal diagram

Full Height Door Frontal

(H196- or H2140) £9.00 per frontal

Price includes the corresponding cabinet when ordered with frontal/s.

Pre-Drilling Service Door Opening / Orientation Guide

Left-handed door opening orientation


Right-handed door opening orientation


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