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kitchen wirework

Want to make the most of your solid wood kitchen cabinets? Crave extra storage and don't want to have to experience the struggle of reaching the back of your kitchen units, making them almost unusable?

If so, our new range of kitchen wirework is here to make life in one of our natural kitchens as easy as possible, whilst also looking incredibly stylish to boot! The choice includes a variety of sizes that are designed to fit our range of cabinets, and most come with soft-close mechanisms included.

Choose from an easy-to-fit 3-shelf spice rack, a selection of corner cabinet solutions and wirework to suit full and ¾ heigh cabinets, too. All are kept in stock to ensure speedy delivery at petite prices, and come with full instructions included. Splendid!

The majority of our wirework is made right here in good ol' Blighty (look out for the familiar flag), whilst those with a soft-close mechanism are also clearly marked with the following symbols:

Britain symbolThe union flag means that the wirework is British made

Britain symbolThis logo means the wirework has a soft-close mechanism

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