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Shaker Kitchens

Shaker [shey-ker] adj. 'noting or pertaining to a style of something produced by Shakers and characterised by simplicity of form, lack of ornamentation, fine craftmanship, and functionality.'

All clear? Great.

Basically, Shaker kitchens have a lot going for them. The simple, elegant composition pioneered by the Shaker movement embodies the balance of function and form essential for a perfect kitchen. And what is the perfect kitchen without the perfect frontal? Enter the deTerra shaker cabinet door: manufactured to a subtle but substantial 20mm thickness, the sophisticated, clean design is available in handpainted, lacquered and sanded finishes. Snazzy.

When it comes to paint, we've got a whole range of classic colours from those lovely chaps at Farrow & Ball; classic whites, off-whites, creams, cappuccinos... you're sure to find the perfect shade for your colour scheme without breaking a sweat. And if there's an F&B colour you'd prefer that isn't part of our range, don't hesitate - simply select our bespoke colour option. We love to give you a lot of freedom when creating your own shaker kitchen designs, as you can tell!

To really take your painted shaker kitchen to the next level, don't forget to pair your cabinets with the perfect worktop. The right timber will bring balance and clarity to natural kitchens; and lucky for you, the deTerra worktop collection is chock-full of little beauties just waiting to be picked (oak, European walnut, beech, and many more!)

Finally, dress your kitchen with the perfect finishing touches: handles, splashbacks, whatever takes your fancy. We're bringing shaker style kitchens to the good people of the UK and we've got it all right here, ready and waiting.

To order kitchen units with doors, first select your finish. Hover over your chosen finish (paint colour, lacquered or sanded) swatch and you will be presented with the model: Shaker. Click on the word 'Shaker' to proceed.

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