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A Bit About Cabineto

After all, what would deTerra be without Cabineto? Our little cabinet mascot has muscled his way into the website and into our hearts, popping up on many a page and many a blog post. Not that we had much say in the matter - this feisty oaken overlord doesn't really take no for an answer...

Meeting Robin Hood Meeting Robin Hood

Made from solid oak like all of our cabinets, Cabineto is very proud of his heritage and the great quality of all his components. Some might say he's boastful, in fact (though we wouldn't recommend saying this to his face - he has a mean right hook).

According to Cabineto, he was born as an acorn that fell on the roots of the famous Major Oak in Sherwood Forest. But he wasn't content to be just a tree; no, this sapling had mighty ambitions. As the little oak grew, he magically formed into the most beautiful timber panels and sprouted teeny-tiny legs, too: blossoming into the perfect adjustable cabinet. Not that his behaviour was perfect during those early years; he had quite a wild adolescence, if rumours are to believed, and made plenty of friends along the way, too (Robin Hood, anyone?)

Once he'd matured into a sturdy, sensible (ish) cabinet, he began to make plans. Obviously a cabinet isn't really at home in the forest, so eventually he had to say goodbye to his father, the great Major Oak, and follow a new path.

In Paris In Paris

After a riotous few decades visiting the great cities of the world and also - if he is to be believed - carrying out secret missions for various governments, Cabineto decided it was time to settle down and use his talents for good: spreading the word of sustainable, beautiful solid oak cabinetry across the globe. During his travels he had spent a bit of time in the great fashion houses of Paris and Milan, and had developed quite an eye for divine interiors, too (with a specialism in kitchens, of course). But to achieve his new dream, he needed to find some like-minded solid wood furniture specialists. Wherever could they be...?

So, in the autumn of 2011, he found his way to Gloucestershire and came knocking on the doors of Direct Online Services Ltd: just a little cabinet with a big dream.

And the rest, as they say, is history...

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